Author's Note: I think it's time to tell stories about Helga's family, rather than her friends. I mean, that's what the title The Patakis supposed to do - to tell stories about Helga's family. So here for the first time, a story with complete involvement from all of Helga's family. Enjoy.

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Episode 10: Driver's License

Bob Pataki was waiting anxiously in the dining room for his daughters to return back. He was sitting on the chair, with his elbows on the table and had a long face while looking at his wife sipping a cup of freshly made jasmine green tea. He grumbled, and said to his wife, "For cryin' out loud, Miriam. How could you stay calm in a time like this?"

"Oh, try to be optimistic, B." Miriam said cheerfully after sipping the tea. B was a pet name that Miriam had called her husband for some time. "The girls will return back, and Helga will pass the test with flying colors."

"She better be." Bob grumbled back, "No daughter of mine is going to fail a driver's test! It's not the Pataki way!" And then, they heard a car pulling into the garage, and the engine died down. "Finally!" Bob said it out loud, raising his fists in front of him. He then tried to get up from his seat, but was stopped by his wife.

"Now, now. Relax B." Miriam said to calm him down, "Let them come here and tell us the news." Bob then sat back down, mumbling something under his breath. They could hear footsteps, and Helga and Olga emerged at the kitchen entrance. The looks on their faces were entirely passive.

"Well?" Bob asked.

"I have good news, and a bad news." Helga replied, producing two fingers at his father. Bob didn't like the sound of it at all. He hoped that Helga would be more straight-to-the-point, because he couldn't contain his anxiety over this. The wait was too unbearable for him.

"Okay, give me the good news first." he responded back, greatly anticipating a positive answer from Helga.

"I managed to complete the driver's test." Helga replied, while still maintaining her neutral expression.

"AND…?" Bob raised his voice slightly. He was a bit upset that Helga just wouldn't want to tell him straight away. "The bad news would be?"

Helga started to smile, and replied, "You now have a teenage driver in da house!" spreading her arms wide. This was a huge relief for Bob, and he instantly got up from his seat and proceeded to hug Helga joyfully. Miriam too, didn't want to miss the opportunity and joined them. And Olga too.

"Oh… I'm so proud of you girl!" Bob said proudly, after releasing his hug. Helga was happy too that she finally had something to make her father praise her instead of Olga almost 24/7. After the eventful and yet, seldom moment of family bonding, they all went back to their lives… but not before Bob declared that he'd bring the whole family for a treat in honor of Helga passing her driver's test. He asked them to get prepared and in 30 minutes he expected all of the family members to be at the living room. Helga then rushed to her room and opened her laptop. The first person she wanted to tell was surprisingly, Arnold, rather than her best friend, Phoebe.

Hello Tokyo drifter,

I've finally done it. After months of toiling and hard work, my efforts have finally paid off. You're now looking at a new driver's license holder, Arnold! You know how big of a power does a driver's license holder wields? That's what I thought. Hey, I know you've been driving way earlier than me, so just shut up :). I'm having my own moment here, so don't ruin it for me. Man, how time flies. It seemed like it was just yesterday when I first took the wheel.


"So the driving test is tomorrow, Helga?" Phoebe replied through the phone while playing videogames on her television. "Shouldn't you be doing some practicing before the day ends?"

"Yeah, I should." Helga nodded back, flipping a page of a novel she was reading on her bed. "I'm waiting for my dad to get ready so he could instruct me with this. Ugh." She scoffed. "Like I really need more lessons from him. I practically know every thing there is to about driving."

"Helga, don't be arrogant." Phoebe warned her. "Remember the first time when you were behind the wheel?"

"Ugh!" she scoffed back again. "Don't remind me about that Pheebs."

"And you drove his Hummer too." Phoebe said, beginning to smile.

"Please! Not another word." Helga replied back. "Arrgh! Now look at what you've done! You just brought the horrible, horrible memory of the living nightmare that was me in the early stages of driving with Bob back in my mind! Thanks a lot Pheebs!"

"Okay Helga." Bob said while pointing to the front. "Now there's a red light up ahead, so I want you to slow the car down by slowly pressing the brake down." Suddenly there was a screeching noise coming out from the rear wheel and the both of them were thrown to the front. The engine stopped. Thank goodness for seatbelts. "I said slow, not abruptly!" Bob yelled at Helga.

