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Chapter Sixteen

Kagome paced the length of her apartment nervously, pausing every once in awhile to chew anxiously on her lower lip and sigh exasperatedly.

Sango sat on the couch, watching her friend with a sad look in her eyes. Kagome'd been at it for almost an hour ever since she awoke that morning and had realized that 'Oh my god! I'm getting married in less than 48 hours!'. Sango knew Kagome was hating the prospect of marrying Koga. She herself hated Kagome's upcoming marriage. But it was too late, they both knew that, and there was no way Kagome would ever hurt Koga. She would never back off now. And, not only was that a problem, but Inuyasha was one too. Sango wanted to shake some sense into him and have him sweep Kagome away. But Miroku made her promise not to, and it was hard to say no to him, especially after his sweet promise. Sango knew that Inuyasha was having just as bad of a time, probably even worse than Kagome, since he had to watch the woman he loved marry another man. Miroku had told her that during the day he just locks himself in the bedroom and does god knows what, and every evening he leaves, taking a walk in the part or getting drunk, (Miroku had followed him on both accounts). Sango couldn't help feel a bit more pity for him; it wasn't his idea for this to happen, Kagome had come up with marrying Koga early on her own.

"Argh! Sango, what have I done?" Kagome exclaimed suddenly, sinking down on the couch by her roommate.

"You've ruined your life?" Sango offered.

Kagome shot her a glare.

"What? Do you want to tell Koga the truth?"

"No! No, I-I can't. I don't want to hurt him. He's been so great to me."

"You're only hurting yourself, Kagome."

"I-I can live. I'm just s-scared Sango," Kagome admitted, putting her face in her hands.

Sango felt her heart go out to her and she gave Kagome a hug. "It'll be okay. You'll see," she comforted her crying friend.

Don't worry, Kagome. If neither you nor Inuyasha stop the wedding, Miroku and I have your backs. We're not letting you marry Koga. You will be with the man you love. I promise you that.


"Kagome, are you all right? You've been quiet the entire night," Koga said that evening as they went over final wedding details. They were at a small coffee shop, incidentally the place where the two had first met.

Kagome was swirling her spoon in her coffee and looked up at Koga's concerned face. She felt guilty for thinking about Inuyasha and not the man in front of her, the man she was soon to marry. "Oh, I'm fine, Koga. Just tired. Wedding plans have me all stressed out."

"Well, that'll all be over tomorrow," Koga said, giving her a wolfish smile and leaning in for a kiss.

Kagome felt like she couldn't, but knew she had to or Koga would be suspicious. She kissed him back from across the table and hypocritically, the only though in her head was from the moments Inuyasha had kissed her, vivid and clear as the morning sun. Inuyasha…

"Ahem. People are trying to eat here."

Kagome pulled away quickly, feeling her heart getting stomped on. Turning only justified what she already knew; Inuyasha stood before her, an annoyed look on his face. She didn't recognize the other expressions--the ones of hurt and jealously.

"Oh, h-h-hi Inuyasha," Kagome said, trying to control her pounding heart.

Koga glanced at Kagome, then turned to Inuyasha, giving him an evil glare.

"What are you doing h-here?" Kagome asked.

"Getting something to eat," he replied. "And you?"

"Just checking last minute wed-wedding details," she answered.

Koga glanced at her again, having not missed her stutter on the word 'wedding'.

Inuyasha cringed from her statement and forced himself to say, "That's nice."

"Yes, it is," Koga replied coolly, returning his gaze to the intruder.

Inuyasha glared at him. "Well, I should go then. I'll see you tomorrow, Kagome," he said, locking gazes with her.

Kagome felt herself blush, her eyes trained solely on Inuyasha, that she didn't notice Koga glance at her again, an almost poignant look on his face.

"Bye-Bye, Inuyasha," she said as he gave her a slight smile and walked out the door; the bells jingling after him.

