Preface: For most of you dedicated fans of Hey Arnold out there, you already know what 'The Patakis' is. It's a show about Helga in her teen years trying to cope with high school and her peers and not to mention it covers about her family as well. This is the first of a long series of 'The Patakis' stories I'm writing. (For further information, see profile). Everything you read here is almost, (okay, a bit of exaggeration helps sometimes) identical to what Craig said in his chat with the fans. This is my own writing on what would be the pilot episode of the show. Hopefully the characters are not very out. And... although profanities cannot be seperated with teenagers since they're like using them everyday and possess symbiotic relationship with them,I have to exclude them out from this fic. Face it, even if 'The Patakis' managed to get on air we're talking about Nick here, a children's network.

Legal junk: I don't own Hey Arnold, but Nickelodeon does and Mr. Craig Bartlett created it. But this fic belongs to me. Clear? Good.

Nothing Has Changed.

Greetings Arnold, son of Miles,

I just got back from school, and what a stupid first day of 10th grade it was. Just want to drop in and write to you to say 'How the freaking poop are ya!'. You know, somehow, it doesn't sound cool without the profanities. But you want to know in spite of all the crazy situations that happened in that infested cesspool that we call school today, I'm actually glad about one thing? IT'S YOU, GENIUS! YOU WEREN'T THERE! WHOOHOO! And other euphoric shouts that I'm too lazy to write. Want to know why? Because you're all away in a country called San Lorenzo. I love you for leaving, man.

Helga raised an eyebrow, looking at the paper and the sentence she just wrote.

"Wow…" she said to herself in awe, tapping her pen, "that's one way to be subtle." She then continued to write the letter to Arnold on her desk, inside her room. Her room was quite a mess these days. Her books, picture frames, and cute figurines were neither organized nor being carefully put on the shelf, her desk was messy, the carpet changed position every time someone stepped on it, the sliding door to her closet was jammed, and her bed was a broken bed, lost one of it legs, the futon mattress was a lumpy sack of cotton, there was no bed sheet covering it, and there were only two pillows to comfort her. Didn't look girlish but then again, she didn't care much. It was a stark contrast however in comparison to her sister's room.

Oh well, at least you don't have to wake up everyday to go to school, you home-schooler person, you. My family doesn't change much, but I'm used to it. Same thing can't be said to Miriam, however. Mom has a new lot in life ever since she went to the AA meetings, and get this – 'Only you can change yourself to be a better, more cheerful you!' HA! Saw it in her AA pamphlet. And Bob is still the same old, same old. Still doing a lousy job as the 'Beeper King.' And Olga still annoys me from time to time, trying to run my own life. Argh, why did she want to move back into the house after her graduation, anyway? But sadly, I don't hate her as much as I used to. Must be the maturity thing going on. Curses. The chumps, aka friends of ours really had a great time on their first day of school though. Hey, come to think of it, want me to give a rundown of my first crappy day as a sophomore? I'll give you a cookie if you'd just shut up and listen.


It was a cold morning. It was too cold, that Helga woke up because it, even though she had her blanket covering her. She looked at her alarm clock, and realized that she woke up about 20 minutes earlier before the alarm supposed to ring. With her eyes still half-closed, she got up and woozily reached for her sweater located inside her closet. She shivered a bit to attract some heat, and proceeded to her desk to use her laptop. The reason why she had one in the first place it was because of Olga. Bob was so happy that Olga graduated from college that he bought everyone in the family a gift. Miriam got a very expensive suit she had always wanted to buy, gave Olga a brand new car, and Helga was given a laptop. The latter two mentioned items were second handed.

She checked her email, and received two. One from Phoebe and one from of all people, Rhonda. Phoebe wrote to her about something to meet her at a designated place before school, and Rhonda's email was a spam that she sent to everyone containing a very lame joke about sheeps and Californian women. How the heck did she got her email was still a mystery to her. Putting all trivial matters aside, she went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. Not surprisingly, Olga was there wearing a broad smile as if she inherited it from the Cheshire Cat, standing in front of the stove, cooking. Smelled like omelets. Mom and Dad had yet to wake up.