"Well, excuse me while I'm trying to learn, dad!" Helga retorted back. "You know, I would've done it better if you just stop with the yelling! I'm sitting next to you for cryin' out loud! It's not like I'm living on the other side of the mountain!"

Bob wanted to yell at her back. He even had his finger pointing at Helga and his eyes looking at his daughter angrily in response to her excuse. But, Bob tried to calm back, and he slowly retracted his hand away. "All right. All right…" Bob sighed. "Let's continue, okay? Start the engine." And Helga started the engine. "And next time," Bob warned, "if you wanna stop, just don't do it in the middle of the road."

Just then an old man in a very expensive car drove next to Helga and opened his window, "You young whippersnapper don't belong on the road! The government made a mistake letting you punks taking the driver's license at such a young age! Hmmph!" he shouted at Helga angrily. He then drove on, and other cars behind him took the opportunity to scold Helga's incompetence in driving. Helga glared angrily at them back with her face red with embarrassment. Bob just shook his head while rubbing his forehead.

"You just want to sit here and let those people insult you?" Bob said to her. "Drive." He then pointed to the left. "Turn to the left."

Helga groaned in frustration, and did what she was instructed. She gave the signal.

"I said turn left!" Bob bellowed out.

"I am turning left!"

"Then why are you giving the signal to the right?"

Helga looked at the dashboard. Her father was right: she was giving the signal to turn right, while turning to the left. "Oh, for the love of Crimeny!" Helga said out loud in frustration, and she immediately turned the signal to left, while turning the steering wheel, juggling the tasks. The car then swayed around, nearly hitting the car coming from the opposite flow but Helga managed to put the car back into the right lane, with much help from Bob. Both of them were breathing heavily while looking at the front with their eyes wide in horror. Bob had his hand clutching his daughter's hand on the steering wheel tightly while Helga had her other hand placed on her heart.

After the scene was somewhat calm again, Bob looked at Helga and again, he was struck in horror. "Both. Hands. On. The steering wheel." He said slowly, still being horrified by the near-death experience. "And both of your eyes on the road. Please. I beg you."

"Oh! Sorry!" Helga replied back weakly, looking back to the front and had both of her hands on the steering wheel.

"Helga… pull over to that tree for a while…" Bob said faintly while pointing to a tree nearby. Helga then nodded nervously and did like what she'd been told to. She then stopped the engine, and the both of them sighed aloud in relief. After a few calm seconds, as they gathered their thoughts, Bob said to Helga, "Helga, I think we have enough lessons for today. Let me drive home."

"NO!" Helga replied back, looking at Bob, trying to gain some sympathy for her, "I can do this, dad! You just gonna have to trust me on this! I can do it! I promise!" she begged for her dad to reconsider. Bob gazed back at her eyes, and sympathy began to grow. He knew it'd be a mistake, he just knew it, but he couldn't say no at her.

"All right, you win, Helga." Bob replied, nodding weakly. And the lessons resumed. "Start the engine, give the RIGHT signal this time, and slowly drive back into the road."

Helga took a deep breath, and calmly, yet tensely she tried to do it again. The engine started, the signal was appropriate, but she kinda messed it up as she tried to get back into the road. She accidentally pushed the gas pedal slightly hard, jerking the car a bit. Bob sighed as he rubbed his forehead, but didn't say anything. He just wanted to get back home as quickly as possible. Helga was contemplatively paying attention on the road with her nervous looking eyes. She had her mind wondering around regarding the lesson, instead of focusing on the road. And this is what a good driver shouldn't do. You can't let your mind wander around while you're driving. And because of this, Helga did not realize there was a red light ahead and a bunch of cars in front of her until Bob snapped her back.

"Brakes! HIT THE BRAKES!" Bob yelled in panic and Helga promptly snapped out of her distraction.

"What?" she then noticed the car in front her was getting nearer and nearer, fast. "OMIGOSH!" she screamed out loud. But unlike any other driver supposed to do in a situation like this, instead of slamming the brakes she turned the steering wheel away, evading the car in front but unfortunately crashed into a fire hydrant.

"Oh, now look at you've done!" Bob yelled out loud. Water came gushing out and flooded the whole place. By now people began to crowd around the crash site.


