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The morning dawned bright and cool for August in the Mark. There was a solemn air in the Golden Hall. All the guests and Riders of the Mark assembled by the new stone mound, that had earth and simbelmynë covered that was to be Théoden King's final resting place. Théoden's body was lead down from the Hall, behind it walking Éomer, Éowyn, Aragorn, Merry, and others. Théoden was placed in the mound with his arms and the door was shut.

After Riders mounted horses and circled the mounds singing the song that Théoden's minstrel wrote for him. Éowyn cried, but tried to keep her tears quiet, and not weep like some of the others. Faramir turned to look at her, and saw that she looked like the cold maiden he first knew.

Merry came forward and stood in front of the tomb. He began to weep and cried:

"Théoden King, Théoden King! Farewell! As a father you were to me, for a little while. Farewell!" Éowyn came over and put her arms around the hobbit and stood with him for a while.

"He was like a father to me as well, Master Meriadoc. Come, we should go inside. Weeping will not bring him back." She turned with Merry and they walked up to the Hall very slowly. Others began to follow them as well. Éowyn parted with Merry when they reached the hall, Pippin catching up to them and consoling his friend for a while.

There was some time in-between the feast for that night and when the funeral ended. Éowyn changed for her black dress to her white one. And she waited till the time came for the feast, which was not far off.

Many gathered in the Hall for feasting, knowing that mourning a death to long was not something that should be done. When it seemed that most had had their fill, Éowyn came forward with a cup to give to Éomer. She bowed when she offered it to him.

Once he took it, a minstrel read all the names of the previous Kings of the Mark, ending with Théoden's name being the last. And when the name was said, Éomer drained the cup. Then Éowyn bade those that served to fill the cups, and all there assembled rose and drank to the new king, crying: "Hail, Éomer, King of the Mark!" And more food was brought out as well, in another celebration.

When the feasting was drawing to an end, Éomer stood, he motioned for Éowyn to join him. "Now this is the funeral feast of Théoden the King; but I will speak ere we go of tidings of joy, for he would not grudge that I should do so, since he was ever a father to Éowyn my sister." Éowyn looked up at him for these words. What was he saying? She wondered, there was no tidings of joy she could think of that dealt with her. Faramir too looked up at these words. Was this something that had come from their talks over the trip here? Surly he would have told Faramir something of what he would be saying that concerned Éowyn. Or maybe not, if it were about her marriage to someone else. He thought to himself. "Hear then all my guests, fair fold of many realms, such as have never before been gathered in this hall!" Cheers came from the crowd. "Faramir, Steward of Gondor, and Prince of Ithilien, asks Éowyn Lady of Rohan should be his wife, and she grants it full willing. Therefore they shall be trothplighted before you all." Éomer finished grinning, looking between the two of them.

Faramir rose from his seat and came over to Éomer, who put his and Éowyn's hands together. Éowyn looked at her brother in shock, and then at Faramir. He seemed to share her shock at the words, but then turned and smiled at her. The crowd cheered again and Faramir took Éowyn into his arms and kissed her, all the longing of the long days apart filled into one kiss.

"Thus," said Éomer, "is the friendship of the Mark and of Gondor bound with a new bond, and the more do I rejoice."

Aragorn came over and cuffed Éomer on the shoulder. "No niggard are you, Éomer, to give thus to Gondor the fairest thing in your realm!"

Éowyn turned from Faramir to see Aragorn near and smiled at him. "Wish me joy, my liege-lord and healer!"

And he answered: "I have wished thee joy ever since first I saw thee. It heals my heart to see thee now in bliss." And if to add to the statement, Faramir kissed Éowyn again, and this time when they broke apart they were both laughing.

Many others came to offer their congratulations to the couple, and they complimented each. Faramir introduced Éowyn to the dark haired woman whom she had seen Faramir with, his cousin Lothíriel. Éowyn could see, however, she was not the one of the Rohirrim whom Lothíriel wished to see more of though.

Soon after music began to play and people gathered for dancing, for the atmosphere had turned from one of somber thought to one of joy. There was a new king and wedding that was to come in the future. Faramir watched as Éowyn danced with others, thinking that things could not be better than they were at this moment. He thought back to his talks with Éomer on the journey to Edoras. He had asked if he would still marry Éowyn, given the opportunity. To which he had said that only if it be her will, and nothing less. He wondered if Éomer had conversed with Éowyn about the same subject, but those thoughts soon left him as Éowyn made her way over to him.

"Come, my lord, of I think it is time you dance." She said, taking his arm and pulling him away from the wall.

"My lady, I do not know of the dances that you dance here-"

"If you have been watching, as I could see you were, then the dances should be simple, and if not I can help you." Éowyn said with a grin. So they entered to the floor and Faramir watched the others around him and tried to mimic the steps. Éowyn helped along the way, both laughing more than paying attention to the dancing.

Éomer looked to see Lothíriel in a position that resembled the one that her cousin was just in, and Éomer decided that he should ask her to dance. He made his way over to her, bowed slightly before her, and offered his hand. "Would you care for a dance, my lady?"

Lothíriel blushed, for she knew as much about the dances as she did about the Rohirric language, but she accepted anyway. Éomer lead her out to the floor and started to help her through one of the easier dances. She seemed to learn quickly, and had the energy to make it seem that she was doing the right steps, even if she wasn't.

Faramir had lead Éowyn away from the center after awhile and they stood watching everyone else. They saw Éomer and Lothíriel dancing, along with King Elessar and Queen Arwen. Arwen brought a new grace to the steps that could not be imitated. The hobbits sat at a table, laughing and enjoying large mugs of ale. Gimli was also with them, trying his best to keep up with them. Legolas was on the other side of the room, watching more than ever. Imrahil had decided to try his hand at the dancing, and was very close to his daughter.

Faramir chuckled to himself as he say Lothíriel trip over her feet and fall into Éomer's arms laughing. Éowyn looked at him quizzically. "What is so amusing to you, love?"

"My cousin has three older brothers." Was all he said and Éowyn looked at her brother with pity in her eyes as to what awaited him.

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