Kagome turned to Koga and found him watching her closely. She felt uncomfortable; had she given anything away? "What-What is it, Koga?" she asked cautiously.

He blinked and shook his head. "Nothing. Just thinking about how glad I am we're finally getting married tomorrow."

Kagome felt guilt ride over her, but she kept her façade. "I'm happy too."

"Are you really?" he inquired, eyeing her.

Surprised at his accusation, even though it was a true one, she exclaimed, "Yes! Of course I am! How could you say--"

His kiss effectively shut her up and when he pulled away, he smiled; his fear from before vanishing. "I'm sorry, Kagome," he said genuinely and she relaxed.

"Do you mind taking me home now? I'm tired," she said.

"No problem, love. Let's go." He led her out the door and to his parked car, neither noticing the pair of violet-brown eyes watching after them.


Inuyasha had died. Yes, he had died and moved on to heaven or hell or wherever people went once they'd kicked the bin. Well, maybe he hadn't really physically died, but what he was experiencing was close enough he might as well be dead for all the good life was giving him.

He sighed. It was five am, and he couldn't fall asleep. He'd been up almost the entire night, had self for an hour and had been awoken from fitful sleep at three. How could anyone expect him to be able to sleep anyway? Kagome, his Kagome, was getting married in nine hours. Kagome, his Kagome, was leaving him forever. And he, the most stupidest goddamned human being on earth, couldn't do anything to stop it.

Inuyasha sighed again as he stared up at the ceiling. He felt horrible; he had never felt this way before in his life. No, wait, he had. The day when Kagome had felt. That was probably a close second, though he knew he'd feel even worse within nine hours. How could he watch Kagome get married? He knew it'd be impossible to do, but he had to. Maybe it'd give him a more piece of mind to actually see and witness it, then have to live the rest of his life thinking she had. But there was one other thing nagging at him and that was about telling Kagome how he felt. He'd debated upon it for a long time and he had decided that, yes, he would tell her about his love. He wasn't entirely sure how, or even if it was a good idea, but he just had to tell her. He didn't think he could live his life knowing he had never told her the truth.

He glanced around the empty room and his eyes fell on Miroku's bed. He felt a slight smile on his lips that usually never appeared with the letch on his mind, but this was different. He was glad to have a friend as Miroku, had never thought he'd admit to that in his life, but it was true. Despite the man's constant lechery and stupidity, Miroku had a goodness to him that had showed tremendously in Inuyasha's current predicament. He'd been sleeping on the couch for the past few days, giving Inuyasha the bedroom and the much needed space he was grateful for. But at the moment, he really wanted someone to talk to, anyone, but because of his friend's kind behavior, he didn't want to wake Miroku up.

Inuyasha sighed yet again and grabbed a button on shirt off the floor as he stood. Heading for the door, he slipped the shirt on and grabbed his sneakers, then left the apartment quietly. It was now half past five and he was sure no one would be up and about, therefore wouldn't care if he was walking around in sweats and a shirt, flashing his chest because he was too lazy to button up.

He headed straight for the park. He'd never been one to really take in nature, but lately he'd come to the part at night since it was always empty and peaceful. He loved the park now; it made him feel calm and at the moment he really needed all the serenity the park could offer. He walked around for awhile first; taking in the crisp morning air. The sun was just slowly peeking over the hills, casting half the sky in brightness. He wanted to feel the brightness and warmth; wanted to soak the energy into him and therefore found a bench in direct hit of the rising sun. Sitting down, he watched it rise, feeling a sense of lightness and comfort in his gut. The feeling was unlike what he'd been experiencing the past few days and he welcomed it with open arms. He closed his eyes, trying to block out all the stress and pain he was feeling and think of something happy, anything that would at least make him smile. His mind came up with an image of a laughing Kagome. He felt the pain at seeing her face, but smiled, having never in his life been able not to smile when she was.


He snapped his eyes open and twirled around, coming face to face with a tired looking, yet still beautiful, Kagome.

