Killed by a Brother

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Summary: Sesshomaru has InuYasha cornered . Sango, Miroku and Kagome are helpless to help him. What's going to happen? Read to find out. Please review afterwards. Thanks.

"NO!" InuYasha screamed as the Tetsusaiga was knocked from his hands.

"Dear little brother," sneered Sesshomaru. "Never rely on only one weapon." He lunged toward InuYasha with his deadly poison talons.

"Ahh! Damn you!" InuYasha stood up the effects of the poison were beginning to take effect. He vision was blurred, he could barely stand, but most of all he couldn't use the wind scar.

"Why haven't you turned into a full demon yet?" Sesshomaru lunged toward with his sword.He attacked him and blood stained the full demon's sword.

InuYasha's firerat robes were torn and ripped. His wounds were bleeding heavily. "Because. My will to live is being over powered by making sure Kagome is alive."

Kagome was in shock when she heard that. He's going to die, because of me. "InuYasha snap out of it,' Kagome cried. "Forget about me. Fight back!"

"Heh, Kagome can't you see" InuYasha's face was contorted with pain. The poison was at full effect. "I'm not going to last that long." He fell onto the ground. His back was leaning against the canyon wall.

InuYasha's breathing became more and more shallow.

"InuYasha!" Kagome ran toward him, but Sesshomaru had other ideas. He stepped in between her and her love. He readed to attack Kagome.

"I don't think soooo." Yelled Miroku. He threw off his prayer beads to reveal his hell hole. "Wind tunnel!"

"Nope sorry." Shouted a small girl with black hair. Rin came out of nowhere and she threw a hive of poisonous insects at the poor monk.

"Damn." He cursed, closing up his hand.

"My turn!" Sango threw her boomerang at the demon.

"Ha! Do you think that that's going to stop Lord Sesshomaru," Jaken yelled. "Staff of Two Heads!" The old man's mouth opened up and a blast of flames shot out, knocking down Sango's boomerang out of the air.

"Kagome! We can't stop him." Sango warned her friend.

"Your too late." Jeered Sesshomaru. He prepared another round of his poison talons.

Kagome's eyes began to fill up with tears as she ran toward the killer. "No please stop! I love him."

"Heh. A demon's weakness. A mortal's love."

Kagome's fingers touched his robes when Sesshomaru let off his attack. But it did not hit InuYasha, it hit the canyon wall above him. The wall crumbled around the fallen hero.

"Well, I guess I'm an only child now. Ha ha ha ha ." Sesshomaru turned around and disappeared. His minions following him.

Kagome fell to her knees. Tears began to plummet onto the ground. "I never told him. I love him. I need him. Why did he go! I HATE YOU SESSHOMARU"

The last part rang through the canyon. Sesshomaru heard this and smiled.

"My job is done."

Thunder cracked and shocked the ground around them. Lightning flashed and lite up the battle ground, which was stained with InuYasha's blood.

Sango bent down to comfort her friend. "I'm so sorry."

Kagome looked at her friend. She knew that she knew how she felt, but there was one thing that different. Kagome began to rub her stomach.

Miroku noticed this. "What's wrong? Do you have a stomach ache. "

Kagome slowly nodded.

Nine Months later, Kagome gave birth to her son, Kensie

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