"Good morning, little sister!" she greeted in a singsong voice as if she just got a part in a children's TV show that everyone in the civilized world hates. "My, you look cheery today!"

Cheery wasn't the best way to describe her. The best way to describe her was that she looked just like someone who got gored by a pack of raving chimpanzees and lived to tell the tale. Her hair looked like the Bride of Frankenstein after she woke up from bed, her face was so oily that it would make any oil company happy, and her face was so hideous that the dude from the Goonies movie would run away screaming in terror.

Ignoring her sister's cheerful compliments, she proceeded to the table and helped herself with some cereals. As she slowly munched them and ingested them down her throat, Olga shoved the plate of omelet to her. She looked at that plate, and saw the omelet as if it was grinning sarcastically at her. "Gee, thanks… Olga." She said with a fake sincerity, stabbing the omelet with a fork. Oh well, at least with Olga around the house, she wouldn't have to eat protein bars or the day before yesterday's dinner for breakfast like she used to when Olga wasn't at home.

"Now eat up, Helga. You need all the energies for school."

"Ah, school." A slaughterhouse for children and teenagers alike. "Thank you so much for reminding me, Olga. I feel so much better now!" she replied with a false joy, grinning broadly at her, with her eyes twitching. She then grumbled under her breath.


After washing herself, wore everyday clothes and took her backpack, she went out to the bus station to school. She had changed much since grade school. Physically, to be exact. She was taller and slim and but not going as far as calling her anorexic. She stubbornly kept her pigtails, though it was much lower than it used to, and she wore a blue cap to conceal a pink bow beneath it. Why would she do that, you ask? It was the few things that would remind her of Arnold. Her everyday clothes consisted of a pink, an aggressive looking pink, everyday shirt with sleeves not reaching the elbow. Come to think of it, putting pink and aggressive on a sentence together was an oxymoron. Her pants were a black colored cargo pants. But other than that, her attitude was still the same, sans the punching, a little. After crossing a few blocks, she finally arrived at her destination, with Phoebe already waiting for her.

Phoebe was a petite girl and still retained her innocent look. She now had this hair made into a ponytail and she still wore glasses. Her clothes consisted of a long sleeved, dark blue colored sweater and a pair of blue denim trousers, suggesting that her favorite color was yellow, no wait, blue. She shot a soft smile at Helga and greeted her. "So you got my email, did you Helga?"

"No Pheebes, a pigeon gave me your note." She replied jokingly. "Something important you want to share?" she said, referring to the email.

"No, actually. There was nothing important. I just don't want to be alone once we arrive in school."

"First day of school jitters?" she asked again. "C'mon Pheebs, it's still the same old school we're going. And you already know all the lunatics in that asylum, so don't worry about it."

"I wish I could share your optimism, Helga." Phoebe replied back softly.

Somehow, optimistic wasn't the word to describe her that morning, Helga had thought. She shook her head in amused disbelief of her friend and resumed chatting with her some more until the bus arrived. They got in, showed the driver their bus pass and proceeded to sit near the front on the right side of the bus to avoid Sid and Stinky at the back. And judging from their indistinct conversation, it was something that neither girl wanted to be engaged in.

"Rhonda's are bigger." The towering Stinky said to his best friend.

"Are you blind?" said the skinny, pasty Sid back, "It's obviously—"

"Shh…" Stinky quickly cut him off, "I think Miss Phoebe and Helga over thar might've heard us." He warned him, whispering. Stinky hadn't changed much, he still kept his flattop hair, except that he wore flannel shirt with those dull yellowish green color and those jeans.

"So? Let them hear it!" he said back, smiling. Sid's hair was thicker and longer but it was still covered by his green cap. He wore a black shirt with loose blue colored slacks. A skater like individual he was.


