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Landing on the ankle deep snow, Rei scratched her head. "What the heck is snow doing here?"

Looking up, she was just in time to see a blurred figure heading toward her in a very fast pace shouting, "Kagome! Took you long enough to get here!"

Rei was so surprised she lost her balance. Not wanting to fall back into the well, she flung her arms out trying to regain her balance. Failing, she fell into the well on her back.

"OW! That hurts!" yelling back up the well at the person, "What the hell are you trying to do? Kill me?"

A head with shockingly white hair and dog-ears peered down at her. "You're not Kagome." Saying that, he turned around and walked away from the well's mouth. Furious that the guy did not apologize to her, she scrambled out of the well in record speed and whapped the guy on the head as hard as she could. The guy spun around shouting at her, "What the hell's your problem woman?"

Equally loud, Rei replied, "You are so stupid!"

"I am NOT stupid!"

"How would you know? You're so stupid you wouldn't know!"

"How dare you!"

"I dared, so there! What are you gonna do about it?"

"Kill you!" said the guy, leaping at her. Being trained at martial arts, Rei dodged nimbly. That appeared to get the guy even madder. Growling, he threw a punch at her face. Blocking the punch, Rei threw on of her own at his face. When he blocked, she kneed him in the gut. That apparently surprised him, it showed on his face as he doubled over. She looked down on him and asked, "Hasn't anybody told you never to mess with Rei Kato? Whenever somebody gets me mad enough or starts a fight with me, they live to regret it. I guess you're not from around here."

Just then the girl that had passed her in the temple, came running up, her backpack gone. "Hey! What did you do to Inuyasha?"

Rei smiled, finding the person she was looking for, "Hey! It's you! Perfect timing, I-"

"Inuyasha! Are you okay?"

"Hey. I'm talking here."

The girl looked up, "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

Rei sighed, "Yeah. You dropped your thermos when you walked past me in the temple; I followed you to give it back. Where are we anyways? I'm pretty sure that we aren't in that temple anymore."

The girl looked surprised, "You followed me into the well?"


"Um, can we talk about this somewhere else? The cold is starting to get to me."


With that, the girl turned around, the guy with the white hair following her, Rei shrugged and followed behind him. They walked for a while, finally reaching their destination, which was a small wooden house at the edge of what looked like a village. Once seated with the fire going, the girl preceded to tell Rei about her adventures looking for pieces of the Shikon Jewel. She was now in feudal Japan, where demons exist everywhere. Rei listened, never interrupting or changing her expression. When she finished, the house was silent, the girl trying to see how Rei had taken it and the guy nodding off. A sudden movement in the corned of the house attracted Rei eyes. The figure walked toward the fire and her face was revealed for Rei to see. The woman was old, one eye covered with an eye patch. She wore the miko outfit and had her hair in the customary ponytail. The girl, finally introducing herself as Kagome Higurashi, introduced the woman as Kaede. Rei nodded a greeting. Kaede spoke, "Well? What do you think? Do you believe Kagome's tale or do you not?"

Rei was quiet for a while. When she spoke, she did not lift her head to where it had sunken to her chest, her face covered by the hair that was not tired back, "Yes, I believe your tale. I shall join you in your quest," she said in a whisper.

Kagome jumped, "What! What do you mean, you will join us in our search for the Shikon Jewel?"

"I will. If you will excuse me for a while…" she got up and walked out of the house.

Kagome started to go after her, but was stopped by Kaede's hand on her shoulder, she spoke, "Leave her be Kagome, I think she needs sometime alone."

Kagome sat down in a heap, but then straightened when an idea came to her. "Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha opened his eyes, he had been listening to the entire conversation, "What?"

"Go after he and watch out for her. Make sure she's safe."



"I'm going, I'm going."

Leaping through the trees, Inuyasha followed Rei's scent, fresh strawberries and clovers. He found her by a tree next to the frozen creek. He sat down, watching and on guard for any kind of demon.

When Rei had left the building, she had lost her composure and tore past trees when she was finally worn out; she collapsed at a heap in the snow. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she cried. When she could finally speak past the lump in her throat, she said aloud, "Dad, your wish finally came true. The story is true! But how can you not be here when the story came out of another person's mouth? DDDDAAAAADDDDDD!"

Her anguished cries startled Inuyasha and he toppled out of the tree to land at Rei's feet. She stared at him, tears still falling into the snow. Her sapphire gaze intensified by her tears shook him.

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