Uhh, these are just MY thoughts on why Anna might have closed her eyes when she saw Velkan turning into a werewolf.

Disclaimer: I Own nothing. Sadly. It all belongs to Stephen Sommers etc.
A/N: The italics stuff is her 'memory'

Close your eyes

Velkan: Run, Anna, run!

Anna remembered being 8 years old, and afraid of going to sleep in fear of the monster that lived in her closet. She had gone to her father for help, but he had been too busy looking for the entrance to Dracula's lair to help her, so she had gone to her mother, but her mother had been in the village, so Anna couldn't go to her, so Anna went to her brother Velkan for help.
"Velkan, I'm scared. There's a monster in my closet and he wants to eat me."
Velkan looked at Anna and took her back to her bedroom, and sat on her bed.
"It's all right Anna, just close your eyes, Ill make it go away."
Anna looked at her brother, "Promise?"
"Promise. Now close your eyes."

So Anna did. She closed her eyes and prayed it would all go away, and when she opened her eyes, it would be her and Velkan, not as wolf and prey, but as brother and sister, again.

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