The Slaughterhouse…

…Was the nickname for their school they attended. The bus pulled over to the curb and stopped, letting the students out from it. The school that they were attending was called Elk High School, arguably the funniest and the most ridiculous name for a school ever imagined in modern history. It was so ridiculous that the students of this not-so-fine education establishment often evaded talking about their school when their grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles wanted to talk about it. And their friends from other schools would constantly mock and ridicule the name. The school got its name since Elk Island could be seen from the rooftop of the school, whether in good or bad weather. It was a rather beautiful view if one stopped to think about it. Strangely, their mascot had been a moose called Minimoose.

As Helga and Phoebe trudged through the scores of people waiting for the bell to ring, they looked around to find their cliques. Sid and Stinky did the same. Helga never really had a clique, actually. She was just tagging along with Phoebe, who had always been friendly to everyone and accepting them with open arms. Unless of course, the person she knew was a complete jerk. That said, she actually never met one. In high school, they were introduced to a more diverse cast of people, from different ethnicities, religion and different countries. What a politically correct school. A cosmopolitan school.

Phoebe waved to Nadine, who was outstandingly in a good mood today. Nadine waved back, and stroked her braided hair back that she made it into a ponytail. She was wearing a green colored hooded sweater and black colored denims on that day. "Hey, girl!" she greeted Phoebe.

"Hi Nadine." Phoebe smiled back. Helga smiled softly at her. "Where's that friend of yours?"

"What, Rhonda?" she asked back, "She'll be here soon enough." The three of them proceeded to ask each other what classes they were having this semester. Nadine and Phoebe got two classes together, but Helga didn't share any of her schedules with them. Sid and Stinky joined their same old gang from grade school, and with some fresh new faces added to their clique. Park and Robert were closer with them than they were in grade school. Gerald came over to them and Sid gave him a joking, friendly hug.

"Oh man… I miss you so-freaking-much!" he said in a fake cries of joy, although the last time they met was two days ago when they were playing football.

"Jeez man, the heck's wrong with you!" he replied back chuckling nervously as he tried to shove him back, uncomfortable with the close proximity gesture.

"Whoa, man! You cut your hair! You look like… your brother man!" Robert said while pointing to Gerald's hair.

"Argh, don't say that, man! I do not look like my brother!" he replied back, stroking his hair while looking at it.

But Harold wanted to annoy him and said, "Seriously Gerald you do too look like your brother! Anybody else agrees with me?" he asked, and everybody nodded in agreement with Harold just to annoy Gerald in a good nature kind of way.

"Jerks." Gerald said back smiling, in disbelief of his motley group. The bell then rang, alerted everyone and off they go into the building.


"Hello children. Welcome to World History. Here I will prattle about some things that happened a whole lot of years ago that you won't probably care and would possibly die of boredom. And before I forget, my name is Mr. Hartman. Though I share the same last name with the Gunnery Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, I am not like him. However, if all of you behaved like a bunch of uncivilized—"

Helga listened to the string of profanities coming from the teacher's mouth in irritation. Were they allowed to do that, she thought. Whatever, it didn't concern her much though as she scanned around the room. She saw someone who took offence, but didn't dare to voice his opinion about it. It was Eugene. He wore glasses now, most likely a result from staring the computer screen too much. He was wearing a white colored flannel shirt which he folded his sleeve to the elbow and a pair of blue colored pants, and his face was littered with craters as if a thermonuclear war just erupted. He was the theatre teacher's right hand guy and also the computer geek of their gang. What a nerd. Name-calling aside, he was the one who had the skills to repair any computer he touched, and he used to fix her laptop. Uber-leet, the kiddies of today would say.

"I'm okay…" he said softly.