"That is what I actually intended, Helga." Phoebe replied back, smiling broadly.

"Meh." Helga shrugged, "No worries." Replying back nonchalantly. "I'm much wiser now, so I don't think I will have any problems… hopefully."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, "Hey Helga, you're there?" It was Bob's voice.

"Ooh, I gotta go. Bob's here. I'll talk to you later Phoebe." Helga said to her friend.

"Yeah. Good luck with the driver's examination." And then the both of them put the phone down. After putting her book aside, Helga jumped out from her bed and went straight to the door to answer her father. "Yeah dad?"

"We're going after lunch." Bob replied back, "Your mom asked us to eat first before we give your training one last shot."

Helga shrugged, "Yeah, sure, whatever." Then, upon entering the dining room, they saw both Miriam and Olga setting up the table for lunch. Miriam was bringing the spread while Olga put the silverwares on the table. The respective family members took their seats and began to dig in.

"Your driver's test is tomorrow, isn't it right Helga?" Bob said with a mouthful of meat, while pointing at her with his fork.

"Yup." She replied back. She was slightly annoyed since this was the umpteenth time Bob had asked her. She really didn't want to talk much about it. "Pass the stuffing."

Bob grabbed the bowl of stuffing and gave it to Helga, "Who's going to take you there to the DMV?" Bob asked back.

"Jeez, Bob." Helga replied back, with a mouthful of stuffing. "I'm old enough to drive for crying out loud! I can manage myself."

Olga then gazed at her younger sister. She wanted to be by her side when Helga is taking the test. But she knew that Helga will reject her offer even before she started to talk. This thing was some sort of a rite-of-passage thing for everyone her age, and she didn't want to ruin for her. Still, she wanted to do at least something for Helga, and she had this idea that might just work.

"How about if I drive you to the DMV tomorrow, Helga?" Olga asked her. There was a clattering sound coming from Helga's seat. The knife fell on the table as Helga gazed a long look her sister. She even stopped munching her food.

"You're… kidding… right?" she said disbelievingly, and a piece of food flew out from her mouth.

"No I'm not, baby sister. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for us to bond as sisters." Olga replied back, smiling at her. Helga couldn't believe that she still used that stupid 'sister needs to bond' excuse to see her doing her driver's test. And just so suddenly, Helga felt she didn't have the strength to do the test anymore.

"Eh, that'll save some money on the fare." Bob shrugged again, as he tried to cut a piece of meat. "Just go with you sister, girl."

"But…" Helga replied back, trying to put Olga away from this, "Gas prices are much expensive nowadays. Shouldn't it be better if I just took the public transportation tomorrow?"

"Hey, hey ,hey!" Bob bellowed out, "I have a beef with the Mayor right now, so I'd appreciate it if you do your part and help me boycott them and their stupid plan to tear down the stadium!"

"What does that have to do with me going to the DMV?" Helga replied back, raising her voice. "Seriously Bob, you're downright impossible sometimes!"

"Helga… Bob." Miriam said, as she looked at her daughter and her husband with her eyes twitching, "I think both of you should calm and quiet down… and think about it for a while." Both Helga and Bob were quiet now, with Bob leaning against his chair and Helga crossing her arms. "Good." Miriam said calmly, in an eerie calm so to speak, "I think your sister should drive you to the DMV Helga—"

"WHAT?" Helga yelled back in disbelief.

"Because if you won't let her… there will be…" this was where Miriam began to gaze at Helga with a dismal, eerie and frightening gaze, "severe… consequences…"

Helga looked back at her mother in fear, gulping. Olga and Bob shared the same fright too. She just recovered from her depression streak that she had been suffering ever since Helga was a child, and Helga wouldn't want to see her in that state again. Helga nodded back nervously, and replied, "O… off course. Anything for you, mother dearest!" she then smiled timidly at her. Bob gazed at the clock on the wall and thought this was the right time for Helga to start her final training.

"Hey, look at the time. C'mon Helga, it's time for your lesson!"

"Oh, yeah! Let's go! Now! Posthaste!" and they quickly got up, accidentally hit the table, clattering some of the plates and silverwares, and ran away from the dining table in panic as quickly as possible.