He almost fell over. "K-Kagome? What are you doing out here?" he asked.

She raised a brow. "What are you doing out here?" she countered.

"Thinking," he replied.

"Me too."

They stared at each other in silence before he patted the spot beside him. She hesitated, but sat down, for which he was glad.

"You shouldn't be out here, Kagome. You'll need your beauty rest. Don't want to look like a zombie at your wedding, do you?"

"Oh, so you're saying I look like a zombie?" she teased, knowing he didn't mean that in the slightest.

Inuyasha shook his head quickly. "No-No! that's not what I meant. You look fi-ne? …What the hell are you wearing? That shirt's like ten times your size!"

Kagome looked herself over. True, the shirt was big, but hardly ten times her size. If anything, it was only twice her figure. "What's the big deal?"

"It's giant and gross. What an ugly color of brown. I thought you had more sense of style than that, Kagome."

"It's comfy and I like it. And, I didn't buy it. I got it from Koga."

Inuyasha froze, but then said, "He got you that ugly shirt? What a bastard. Doesn't he know what kind of gifts to give his girlfriend?"

"No, stupid, he didn't buy it for me. It's his. I borrowed it when I slept over at his place one night," Kagome explained.

Inuyasha blanched, feeling sick and horrified. Did she mean they have…Oh damn, I'm going to kill him! She's mine, dammit and that bastard has--

"Oh, for goodness sakes! Get your mind out of the gutter! It wasn't like that!" Kagome exclaimed, blushing as she smacked his arm.

"What am I supposed to think? You're wearing his shirt! Are those his pants too?" Inuyasha said wildly.

Kagome looked down at her pants then back at him. "Oh, yes," she said sarcastically. "Koga loves pink pants with bunnies on them."

"I told you he was crazy!" Inuyasha said, covering over his stupidity.

Kagome just shook her head.

Inuyasha looked her over and said, "Have you really--"

"No!" Kagome shrieked. "We were studying that night for a final and it got late. I decided to just say over and he loaned me this shirt to wear. We weren't even sleeping in the same room, let alone the same bed! He took the couch and I used his bed."

You've slept in the bastard's bed? "Were you dating when this happened?"

"Yes! We'd been together for a month before that night," Kagome said. Turning to him she asked, "Why do you sound so overprotective? Like some jealous guy?"

Because I am a jealous guy. He gave her an obvious look. "I'm your best friend, Kagome. Of course I'd be overprotective."

"I can take care of myself, Inuyasha," she said.

"I know," he replied. "But I still worry."

"Thanks," she said with a blush.

"Anytime," Inuyasha said, flashing her a smile as he stretched his arm over to rest against the back of the bench. "So, what are you doing out so early? Planning Runaway Bride?"

"No, I'm not running. I-I just needed some quiet. I couldn't sleep either."

"Yeah, same here."

"How come? No offense, but you've got nothing this big to worry about. I'm getting married here," Kagome said.

"That's why I'm worrying," he said unconsciously.


Inuyasha bit his tongue hard. "I mean, come on, you're my best friend. You're getting married. I'm worried about you living with that bastard. And I'm worried about our friendship. You don't plan on not ever talking to me after this do you?" he asked, staring directly at her.

"No!" she replied quickly and truthfully. She had decided a while before that no matter what, she could not stop being his best friend. She would definitely keep in touch. Leaving him a second time would be too hard to bear. "We'll always be friends, Inuyasha. It was a promise, after all." She showed him the ring.

He smiled, glancing down at his own, then took her hand, slowly drawing his thumb over her knuckles.

Kagome stared, a blush rising in her cheeks and her heart pounded uncontrollably.

Looking down at her, he said, "Good. Because I am never letting you go again, Kagome."

Kagome shuddered slightly by his gaze. He'd locked their eyes and she couldn't pull away even if she wanted to. Her brown eyes widened as he leaned closer slightly and she could hear her heart clear in her ears.