The pencil that he spun on his fingers accidentally flew out from his hands and its tip scored a hit directly into his left nostril. Poor little jinx…


It was lunch time, and Helga saw Gerald flirting with Phoebe at her locker. Gerald was a good looking lad. He had grown some stubble around his face, which looked like Sean Patrick Thomas (The guy from Save the Last Dance) if you gazed at him long enough. He wore a red sweater that always received compliments from Phoebe and a pair of dark blue pants. Helga approached them and made a sound to clear her throat, to interrupt the blatantly obvious but still in denial couple. Phoebe and Gerald smiled at her and to each other and Gerald said, "See you later Pheebs. I see that your friend is already here."

She giggled a bit and said, "Yeah, see you."

He gazed admiringly at Phoebe and went off pass Helga, nearly colliding with her on the shoulder. She glanced at him with one of her eyebrows lowered. She scoffed a bit and walked along with Phoebe to the cafeteria.

"Why do you do that?" Helga asked.

"Do what?" Phoebe asked back.

"The 'Gazing Admiringly' thing every time you talk with him. What's up with that?"

"Why? Can't I appreciate a good conversation with a fellow friend?"

"No, it's not like that…"

"Then, what is it?"

"Tch. Man, never mind." She replied. STOP BEING IN DENIAL AND GO FOR IT ALREADY, Helga screamed in her mind.

As they were exchanging chats to each other Helga saw Sheena, walking towards them. She wore a black shirt and a long denim skirt. She wouldn't call her a goth however, since she didn't look like one and act like one. In fact, she wasn't a goth at all. She happened to be one of the annoying environmentalist activists that happened to be conveniently added into long list of the not very clichéd high school stereotypes. At least Nadine kept her opinions and her passion about bugs and nature to herself. As they walked, they saw Robert and Park.

Robert and Park were actually few of the small number of guys that Helga could stand being around with. In comparison to her other male friends, they were, in Helga's opinion, quite normal. They weren't as crazy, annoying, or having their hormones went on overdrive as Stinky, Sid or Harold, weren't as maniacal or weird as Curly, or geeky as Eugene. She couldn't say much about Gerald though, because they were cold with each other. And because of Phoebe's sake, she wouldn't talk anything negative about Gerald. Coming back to Robert and Park - Robert was wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt with a shirt underneath it and a pair of cargo pants, while Park wore the local team's hockey jersey and some cheap jeans. "Hey Helga, Phoebe." Robert greeted them.

"Hey. Nice to finally meet you guys." Helga said to them, smiling. "All the people I've met so far are your moron friends and the weird girls."

Phoebe glared at her.

Helga quickly responded, "Well, except for you Phoebe. You're cool. You're the coolest girl I know. You're so cool, that you're cool." Phoebe then smiled back at her.

"So, where are you two gentlemen going?" Phoebe asked them.

"Well, its lunch hour after all, so we're thinking of going to the cafeteria." Park said.

"Well, obviously." Helga said back jokingly.

"Captain Obvious strikes again." Robert added, smiling.

"Shut up." Park retorted back with a soft chortle. "Say, would you nice ladies mind if we walk you there?"

"We'd love to." Phoebe replied to them, which concurred by Helga. And so they walked together to the cafeteria, talking to each other. Among the topics were how this new semester were working with them so far, what schedules they had, and what movie have they saw lately. As Robert opened the cafeteria's double doors, he stopped as his tracks. He felt cold wave of fright swept all across his body. He couldn't move. He wanted to but he couldn't. His nerves didn't respond to the signals from his brain. He had always avoided contact from her, but this one unfortunate day, he had to submit to his fate.

"Hi Robbie!" someone called him lovingly as she slapped her cellphone down and put it into her pocket.

Rhonda. She looked absolutely like her status as a child of rich folks, with her expensive red shirt with an unbuttoned sweater to match it, and a black short skirt to match with her specially tailored Caprini shoes. She still kept her hair to a chin length strangely, even though she always said to her friends that 'fashion evolves'. And even more surprisingly, she never had the urge to join the cheerleading squad.

He forced himself a smile and waved at her, just to be nice.

"Well, your girlfriend's here." Helga joked.

