True Feelings

I saw you fade away in my arms

Fade into Nothing

I wonder why you would love me

I hid my feelings,

So deep that they might as well

Not have been there.

I hurt you and everyone around me

Pretending that I did not care.

Is it because I am not real

Just a trick of fate brought to life.

I hurt my friends , my own life

And what I believed was right.

You were not supposed to take my fall

Take the shot that was meant for me.

You offered to let me pretend again,

Bury my feelings down deep,

Even though it would hurt you.

Too late I made the call,

Too rapped up in a battle to save what is


I lost my way, and you were my light,

Like I was once yours.

You showed me the feelings the good,

When all I could see was darkness.

This will not be our last stand.

This is not how we will be remembered.

I am going to find you and bring you back.

Every moment without you is torture.

Destroying me gently

Inside out.

You may be an Illusion.

But you are also

My Heart and Soul.

My gift.


Okay I know it was sappy and sentimental but I think this is how it is viewed by Ace. so please review and tell me if it is okay. (Iam having tech problems with my other fic but an update is coming.)