Inuyasha wasn't sure what made him do it. All he knew as that he couldn't help himself. It would be the last time, the one time he would always remember, and even though he knew it was wrong, even though he knew it would complicate everything, he just couldn't help himself.

He kissed her. He just pressed his mouth against hers and reveled in the sweet taste that was Kagome. He felt her shake slightly and wrapped his arms around her, pressing her to his body in an urgency to quench the thirst rising in his throat. She blushed as she felt his bare chest against hers through her shirt and she moaned as she accidentally opened her mouth. Inuyasha took the chance to slide his tongue inside, exploring the moist cavern. Unconsciously, she pulled her hands up around his neck and continued to kiss him, her desire taking control. Inuyasha had never felt so much passion within him than he did at that moment. He didn't care if this was wrong, he didn't care is she hated him for it, he just could not go without it. He loved kissing her, loved feeling her small body against his, loved running his hand through her silky hair. He couldn't explain everything he felt, but knew it was the greatest feeling in the world.

It was, at least, until she pushed him away. She was breathing heavily, her cheeks a rosy pink, and even though he knew he was in trouble, he could only think of how beautiful she looked.

Her eyes were wide as she licked her lips, an act so simple, yet to him spoke so sensually he wanted to kiss her again, but he held his composure. He watched the myriad of emotions in her chocolate brown orbs and wondered what she was thinking as her fingers unconsciously touched her lips.

"I-I-Inuyasha?" she breathed before she jumped to her feet and ran off without another word or a glance back.

He stared for awhile, dumbfounded, not realizing she was really gone. Then he swore loudly, cursing himself for his stupidity and desire.

"I'm such a moron," he reprimanded himself as he returned to his apartment. "I kissed her. Again. I kissed her."

He paused as the gravity of his actions revealed itself. "Oh, damn it, I kissed her on her wedding day!"


"He kissed you?" Sango exclaimed. It was now eleven, three hours before the wedding, and they were getting the things needed for the event.

"Uh-huh," Kagome nodded dumbly.

"I can't believe it," Sango said.

"What does it mean, Sango?"

"Maybe he just wants some," she lied.

"But it's the third time he's kissed me and--"

"Wait, third?"

"Uh, yes?"

"Kagome, you've hid that from me! When was the second time?"

"When we went out to dinner that one day."

"I see. Boy, he moves fast… So, why didn't you tell me, Kagome?"

"I forgot, honest! Now, that's not the main thing. Help me figure out what to do with this problem. He kissed me on my wedding day."

"Honestly, Kagome, I don't know. Does it make a difference?"

Kagome grabbed her bag of make up and hair supplies as she headed to the door. "Of course not. I'm marrying Koga and that's that. Now let's get going. We've got to pick up my dress before heading to the church. The bride can't be late!"


"You're really going to tell her, then? No backing out?" Miroku asked as he pulled his hair into it's usual ponytail.

"Yes, moron, how many times do I have to tell you? I'm going to tell her before we take our seats. I just have to tell her, or I'll live with the fact that I hadn't." Inuyasha sighed as he fixed his tux and stepped back to admire his image. Once he'd returned front the park, he'd gotten another hour's worth of sleep, which was full of images of Kagome and the execution of Koga. He was tired now, and he was nervous. He had never been so nervous in his life. How would Kagome take his confession? What was going to happen? He wished he was psychic, if only to get a glimpse of what the future had in store for him.

"Do you have our gift?" Miroku asked.

"it's on the table." He checked his watch and sighed again. "We should go. I need to be able to tell her before the ceremony."

Miroku gave his friend an encouraging smile. "You'll do fine, Inuyasha."

Everything will work out, you'll see.


"There, Kagome. You look gorgeous. Koga'll fall over in awe," Sango said, stepping back and letting Kagome examine herself in the mirror.