"Oh come on, she's not my girlfriend." Robert replied back.

"Well, girlfriend or not, she has a fondness for you." Phoebe said with a wide smile.

"Well, good luck, Robbie – I mean, buddy." Park said, patting his back. "We'll just be taking a seat and discuss a thing or two about you whilst we dig in."

"Oh, man…" he said dreadfully, "don't bail on me man! She's scaring me!" he pleaded.

"Ah, just humor her." Helga said with a joy. And with Phoebe and Park, which both of their first names started with a 'P' coincidentally, they went to the counter to get their food. They walked past Eugene with his peers, hearing their conversation as they pass by them.

"…and that's why gentlemen, I think performance wise, the Gamesquare far exceeds that of Ecksbox, though I must admit it has some pretty excellent graphics capabilities." And Eugene's allegation was quickly countered back by some of his geek friends. As the three of them got out from the counter and to find a seat, they went pass by Stinky, Sid and Harold, who were monitoring Robert and Rhonda's conversation, also coincidentally that their names began with an 'R'. They could hear the conversation, not very well, but it certainly made Helga twitched her eye.

"I told y'all Rhonda's are better." Stinky said to all of them, as Sid and Harold nodded approvingly. Gerald came forth to them upon entering the cafeteria, and also did Iggy. He had a spiky hair, wore a dark purplish shirt with 'Huh?' written on it with a baggy pants to match with it. They sat with them and followed their conversation as they took their seats. After a couple of pet names being thrown at Robert, Rhonda hugged him and finally left him to meet Nadine outside the cafeteria. The guys at the table, who never dance whenever they were able, called him lovingly as a joke to mimic Rhonda from their seats. It was very obnoxious if they kept doing that for a longer time.

"Hey Robbie honey, right here!" Sid called, waving at him.

"Woohoo! Robbie baby, over here!" Iggy called him.

They enjoyed themselves although they acted like immature bunch of obnoxious people. With his face reddened from embarrassment, he went over to the counter to take his meal. Suddenly, someone steeped forth and blocked his path.

"Hello Robert." Curly said threateningly, while pushing his red glasses up. His hair was messy, his shirt wasn't buttoned properly, and his pants were… just pants.

"Oh, man. Not again." He thought, sighing. "What is it now, Curly?"

Gerald saw the confrontation, and alerted the people at his table. They all turned to them, anticipating for an aggression. Curly had become increasingly hostile to Robert ever since Rhonda had shown some interest to him, even though Robert never really wanted the attention.

"Should we stop him?" Harold asked them all.

"No. Not right now." Sid said affirmatively, motioning his hand to them to stand down, "we wait 'til he makes his move."

"So, I saw you with Rhonda just now. What were you two talking about?" Curly asked him accusingly.

"Nothing, man. It's just a spontaneous, casual talk that friends usually have." Robert replied coolly, to ease the already tense situation.

"Liar." He replied angrily, "You're trying to manipulate her to hate me, aren't you?"

"If that's really what you think we were talking, then I really feel sorry for you. I really have nothing to do with her." Again, he replied back nonchalantly, trying to avoid a confrontation. He then tried to walk away from him, but Curly quickly shoved his hand to his chest to block him.

"HEY, I'M TALKING WITH YOU HERE!" Curly shouted at him.

"Is that the signal?" Stinky asked Sid.

"Definitely." He replied back as he glared at Curly. And with that, everybody got up from their seats and went over there to confront and trying to intervene them.

"Is there a problem here, Curly?" Sid asked him as he glared at him.

Curly stared at Sid in defiance, and slowly he lifted his arm off Robert. Intimidated by the sheer numbers, he coolly stated to them, "Nah, no problems here. Non at all."

"Really?" Sid asked back, "Because I just saw you put your hand on Robert."

"Just checking for lice, that's all." Curly answered back. He wouldn't dare to have a fight with Sid since he had built quite the reputation.