"You're driving manual for the test tomorrow, right Helga?" Bob asked, as they entered the garage. Helga rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Yes, dad." She replied back, "I am driving the manual transmission shift, or in laymen terms: stick shift during the test which I will undertake tomorrow." She replied clearly and precisely so Bob wouldn't pester her more on obvious questions to obvious answers.

"Good." Bob nodded, "No daughter of mine is going to drive an auto. Okay… let's see what we got here." Bob switched the lights on, revealing his gas guzzling Hummer and Olga's rather girly looking car. He was a bit shocked, being conflicted which car he should choose for Helga's lesson. He wouldn't want to see the Hummer in Helga's hand again since he afraid that she would crash it, but on the other hand, he wouldn't want to be seen in Olga's car either. Her car was purple in color with flowers around and it smells funny inside. After much thinking, as Helga watching him contemplating about it, he finally declared, "Uh… let's take your sister's car, okay?"

"Dad, I'm not going to drive Olga's stupid looking car!" Helga replied, swiping her hand wide in front of her father.

"I can't believe I'm driving Olga's stupid looking car!" Helga grumbled angrily as she ignited the engine.

"Hey, I hate it too, but I'm not going to risk my car to a student driver like you." Bob replied back. "Remember the last time you totaled—"

"Yes… Bob!" Helga replied through her clenched teeth. She was totally disappointed that her own father wouldn't trust her behind his beloved car. No matter, when she passed the test, she will drive the Hummer, whether Bob like it or not. "You don't have to remind me about that."

"Right." Bob replied as he fastened his seatbelt. "First: what are we supposed to do?"

Helga rolled her eyes, getting annoyed from Bob's lack of confidence of her. She took a deep breath, and replied, "First: check all side and rearview mirrors, your seating and adjust them if necessary. Then, check all gauges, lights and signals to see whether they are working properly. Fasten my seatbelt. Thirdly, press the clutch, shift the gear, and release the handbrake. Finally, slowly release the clutch as you slowly press the gas pedal down." Helga did it without a hitch and they are finally on the road. "There. Happy?" Helga asked, looking at her father.

"Both eyes on the road." Bob replied nonchalantly, pointing to the front. Helga lowered an eyebrow, looking at his father with exasperation, and then returned her eyes to the front.

So Helga drove around the city, through streets and freeways, onramps and roads, bridge and overpasses under heavy observation from Bob. She obeyed the speed limit, every word of caution on the road, and stopped at every red light, but most importantly, she followed Bob's instructions. After half an hour of driving, Bob was thoroughly pleased with the result. "Not bad. Not bad at all. In fact, you're even better than your sister, girl." A broad smile carved on Helga's face. Finally, she found something that she could do even better than Olga.

"Thanks, dad." Helga replied, smiling. "It's nice to hear that from you."

Bob smiled back warmly at her. It was nice to see her smiling for once, rather than the usual frowning he often sees when he was talking with her. "All right. I think we should take a break for a while. Stop at that diner over there."

"Dad, we just had lunch."

"What, you're on a diet or something? C'mon, it's just a light snack. It won't fatten you up." Bob replied back, "Then again, you're too danged skinny. I think being a little fat would help a bit."

"Dad…" Helga replied back while shaking her head, slightly embarrassed and annoyed at her dad's teasing. Somehow, this was a pleasant moment between the two of them.


The next day…

"Oh goodie! I don't see any dents." Olga said after she thoroughly checked the exterior of her car. It was also a lighthearted tease to lighten Helga up for her upcoming test. But Helga could on only scoffed back, crossing her arms tightly.

"Whatever, just drive me to the DMV. I got a lot of crap from dad yesterday and I don't want you add it more as it is." She replied back, as she entered the car. She then slammed the door and then crossed her legs and arms, looking angry as ever. But Olga just smiled back, being amused by her little sister's reaction.

The journey was a long one for Helga, as she was being very irritated by Olga's choice of music as it being played. It was one of that overplayed and annoying crappy pop music that she hated so much. Even worse, Olga was singing to it. The combination of crappy music and Olga's singing voice annoyed Helga so much, that she decided to change to her favorite radio station. Finally, some rockin' music that she could listen to. Olga was shocked to see Helga abruptly changed the station without asking her first. She then retaliated by changing the channel back, much to Helga's chagrin. She then returned fire, and then the both of them wrestled for the radio. Suddenly, the fuse inside the radio burned up, and the sound died down.