It was the same dress she'd tried out with Koga, flowing perfectly from her shoulders, hugging her curves and falling out at her feet. The train trailed behind her slightly. Sango had expertly done her hair; it was in soft curls pinned at the back of her head and falling down to just past her shoulders. Kagome knew she looked good, but her devastated heart made her feel any other emotion. Turning to Sango, she smiled. Her friend, as the maid of honor, was in a pale blue dress with silver borders. It was a off-shoulder dress with slight ruffles and frills from the knees down to above her ankles. Her hair was let loose unlike her usual ponytail and was waved to give it a more fuller look. Kagome's bridesmaids, Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka, were in similar dresses only in pale pink.

Sango gave her friend a hug and said, "I'm going to go make sure everything's ready. Sota's walking you down, right?"

"Uh-huh, because gramps is too old right now and Sota really wants to. He says that as my brother he has the right to give me away." Kagome felt her eyes brim at the memory.

"I'll send him in when it's time. See you soon," Sango said as she headed to the door. She paused however and added, "And, smile, Kagome. Koga loves you, you know that. Everything will be okay." She gave her a smile and walked out the door, leaving Kagome feeling utterly alone.

However, the door opened again and Kagome turned and thinking Sango had forgotten something, felt her heart stop at the sight before her.

It wasn't Sango. No, it was Inuyasha.

Kagome had never been so surprised in her life. He just stood there calmly, shutting the door behind him. For awhile they stood in absolute silence, just staring at the other, reveling in the other's presence.

Inuyasha made the first move; walking across the room to stand before her. Kagome held her breath, trying to stand her ground and not let herself crumble in front of him. Her heart was pounding like a drum in her ears and she tried to fight down a blush; he was staring at her intensely.

Inuyasha sighed, calming his nerves. He could do this, he could! Dammit, why'd she look so gorgeous? Breathing heavily, he said, "K-Kagome, there's something I have to tell you."

Blinking, she nodded slowly. Was it her or did he seem unusually uncomfortable?

"Listen. I-I don't' know how to say this, but I just have to tell you before…" he trailed off and glanced away.

"Yeah, g-go on," Kagome said, understanding his meaning and feeling her heart rate increase again as he stepped closer.

Inuyasha pulled up all the courage he had, and heaved yet another long breath. He'd been thinking about how to tell her, pondering on how he could express every emotion of his love to her without sounding lame and cheesy. He'd come up with the best solution, the one surefire way he could tell her how he felt. And sure, to some this way would be considered cheesy as well, but to him, it was the best idea. Someone just spilling his guts out in words didn't flow well in his mind.

He sucked in a breath of air and locked gazes with her, staring passionately into her brown orbs. He saw her eyes widen, as if she'd noticed the love within his gaze. Giving her a slight smile, he slipped his hands around one of her own and pulled it to his chest, mouthing the word 'I' as he did so. He moved their intertwined hands to his heart, his lips parting to mime 'love'. And then, as he saw her eyes widen as much as humanly possible, tears now flowing freely down her cheeks, he placed their clasped hands lightly against her breasts. 'You…' he mouthed.

Kagome felt like a deer caught in headlights. Never in all her wildest dreams, well maybe in her wildest dreams, had she expected this to happen, least of all on her wedding day. But it had! He'd just said he loved her!

She whimpered silently as he kissed her hand, his lips warm against her skin. To her surprise, he lifted his head and pressed his lips against hers chastely, unlike the heated kiss earlier that morning. She could hear her heart shattering in her chest as he pulled away. He smiled at her, a smile that held passion and desire, but so much more pain and suffering. She wanted to reach out to him and tell him she loved him as well. She wanted to run up and hug him tightly, and feel his strong arms around her, holding her, keeping her safe. She wanted to kiss him again, feel his soft warm lips against hers and hold onto the sensation that rippled through her body whenever they made contact. But she could not bring herself to do any of those things, and could watch in horror and surprise, in happiness and in anguish, as he slowly walked out of the room, leaving her alone with the world crashing down around her.

