Jack sat; his head in his knees. He had thought of lighting all the trees on fire, but there was no rum to do that. All he could do was wait to die on this damned island. Or so he thought until he saw the familiar black sails of the Pearl.

In an instant Jack to his feet, running toward the fallen mast that still remained fallen against the palm tree. Climbing up the mast, Jack clambered to the Crow's nest and grabbed the telescope. "The pearl…" he mouthed.

"Ahoy!" A call came. "Captain!"

"AHOY!" Jack cried, waving his arms. "AHOY!"

"I'll be damned." Gibbs laughed seeing his old friend. "Still alive. A little thinner than before, might I add, but still alive."

Jack watched the pirates unload the cave of all its riches. "Aye. Have ye any rum?"

Gibbs chuckled and handed his friend a flask. "Nice to see ya in good spirits."

"And what of that one, Jack?"

A swab pointed to the shoddy chest that Hack had managed to open. "It's mine." Jack replied solemnly. "Leave it be."

The men stared at Jack. "You 'eard 'im!" Gibbs snapped. "Leave it be—ye'll still get yer fair share."

Jack gave a sigh. "Come on then, Gibbs. Give me your hat."

"My hat? But Cap'n—"

Jack stared Gibbs straight in the eye. Gibbs groaned and reluctantly gave Jack the captain hat. Jack just smiled and fit it on his head. Then, going to the trunk, Jack took it by the handles. "Come on, lass, I'll take ye home."

The sails were set and they were sailing from that wretched island. When they were nearly out of sight, Jack ordered the trunk he had to be chained, connected to a cannonball, and thrown overboard. "But Cap'n—"

"I said do it so bloody do it." Jack instructed as he wobbled toward the helm.

From the helm, Jack reluctantly watched as they tossed the trunk overboard and said a silent prayer. Jack jumped at the sound of a bark and spun back to see a young girl sitting on the rail, her hair flying in the wind as a large black shaggy dog panted at her side. "Thanks Captain." The girl smirked and saluted him before disappearing.

Jack froze stiff, then felt something in around his neck. Reaching up, Jack felt the large odd beads of the necklace, and when he took it off he saw the rosary that belonged to Margurite. Jack just managed to smile. "Aye, lass. It's the best I coulda done."

"Who ya talkin' to Cap'n?"

Jerking to his right, Jack saw Gibbs and glared coldly at him. "What did you put in that rum?"