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Marguerite's Cave

A deep, grating voice howled over the wind. "Shut the blasted mutt up!"

"No!" A scream begged. "Don't hurt him, please!"

"I said, shut him up!"

Thunder slapped the air like a gunshot.

The storm had only progressed, tearing one of the sails and dangerously spilling more water than was wished for on deck. Captain Jack Sparrow had never seen such a tempest.

"Jack!" A familiar voice cried above the howling winds. "Jack Sparrow!"

Clearing his watery vision, Jack looked down below to see Gibbs holding onto a mast for dear life, waving to the Captain. "Jack! We're goin' ta set anchor!" Gibbs hollered. "Get below deck!"

Before Jack could move, out of the corner of his eye came a huge gray wall of water, headed right for the pearl.


A salty taste in the mouth. Jack licked his parched lips and opened his eyes only to be blinded by the great light of the sun. "Bloody hell…"

Suddenly a massive black shadow covered Jack and he was sure that death was upon him when he saw the pearly white fangs emerge from a faceless being. The monster barked and then a bright pink tongue appeared, wiping Jack clear across the face. "Arrrggghhh!" Jack bellowed in disgust, wiping his face and pushing the dog away as the fiend repeated his disgusting welcome. "Bloody dog!"

"Atticus!" A shout came as two feet pounded over the sand. "Atticus, off!"

The dog obediently stepped back, eyeing Jack with excitement as his huge hairy tail thumped against the sand. A young girl appeared, sliding on her knees to the dog's side, holding onto a creature that was nearly twice her size. "Sorry 'bout tha'." The youngster smiled sheepishly. "Ol' Atticus is just a big puppy's all."

Jack raised his brows in reply and despite his weakened state he was able to sit up. For a moment Jack examined the young girl—hair dark night, eyes like the sea. She was young, but mature looking and was probably just entering womanhood.

Then Jack gave a scowl at the huge, fluffy black dog that panted with vigor, hoping Jack might embrace him. "You keep that bloody mutt away from me an' I'll think abou' forgivin' you, savvy?"

The girl gave Jack an odd, confused look and then laughed. "This mutt saved yer life," the girl shot back, "savvy?"

Was she mocking him? A good flogging might shape the little imp up and teach her to mind her tongue. "You look like ya need some grub, mate."

Jack considered the notion, then cleared his throat. "Have you any rum?"

"I bloody wish." The girl laughed. "Come on then, Jack, I've got something to satisfy that belly o' yers."

"It's Captain—" Jack paused swaying a little, "how'd you know me name?"

"Yer tattoo," the girl pointed to Jack's arm, "ain't no one else on the high seas has tha'."

The girl's arm was covered with fine jewelry, beads, gold, and all, and the glimmer of the bracelets made Jack's eyes sparkle with delight. Jack then noticed the heavy jewelry the girl wore and the expensive gem beads she wore, despite the grubby attire she wore that was the usual pirate wear. One of the girl's necklaces was a ruby and gold rosary that looked like beaded pomegranate seeds. Jack snapped back to attention. "Well it's Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Last I heard you were marooned."

Jack frowned. "Yer ears are clogged with bilge then."

"Been three years on this island now." Said the girl. "Not seen a soul but you. Ship wreckage here n' there, but all I gets is the debris. Yer a lucky soul you are, Captain, Atticus found you just before the sea took ya."

The dog gave a bark as if to agree.

Dizzily, Jack stood. No one can know for sure if Jack was dizzy, because he always seemed to move as if he was walking with the tides, but he was stumbling more than usual. "I'll show you to the cave then." The girl stood and turned about.

The huge mutt raced off ahead of them, leading the way, as the girl started off. Jack followed the girl over the huge sandy beach. "Quite a storm yesterday." The girl called behind her. "I was afraid this tiny island be ripped ta pieces."

"Where abouts are we?"

The girl stopped, and slowly turned around, her eyes centering quizzically on Jack. "Where are we?"

Jack gave a nod. "Aye."

A shutter seemed to crawl over the girl's skin, but she only continued on her journey, straight ahead. "When you bloody figure that out, tell me."

As if stuck there for a moment, Jack stared after the youngster with some odd chill rolling up his spin. Jack took note of this girl's strange reaction and continued on. "Then your name, perhaps?"

"Swab." The girl replied over her shoulder. "That's what everyone calls me."

A pirate lass then, eh? The girl's tanned feet sunk into the sand as she walked across the beach, her ripped pants dangling on her and the dark red sash around her waist revealed how thin she was. No wonder she was so gangly—she'd been living on this pitiful place with only a few palm trees for shelter. Jack noticed that the dog was nowhere to be seen, but the loud, echoing barks came just the same.

Finally they came to an underground cave, and the dog reappeared, greeting his master with delight. Swab just laughed and patted his head. This time the dog ignored Jack. Just outside of the cave a huge mast was slanted sideways, being held up by a nearby palm tree and at the top was a crow's nest and a scope. A large black flag waved from atop the cave—the sign of a pirate with skull and crossbones and a red left eye. There were bits and pieces of wreckages everywhere.

"Here." The girl called.

Jack was not ready for the coconut that came flying at him. Grunting, Jack caught the coconut with the help of his stomach. "Careful where yer throwin' that, lass."

Swab smirked and picked up a small coconut for herself. "Don't lose the milk," Swab warned, "it's all you'll have to drink."

The dog barked and hopped up and down. Swab reached into a watery little nook in the cave and brought out a large fish. The mutt barked and Jack cringed from the effect that the cave had. Swab tossed the hungry dog the fish and the cave settled again.

Swab set her coconut in a bowl and with a rudimentary hatchet she must have made, sliced the coconut open with one swing. The milk drained out cleanly and then the girl began to scrape out the white innards.

Jack decided to follow the young girl's lead. Sitting down cross legged, Jack reached for a dug-out old coconut shell bowl and then searched for something to open the coconut with. "Captain!"

Turning to the girl, Jack saw her shake the hatchet she had, offering it to him. Jack held out his hand and the girl lightly tossed him the hatchet. Jack turned and prepared to strike. "Straight on—hard as ya can." The girl informed. "So there's no shards to pick out of the milk."

Jack just gave a nod and then struck the coconut as instructed. Pieces flew and Jack's face was covered in coconut milk.

A howl of laughter came from the girl and the dog barked with excitement.

Wiping his humiliated face, Jack grumbled and cursed beneath his breath. "Funny is it, rat?"

"I'm not the one who fancies meself a Cap'n."

Jack reached for his gun—bilge! It was gone! "Had I me gun, I'd shoot ya!" Jack blurted and then rose, stalking from the cave furiously.

"No pearl…no rum…" Jack grumbled stomping across the beach, "I might as well be marooned with Barbossa!"


Swab came racing up beside Jack, grabbing his arm. "You know Captain Barbossa!"

"Aye," Jack took his arm from the girl, "what's it to ye?"

"Just that 'e's the greatest pirate ever!" Swab cried with excitement. "Do you know him?"

"Know 'im?" Jack scoffed. "I killed bloody 'im."

Surprised, Swab backed away slightly in fright and eyeing Jack for a moment, but then a grin crossed her face. "Aye, I'll believe that when pigs fly."