It was a desolate destroyed crater. That's all that was left of the grand 'castle' that had been Voldemort's. A hole in the ground now, the sides glassy with melted rock. Snape didn't care what spells had been unleashed to cause this, what had happened to the death eaters, or what had happened to Voldemort. He was only looking for one thing. He didn't think he was going to find it. Not there in that ring of death that nothing could possibly have escaped from alive. Not with destructive magic that strong.

But he hoped.

At the top far end of the crater something stirred and Harry Potter lifted his weary head.

"I never thought I was going to live."

"Neither did I." Severus Snape told him and he wondered if he believed it yet.

"I got your magic. It saved me."

"I felt you save me too."

"Do you have a light? It's awfully dark."

"Sorry, not enough magic left to light a match right now. It'll come back though. I've got one portkey left for Hogwarts." He pulled it out of his pocket and started to hand it to Harry but Harry held up one hand, stopping him.

"Wait. The sun is rising."

And they both turned to watch the sunrise of the first day of their lives.

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