At that moment the doors reopened and Sango came in, followed by Kagome's mother and brother. The trio took one look at the crying twenty year old and froze; Kagome took no notice in their presence.

"Kagome? Honey, we're ready for you," her mom said, approaching her daughter carefully.

"Sis, what's wrong?" Sota asked, looking concerned.

"I-I'm sorry. I'm fine. It's all right," she said.

"Kagome, what happened?" Sango asked.

"N-Nothing. It's okay. Go on and get ready. I'll-I'll be out with Sota in a moment," Kagome said as she shakily turned to the mirror and wiped her face.

It isn't fair, she thought. He says he loves me right before I get married! Oh, god, I just can't believe he actually loves me. When did this happen?

"Are you ready, sis?"

Kagome looked down at her brother and smiled. "Yes, Sota. Let's go. And thanks for walking me down the aisle."

"Of course I would!" Sota said. "Gramps is too sick and old and I'm the only other man of the house. Of course I'd give you away, sis!"

Kagome's eyes brimmed with tears again. She kissed her brother's cheek and he blushed with embarrassment. They stood now before the doors to the main room. She heaved a breath of courage, telling herself not to even dare look for Inuyasha lest she break down again. But just thinking of his name caused the tears to reappear in her eyes and she hastily blinked them back as the doors opened and the Wedding March began. Kagome saw Sango, who had been led by Miroku, getting into her place on the left; followed by Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi, each with an escort of her own. Koga's niece was the flower girl, and his cousin the ring bearer. His two friends, Ginta and Hakaku were both best men since he couldn't choose between them.

And then it was her turn. She closed her eyes momentarily and then let Sota lead her down the aisle, grateful for her brother's guidance since, as everyone stood up and she caught Inuyasha's gaze, she felt like she couldn't walk on her own ever again. He was standing in the front row of the bride's side, his face a mask that she could not look through. Beside him was Miroku, who was grinning at her, but at the same time nodded covertly at Sango who nodded back at him; a reminder of an earlier agreement. Kagome's mother, dabbing her eyes with Kleenex, and her grandfather were last in the row, watching as she slowly made her way down.

But Kagome noticed none of this as her eyes were trained solely and fully on Inuyasha's, her heart beating the more loudly with every step she took. The tears were flowing down her face silently. She loved him and he loved her back.

But she was marrying Koga.


She turned her gaze slightly, very slightly, at her soon to be husband waiting for her at the front. He was watching her closely, smiling and looking very handsome in his black tux. She glanced away and involuntarily her gaze went back to Inuyasha, who's eyes had never once left hers.

Koga tried not to frown, knew he'd give something away if he frowned, but he couldn't help it. One glance. One single measly glance and barely no eye contact was what she'd given him. He shook that away and focused on her again. She looked beautiful, there was no denying it, like a fallen angel without her wings, and he loved her deeply. But he knew, he had been realizing it for awhile now, that she didn't love him back. At least not in the way he wished. And as he watched her, watched her gaze and her silent crying, all of it justified what he had been beginning to understand, but at the same time wished was untrue. He could see how her gaze was transfixed on him, her best friend, her true love. Inuyasha. Koga really wanted to hate her for it, hate her for deceiving him and using him, but he couldn't. He loved her too much to do that. But she loved Inuyasha. He knew that; had probably known it all along, but now was the first time he'd ever admitted it. She had never been his to begin with. But did that change his mind about marrying her? Of course it didn't. He still wanted to marry her.

Looking at Kagome, he saw her tear streaked face, eyes glued to her love. Turning to the bastard, he saw the anguish and pain behind his eyes and Koga reciprocated the feeling. He pulled away from his thoughts however as he heard Sota's concerned voice say, "Sis? Sis, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Turning quickly to face Kagome, he saw that she'd stopped in the middle of the aisle, eyes full of tears, not able to go on.