"Oh, nice going, baby sister." Olga replied, "Now my radio is totally broken."

"Hey, hey, hey!" Helga replied back, similarly akin to Bob's tone, "You're the one who decided to drive me there. This never would've happen if I just take the subway!"

"Okay… okay…" Olga replied, "Let's be calm here, shall we?" then there was complete and total silence.

"Olga, why?" Helga suddenly asked, breaking the silence, "Why do you want to take me to DMV? You just love taking me out of my comfort zone, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want anyone to see me while I'm driving! It's a test! I want to be at my peak performance!"

"Well, you drive quite well when daddy is around with you." Olga replied back. "What's wrong with me trying to give you some encouragement by being together with you?"

"Because…" Helga felt it was so hard to tell Olga the truth, "You're different! Because when I'm with you, I always have this feeling where I always have the need to be better than you! And because of that, I tend to get clumsy and couldn't concentrate on that one single task! I never had that feeling of confidence every time you're there. So…" Helga replied weakly, "I'd really appreciate it if you just stay out of the way." Helga shifted her eyes slowly at Olga. She could see sadness on her sister's face.

"I'm…" Olga replied weakly, "I'm sorry if I made you feel that way, baby sister…"

The sad face and the even more upset response made Helga all awful inside. She regretted of saying that to her sister, and unfortunately for her, it couldn't be undone. What said has been said, and she couldn't retract it back. And so, on their final length of the journey they didn't exchange any sort of conversation whatsoever.

"We're here…" Olga said as she entered the Department of Motor Vehicles office. After finding a parking space, they then got out from the car and into the building.

"Man, this place smells like old people." Helga replied, while rubbing her nose. She then turned around to find for her sister, but she was gone. Helga then searched around, only to see Olga trying to exit the building. "Olga. Where are you going?"

"I'll be waiting at the cafeteria." Olga replied back. "You said it yourself you don't want me around when you're taking the test."

"Look, Olga…" Helga sighed, looking down at her feet. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I do want to be better than you Olga, but it's very hard for me because you always have the upper hand. I don't look at you as an obstacle, but rather… as a guidance to make me be better at my life. You're my sister Olga, a family member, and any encouragement is much appreciated." She tried to smile warmly at Olga. Olga returned the smiled back, and felt the answer was pretty moving.

"So, you want me to be with you during the driving test?" Olga asked back.

"Well…" Helga replied back. "I don't know… if I do, could you make yourself unnoticeable?"

"It'd be like I was never there." Olga exclaimed back. The answer was good enough for Helga. After she did what she had to do before taking the final driver's test, she was now outside sitting on the stairs while her sister stood next to her, while waiting for her driving instructor to arrive. "Man, this is taking too long!" Helga said while looking at the clock on the wall inside. Where the heck is the instructor? I bet he's a bald, smelly guy who's divorced thrice and lives on a van down by the river because he's a total loser!"

And so suddenly, there was footsteps coming from the corner nearby. Helga and Olga looked at it, and to their surprise, it was a young man, about as the same age as Olga, smartly dressed, well built with boyish good looks. "Hi. I'm looking for a Miss Pataki?" he said in a composed, firm voice as he smiled with his lady killer smile.

Both sisters were stunned at his appearance. He was so hot, both of them thought to themselves. Arnold could wait for a while. "I am!" Both sisters said it at the same time.


So the three of them were in the car now, while Olga at the back passenger seat, watching Helga preparing for her test. Taking the brief opportunity, Olga moved her head to the middle of the front seat and gazed admiringly at Helga's instructor, "So…" Olga said, trying to flirt to with the guy, "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"Well, the reason for a guy like me doing in a place like this is because I'm taking this only as a temporary job until I find a real one. I just recently graduated and I'm looking for an engineering work." He replied back while writing something on the clipboard. "Do you know where I can find one around this city?" he replied back, smiling.

"Ooh, you're an engineer?" Olga replied. She digs smart guys. "What kind of engineer? Mechanical? Electrical? Structural? Aviation? You know, I learned some engineering when I was in college too." Helga, on the other hand, was getting distraught, that Olga once again, trying to meddle with her concentration. Besides, she wanted to flirt with her instructor too.

