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Constantine awoke with a start. Looking around the room he realized that his hospital room was, in all actuality, rather cozy. There were flowers on the windowsill, collecting dust, the sun light came in just enough to light the whole room, and the birds were chirping away outside. Next to him was the sleeping form of Father Paul, Snoring lightly.


No answer


Still no answer. Finally Constantine grabbed the bible next to him on the dresser and threw it at the priest, rather ironic.

"What…I'm awake"

"Sure you were" Constantine smiled at his own sarcastic remark.

"How do you feel?" Father asked

"Like I've been to hell and back" was Constantines reply. Father Paul spread a smile across his face and embraced Constantine, who wasn't entirely ready for it.

"Well you have been my friend" Father Paul said with a half whimper.

"Father Paul?"


"Are you crying?"

"I'm JUST SO HAPPY!" Constantine patted the priests back, a little confused. He didn't realize that Father Paul was so emotional.

"Constantine! You're awake!" a familiar voice called from the doorway. It was Abiel, along with Michael. "I was hoping you would be, I wanted to say good bye to you"

"Good bye? Where are you going?"

"Home" Michael responded

"Sounds nice, wish I could see it"

"Who knows Constantine, maybe someday you will" Abiel said with a smile. She kissed him on the forehead and smiled "I hope we meet again John Constantine" all he could do was smile back. Michael was next, he shook Constantines hand and said " you are brave, I admire that"

"Thanks man"

"Father Paul, are you leaving too?" Constantine asked as he noticed the Priest collecting his belongings.

"Yes my friend, I must return to Rome…don't be a stranger" he said with one final smile.

All three left Constantine to his thoughts. It was nice for a change to just lie he head back and sleep. He thought turned toward Chas, who had strayed so far, and for once Constantine prayed for him.