"All right. Are we cool here?"

"Cool. Just cool." Curly gave them a glare, squeezed himself through the crowd, and left the cafeteria. After a moment, they all turned to Robert and asked him whether he was okay.

"You're okay, man?" Gerald asked him.

"Yeah, thanks for the concern. Really guys, I can handle him myself." He said back to assure them.

"Yeah, just like you handle Rhonda!" Sid replied to all of them, snickered a bit, and they suddenly burst into laughter. At a different table, Helga, Phoebe and Park who were observing them, were actually amazed with Sid that he actually lookout for his friends and how well did Robert confront a maniacal psychopath with calmness and without having resort to violence.

"Curly's freaking nuts." Park said to the two ladies. "Kinda feel sorry for the guy, though."

"Well, what do you expect from someone who went into a psychiatric ward, twice?" Helga replied back.

"Got treated? Be better? Not gone insane?"


It was after school, and Helga walked alone to the bus stop, as a group of freshmen were walking pass her, shouting, hollering, talking loudly, and just being plain obnoxious.

"Stupid freshmen ain't respecting nothin'…" she muttered under her breath angrily. In her mind, she had this maniacal urge to possess a rocket launcher and shoot at the group of freshmen. That would be the sweetest thing ever. But, she hadn't have the to money to purchase such thing, so she just kept silent and continued her journey to the bus stop, where Sid was waiting for someone and the bus, as he listened to some music with his CD player. One thing that Helga liked about Sid that he shared the same taste in music with her. Helga could distinctively hear the loud music coming from the headphone. She recognized that song. She waited for the music to finish, and asked him:

"Back to School?" she asked Sid about the song title.

"Yep." Sid replied it short.

"How appropriate." Helga replied back. "Got any other albums?"

Sid pressed pause on his CD player and replied back, "I have Around the Fur with me right now."

"I'll give you back tomorrow."

Sid nodded, went over his bag and rummage through it to find the CD. He found it and gave it to Helga. "I don't want to see a single scratch on that thing, you hear?"

"Jeez, who do you think I am, ten?" Helga shook her head as she put the CD back into her bag. Stinky came into the scene, and tapped Sid's shoulder and beamed at him. They then resumed their conversation that they were having since last morning in the bus and later in the cafeteria. To be safe, they went further back from Helga, so she wouldn't eavesdrop on their conversation. But Helga could hear them, though not correctly, but still clear nonetheless.

"Blah, blah, blah… nice looking… blah, blah, blah… pretty sweet… blah, blah, blah… Helga doesn't have any…"

Helga snap-o-meter suddenly exploded, her eyes twitched, and shouted at them, "Crimeny, can't you two hormone propelled morons go one second without comparing our assets? Sheesh!" and so she walked away from them in complete annoyance of the perplexed looking Sid and Stinky.

"Now, what was that all about?" Stinky wondered as he scratched his head.

"How should I know talking about cell phones would offend her so much?" Sid shrugged.

"Heh, maybe it's her time of the month."

"Heheh. Yeah, you're probably right."

Helga went over to find a quaint place for her to relax after a very boring yet hectic day in school. She found a place at a stone bench being flanked by two large trees. She then lied down to unwind herself. Overall, not counting the scuffle that the guys had with Curly in the cafeteria which she thought was the highlight of the day, today was just as she was expected, was quite dull and boring. And she expected today would be similar to the rest of the days in her sophomore year. Yep, this was going to be her another average school year.

"Ha, ha! Helga!" came an obnoxious laughter that was a trademark of someone she knew very well. "Looks like you're going to walk home from school now!" Harold mocked and pointed at her from the moving bus. "Hey! Wait!" Helga quickly got up, and tried to run after the bus, but it got faster and faster leaving the poor girl behind.

"Ha, ha! Helga! You're so slow!" Harold mocked her again.

