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Éowyn sat in the gardens in Minas Tirith reading, a habit Faramir had introduced to her. It was not that she had never read before, just that she had always wanted to be riding or practicing sparing instead. She did not notice her brother walk up to her and jumped at her name.

"Éomer, what brings you out here?" She said smiling. Her smile faded at the look on his face.

"There are some things I must discuss with you, sister." Éomer said. He sat down next to her and took a deep breath. "I would like to speak to you about your relationship with Lord Faramir."

"Brother, I love him and I thought you knew that. I believe he loves me as well. That should be enough for you." Éowyn said closing her book.

"It seems so sudden that your heart changed from its desire for Lord Aragorn to its desire for Lord Faramir."

"It never seemed sudden to me, Éomer. I know now that I did not truly love Aragorn. You should know that by seeing me with Faramir." Éowyn pleaded, looking into her brother's eyes.

"If what you say is true, then I am glad that you have found happiness," Éowyn nodded and Éomer noticed the sincere look in her eyes, "but I have yet to know how sincere this Man of Gondor is in his intentions to you."

"He is as sincere as I am!" Éowyn yelled.

"How do you know? You do not know that much about him. For all you know he is promised to another. Do not let his words and actions fool you, sister. Protect yourself." He said grabbing her.

Éowyn moved away from his arms. "I know how to protect myself, brother. You do not have to worry about me, or my honor."

"I am just trying to protect you, to warn you. I do not want to see you hurt again." Éomer said exasperated.

"I know this, Éomer. I will not be hurt. You do not have to worry." Éowyn said softly.

"Be careful, for me. I do not want to see you disgraced by him." Éomer stood and looked at her. "I am just trying to help." He walked away, leaving Éowyn to think about what he had said.

Éowyn wondered the halls of the Citadel, trying to remember where Faramir's study was. She found it before she could find anyone to ask. She moved her hand to knock, but stopped. She could preserver in the face of battle, but now she felt all her courage had left her. She shock her head, telling herself this fear was childish, and raised her hand and knocked. She heard a faint "Enter", and opened the door and slipped in.

Faramir looked up from his work and smiled at her. "Éowyn, what a surprise to see you here." He noticed the solemn look on her face. "Is there something wrong, love?"

Éowyn almost lost her intentions to speak what doubts she had. 'Éomer can not be right about Faramir' she thought, 'but I have to know for myself.' She took a deep breath. "Faramir, may I have a word?"

"Yes, sit down if you like." Faramir said, motioning to a chair in front of the desk. Éowyn stood where she was instead of moving.

"Faramir, are you promised to anyone?" Éowyn blurted out.

Faramir almost laughed, but caught himself at the serious look on her face. "Éowyn, if I was, I would have been married long ago. I also had no burden put upon me, except not to disgrace my family. If I had done that, I would have been disowned, though I wonder if my father would have liked that." Faramir paused and looked to see a look of pure relief on Éowyn's face. "Are you promised to someone?"

Éowyn was a little shocked by the question. "No...nor did I have anyone who wished to have my hand, except Wormtoungue." Éowyn said with a sneer.

"Well it is good that we found each other, then." Faramir said getting up and walking over to her. "I would have married a noblewoman of Gondor and would have lead a boring life with her." He wrapped his arms around her. "And I would never have known my heart's desire." He leaned down and kissed her. All of the doubts that Éomer had awakened in her were gone with the kiss. She returned it with as much intensity as Faramir. The kiss ended, both of them were breathless. They stayed in each other's arms, feeling safe and happy.

"Why did you ask that?" Faramir whispered softly.

"Éomer talking with me earlier. I do not think he likes the idea that I will leave him in Rohan and live here with you." Éowyn said honestly.

"Rohan will lose a very precious gift." Faramir whispered. Éowyn blushed at his words, still amazed that he could say such things about her. Faramir leaned down and kissed her again, and Éowyn gladly returned it.

Éomer stood outside the door to the Steward's study, wanting to get the answers to some of his questions about the man. He knew he should knock, but at the moment, he did not think anyone would be in there with the Steward. He opened the door to see Éowyn and Faramir, standing there kissing. Even though Éomer knew that he shouldn't have done what he did, he did not care at the moment. Éomer lunged at Faramir. Éowyn moved out of the way, and so did Faramir. This caused Éomer to lose his balance, and to grab on to Faramir to try to keep his balance.

They both fell to the floor, and Éomer tried his swing again. He contacted with Faramir's shoulder. Faramir decided to take a swing himself. He got Éomer in the jaw. Éowyn watched, shocked, at the brawl that was occurring in front of her. She finally regained her wits, and tried to pull Éomer off. With strength that she didn't know she had, she got Éomer away.

"Stop, both for you." She said looking between the two of them. She them moved between them to stop any more moves. "You both know how to behave and this is not it."

"I would not have behaved like this if he was not trying to take advantage of you." Éomer spat.

"I did nothing of the sort. And you are the one that came at me." Faramir said, rubbing some of his wounds.

"I came at you because you were with my sister."

"Stop it!" Éowyn shouted. "Really, Éomer, you are acting like a child at the moment. What you said to me earlier about Faramir is not true. You should have knocked."

"And it is a good thing that I did not." Éomer sneered. He turned to Éowyn. "I do not doubt your judgment, but know that you would need my approval for any marriage you were to enter, and at the moment, this one does not look likely." He stormed out of the room when he finished.

Éowyn and Faramir looked at the door in shock. Éowyn turned to Faramir. "I will have to have a word with him about this, but I do not believe he would do anything like that. It would be a good idea if you were to talk with him too, Faramir. Later, though." She said. At the door, she turned back to him. "He can do as he threatened, though I wish that he would not." She sighed and left, leaving Faramir to wonder if he would wed the White Lady now. He resolved to talk with Éomer on the marrow. He sat back at his desk and ran his hands through his hair, wondering what would happen if Éomer did not give his consent.

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