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"I wish... I could be in some other world." I sighed and a tear slid down my cheek. I had nothing left here. My family had just died, and my friends abandoned me. The idea of facing this misery on my own, without anyone besides me hurled me into the dark oblivion of depression. I clutched my small bag against my chest. It held everything I had within. My memories, my clothes... Everything. I cried again. For the 4th time in two hours. God, I miss my family. A bright light pulled me out from my misery. I looked up and saw... Mom!

"Mommy?" I asked between sobs. The clearing in the forest, where I sat against a tree, lit up.

"Hi, Firefly." She said and smiled. She used my nickname. I reached out to touch her, and she reached out too, but when our hands should've met, mine went through hers. Tears welled up in my eyes again. Mom kneeled in front of me.

"Firefly, I came to grant you your wish." She said, and her hand brushed my cheek, trying to brush a tear away. She didn't succeed.

"W-what?" I asked and looked at her. My brown-orange hair was tied into two pigtails with long, white laces with a purple tint to them, and the shorter, chin-length hair was straight. My purple eyes fixated on mom.

"You see, Firefly, me and your dad were not from Earth. We were actually from Weyard." She said and smiled. I looked at her confused, when she began to chant some words. I began glowing, too, and before I knew, I felt like I was falling.

"I'll explain this better later. Have fun, Firefly!"

Mom's voice echoed in my ears as I fell. I guess I screamed too. I clenched my eyes shut, and braised for the impact. But then, I began to slow down. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw that a giant hand was carrying me down. I looked around, and saw an adorable little village. I also saw the villagers; they were all looking at me. I looked down at myself. I was wearing a cyan-colour dress with white trimming that ended before even half-way my thigh. The straps were hanging loosely at my arms, but the dress stayed put. I had long, white gloves with a purple tint, and long boots the same colour. I was clutching my bag. I was placed to the ground, and something told me to look up. So I did, and saw an object falling towards me. I caught it, and realized that it was a long scythe. The handle was silver, and the blade was metal with a purple tint. It had golden cravings, and a red stone. At the end of this weapon was also a small blade. I stood up and marvelled the weapon. It suddenly shrunk, and transformed into a platinum ring.

"Who are you, child?" A nice looking woman came forth, as no one else dared.

"I... I'm Aura." I said shakily and fell back down.

"Careful, dear! My, you have a strange tattoo on your back." She said and looked at my bare back.

"I do?" I asked and turned my head, trying to catch a glimpse.

"Yes, it looks like a pair of wings." She said and trailed the outlines, I presumed. I got a small picture of them.

"You know, you look familiar..." Woman with fire-red hair stated and looked at me closely.

"Was your parent's names Mira and Jeff?" She continued. My eyes widened by surprise.

"Yes! Do you know them?" I asked with a hope in my voice.

"Dora, get the Elder! Mira's daughter has returned!" The woman shouted and hugged me. I heard people buzzing and whispering around me. I felt so safe, even though I knew something bad was going to happen. I felt… Like I was finally home.

- At the Elders -

"So you are Mira's daughter?" Old man asked me, and I nodded.

"How is she?" He asked and I lowered my head.

"… Dead." I answered, barely in a whisper.

"I'm sorry. And…." I knew what he was going to ask about. My dad.

"Dead." I answered again.

"I'm sorry, dear." Dora, the nice lady, hugged my shoulders.

"Now, Aura. This may seem strange to you, but your mother was a sorceress." The bearded elder said. It took a while for it to sunk into my thick head. Let's say, 5 seconds?

"A sorceress!" I shouted and looked really puzzled. The Elder chuckled and nodded.

"Yes. Your father was one of the winged Phoenix-tribe. We suspect that you might be able to fly." He said, turned me around and began inspecting the tattoo on my back. At that point, new faces came bursting in. An old man, and three teens. I jumped behind Dora. I'm not exactly shy, I just… Have some trouble getting to know people. Dora chuckled at me, cowering behind her back.

"So this is the sorceress' daughter?" The old man said and walked up to me.

"My name is Kraden." He said and smiled reassuringly. I eyed his hand but then shook it.

"I'm Aura." I answered, and retreated behind Dora again. I eyed the teenagers with curiosity. The girl, a red-head walked up to me. She was one of those girls with thousand-watt smiles.

"Hi there, Aura! I'm Jenna, and these two are Isaac," she pointed at the blonde boy. "And Garet." She pointed at the orange-brown-haired boy. I smiled shyly and waved at them.

"Come now, dear, there's no need to be shy." Dora said and stepped aside.

"I know, but I'm kinda… Antisocial by nature?" I tried and laughed nervously.

"Mom, are you sure you can trust her?" Isaac asked and took a step forward.

"Of course I can, honey, Mira is a great mother!" Dora said and patted my head. So Dora is Isaac's mother, huh?

"Hey, do you know how to handle a weapon? Do you even have one?" Garet asked and grinned.

"Yeah, maybe she's one of those damsels-in-distress-types." Isaac grinned back and they began laughing. I got somewhat pissed. I looked at the Elder, who just nodded. I concentrated on my scythe, and hello, hello, it appeared to my hand. I twirled it around and slammed the end of it to the ground. The boys looked at me, surprised or scared, you decide. Dora shook with laughter, and Jenna was cheering for me.

"Guys, my scythe begs to differ about your accusation of me being a damsel in distress." I said, pointed at my weapon and grinned cockily.

"Whoa! No way!" Isaac shouted and began examining my scythe. I looked like him like he was crazy. I looked at Jenna, who just shrugged and looked as surprised as me.

"This is 'Silver Dragon's Claw', a really, REALLY powerful weapon! How did you get it?" He asked and looked at me. Think, brain, think!

"Umm, my mom gave it to me." Well it was the truth! The scythe decided to return to its ring-form.

"My, my, that must've been your mother's! That's her magic!" Kraden said as Jenna hugged me and laughed.

"Tell me, child, can you use psyenergy?" He continued. I looked completely clueless.

"… Wha?" I asked.

"You know, levitating stuff and moving them with your mind." Jenna cleared up.

"Oh, like this?" I asked and pointed at Gareth's cape. It came off, and began dancing around in mid-air. Everyone laughed, and the Elder chuckled.

"Hey, give it back!" Garet shouted and tried to grab it. I levitated it down to his back and fastened it.

"Way to go, girl!" Jenna said and we high-fived.

"Uh, Aura? You can stay at our house if you want.Mom said she'd cook dinner." Isaac said and smiled at my antics. I looked at Dora, and she smiled at me. It seems asthough she had said me, that I am wlcome to live under her roof for the time being.We all left the sanctuary, and went to Isaac's house. Dora is an amazing cook, by the way. We ate and discussed about stuff. Jenna, Garet and Isaac agreed to help me control my psyenergy better, and Kraden told me about the Adepts. Jenna and I became good friends over that night, and even the boys decided to treat me good. Garet kept eyeing me, though. Every time I caught him staring at me, he turned his head and blushed. What the?


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