"Sis? Kagome, come on, what's wrong?" Sota asked again, shaking her arm slightly but her gaze never fell from Inuyasha's, who now looked worried as well.

Koga turned to Inuyasha, then back to Kagome. With a few big strides, he was at her side and grabbed her forearm. The crowd went into a hushed silence. Inuyasha jolted out of his trance as Kagome turned to Koga looking horrified.

Koga pulled her down the aisle but stopped suddenly in the front, letting go of Kagome's hand. She twirled slightly, finding her balance and turned to him.

"K-Koga?" she breathed.

He looked at her, saw surprised, frightened, and guilty expressions etched across her face. He gave a slight smile, something Kagome wasn't expecting, and said calmly, "Kagome, I've always wanted to see that look of love in your eyes, the kind of love it have in mine whenever I look at you. And today, I've seen it, for the first time I've seen it…But it's not for me."

A hushed gasp went through the crowd and Kagome felt her heart begin to pound uncontrollably as more tears lined her eyes. Inuyasha watched the two as hope being to rise in his chest. He turned his eyes to Kagome, and remembered how she had been staring at him a moment before, and his brain clicked together, fitting Koga's words with Kagome's previous gaze. S-She loved him?

Koga walked over and took her hand again, leading her to Inuyasha's side. He gently pushed Kagome into Inuyasha's arms, who immediately took her into is grasp.

Koga sighed and said, "You belong in his arms, not mine."

Kagome gave a surprised sob, looking up at Koga with gratitude and friendly love. Giving Inuyasha a slight smile of acknowledgment, she turned to Koga and gave him a hug, crying silently into his shoulder. "Oh, Koga, I'm so sorry."

He hugged her slightly and replied, "It's all right love. I just want you to be happy. If he does that, then who am I to stop it?" He smiled and she returned it.

Then, turning to Inuyasha, the two stared at each other for awhile before she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. He crushed her to him, wanting to absorb her every being, when he glanced over her shoulder at Koga. The two rivals glared at one another as was tradition, but then again, all traditions were meant, at some point, to be broken. Inuyasha gave Koga a nod of gratitude, and the simple gesture spoke to Koga who understood what the other man meant. He smirked, gave Inuyasha a look that clearly said 'don't you dare hurt her' and then waved slightly before walking out the room, leaving the rest in silence.

That is until someone in the audience shouted, "Scandal!" and the chattering began.

Sota, however, yelled, causing the room to recede into silence once more, "Shut up, all of you! I'll hurt anyone who has something to say!"

"And I'll assist him!" Sango added, raising a fist.

"That's my girl!" Miroku exclaimed, grinning at the woman's display of protection for her friend.

"I'm not your girl!" Sango shot back, but smiled at the letch who continued to grin back at her.

"Guess we didn't have to do anything after all," Miroku said.

"Yeah, who'd have thought Koga'd give her up like that. He's a great guy," Sango said.

"I'm even better," Miroku said with a mischievous air in his voice.

"Oh really?" Sango said as they passed by the new couple who were staring avidly at one another. She turned to the two and said with a sly grin worthy of Miroku, "God, go on and make out already. You know you want to!"

"Sango!" Kagome hissed, blushing beet red, but her friend just laughed and led Miroku out the doors, following the rest of the guests. As they left, Kagome's mother smiled at the two of them, her grandfather looked confused, and Sota grinned, giving his sister a hug.

Inuyasha turned to Kagome and said, "Your friend's turning into a female Miroku."

"Don't tell her that, she'd kill you," Kagome said with a laugh.

Her laughter caused his heart to soar and he looked at her with passion and a bit of mischievousness. "Want to take up on her offer, though?" he asked grinning slyly.

Kagome blushed again and wrapped her arms around her neck once again, leaning her face close as he did the same. "Sure, why not?"

Inuyasha smiled and whispered softly, "I love you Kagome."

"Oh, I love you too, Inuyasha," she breathed before he captured her lips in his as a promise for a new beginning.