But alas Helga gotten more and more tired, and she had to stop. But before the bus turned to a corner, she shouted threateningly to Harold, "I swear I'll get you for this, you fat, bald annoying… jock wrestling person… Harold!" Which the replied was she got was an indistinct laughter from him, since he was far away. Oh how she would get medieval on his butt tomorrow morning… she could taste it. The idea of kicking a husky kid wearing a letterman jacket sounded so tantalizing to her. But first she had to get back home first. He turned around and saw Brainy, wheezing heavily in front of him. Yeah, he was dorky, and because of that Helga was quite frankly amused with him.

"Hey… Helga." He said as if Darth Vader was trying to flirt with her. "Want me to walk you home?"

"No." she replied in a Princess Leia kind of way, "I don't want to burden you, such handsome man you." She complimented jokingly at him.

He then fainted. Helga shrugged and left him lying on the floor. "Eh, he'll wake up eventually."

And to get to her home, she had to walk pass Mr. Simmons' house. His house was actually one of the nicest on the block, since he loves gardening and his lawn was very beautiful for Helga to admire at, or anyone else for that matter. As she walked pass by, watching the garden, Mr. Simmons walked out from his front door to check for his mail, and saw her. Mr. Simmons aged well, he kept some beard and had to wear glasses to remedy his rather poor eyesight. His fashion sense still hadn't changed, because Helga could recognized his clothes that he wore when she was back in good old PS 118.

"Hello Helga." Mr. Simmons greeted her. "The bus left you behind again?"

"I thought you already know by now, Mr. Simmons." Helga replied back. "If I'm in front of your house walking this at this time of hour—"

"Okay, okay. No need to be upset about it, I just want to have a conversation with my former student. Hey, wanna come in and have a cup of tea?"

"Thanks for the offer Mr. Simmons, but I really should be going home."

"Perhaps some other time then?"

"Yeah, sure." Helga replied back, smiling. Helga was impressed with her former teacher. Even though he no longer taught them, he would tried his best to help them out as best as he could. After watching Mr. Simmons got back into his house, she went off to her house, in hoping that despite all she had been through that day, her room would offer some comfort to her.


And there you have it football head, my crappy first day as a sophomore. Kinda dull and boring, isn't it? Yeah, that's just practically how I feel every time on the first day of the new school year. Even though I have a feeling that half of them write letters to you, I feel kinda obligated to tell you what are they doing right now. Sort of an opinion from my side of the view, if you will. So there you have it, Phoebe's still smart, Gerald is still cool, Sid, Stinky and Harold are still annoying in a good kind of way, Robert and Park are still the best of friends, so are Rhonda and Nadine, Curly is still insane, Eugene's a geek, and Sheena is weird as ever.

I think there are lots of other people that I haven't mentioned on the past few paragraphs. I have a feeling that you know, but I feel compelled to tell you anyway. Curse you for forcing me to write more. Peapod Kid, wait, nobody calls him that anymore, since he wanted everyone to call him PK, a hipper version of Peapod Kid. He, Rex and Lorenzowent to some very posh private school somewhere outside the city. Kinda makes you wonder why Rhonda ain't coming with them, don't you? Joey went to a military school, Gloria and Patty went to a different school than ours, but most of us keeps contact with them though. Is there anyone else I'm missing? Oh yeah. Lila. Miss ever so perfect Lila. Well, after middle school she got transferred to a Catholic school, but that's about it. Haven't heard from her since. Not that's a bad thing or anything, but why do I have a feeling that I won't see the last of her?

Well, that's about it. Nothing has changed. Sorta. I hope you enjoy reading this letter about me and stuffs I'm droning about our friends. Phoebe just called me and asked whether I wanted to watch a movie with her. And knowing her, it must be a good one. Well, go about your business, as I've already wasted your time. Sorry about that. 'Til then, later.

With shotguns on both on my hands,

Good? Or bad? You're the one to review. If there's an error please point it out. Thanks for reading. The Mr. Simmons thing? Well, I just feel he has a role to play even after the kids are done with grade school.