"Aww, isn't it sweet of both of you guys trying to get to know each other and all that…" Helga interjected suddenly with sweet and sarcastic tone, "But hmm… something seems to be wrong here. Oh, I know… aren't I supposed to have a test right now, and he supposed to evaluate me?" Helga made her point, and the both of them looked each other embarrassedly.

"Yeah… your sister is right." he said, chucking softly. "I should do my job. I'm gonna get fired by that crazy old lady boss of mine if she finds out I'm goofing around with the student driver's sister."

"Charming." Olga thought to herself, as she gazed at those fascinating blue eyes of his on the middle rearview mirror.

"Shall we begin?" Helga asked the instructor with a flirting voice, while smiling suggestively at him.

He was a bit disturbed, but he tried to ignore it, "Let's begin." He replied back, looking back at Helga with his lady killer smile. "As long as you follow my instructions, obey the rules of the road, then you should be fine. Okay, you may drive now."

Helga nodded back, and shifted the gear. Thus begin her driving test. As they drove along, they went pass a field where the guys were playing baseball. Sid noticed Helga first, and said to his friends, "Guys, is that Helga?"

"I think so." Gerald replied. He then tried to make sure. "Yup, that's her all right. Phoebe told me she has a driver's test today."

A small smile carved on Sid's face. He then turned around and called for Harold, who was practicing his swing, "Hey Harold, you're thinking what I'm thinking?" Harold smiled back, and ran up to Sid. Stinky joined in, but Gerald just stood still from afar, shaking his head at his friends – although he was smiling.

"WWHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO! Hey, Helga baby!" Sid screamed loudly to gain Helga's attention as she drove in front of the field. He then took his shirt off and spun it in the air, while screaming again. Harold wiggled his butt at her, while Stinky did a pelvic thrust repeatedly. Everyone looked at the charade either with disgust or in disbelief. One of Helga's eyes was twitching. She then winded the window down and gave them a 'signal' of her own. The guys went quiet after she flashed that sign at them.

"Did she do what I think she did?" Harold asked disbelievingly.

"I don't think the DMV would approve that…" Sid replied, still in stun as he watched the car traveling away.

"Your friends?" the instructor asked Helga.

"More of an annoyance, actually." She replied back, stopping the car the red light.

"Normally I would disapprove such behavior," the instructor said back, biting the end of his pen, "but in this case, I'm giving you an exception. Points for you." He then checked something on the clipboard, and Helga was pleased. The older sister too, was glad. Olga thought that he probably went easy with Helga because he wanted to please her. Olga could feel the subtle vibe.

Helga then drove back into the DMV, as instructed by the instructor. Her test was officially over after she parked the car in front of the building. Her instructor was doing some counting as he being watched by both Helga and Olga. Then, after a nervous wait, the instructor said, "Helga, I am thoroughly pleased with your driving skills." Helga smiled back. "I've cumulated all your points and I'm happy to announce that you have passed the test." Helga and Olga screamed joyfully and gave each other a hug. "Congratulations." He replied back with a smile as he gave the marking paper to Helga. He then, just so suddenly received hugs from the sisters as a sign of thank you. After the joyous occasion, they then got out from the car, and wished each other goodbye. But before Olga left, she gave the instructor her number and whispered to him:

"Call me." in a very sultry voice. The instructor was a bit of surprised, but kept his cool as he watched Olga walked away from him in a very attractive way. Helga shook her head in disbelief and said to her sister:

"That is so lame." She smiled at her.

"But it worked." Olga replied, smiling back.


And as Helga typed some final words to Arnold, the phone rang, and Helga picked it up. "Yel-lo?"

"How's the test?" Helga recognized that voice well. It was Phoebe's.

"What do you think?" Helga replied back, smiling.

"You fail?" Phoebe gave a teasing shot.

"Hah!" Helga replied back, "In your dreams! Of course I passed the test!"

"Oh, congratulations Helga!" Phoebe responded happily. "So when are you going to take me on a ride?"

"What, just because I have a license now doesn't mean I'm your chauffeur, Pheebs!" she replied, grinning. "But hey, since I'm in a very good mood right now, I might as well take y'all around town. But not right now. I'm going out with my family. Fancy dinner, most likely."

"Make sure you give me a ride!" Phoebe said again.

"Hey, ask me that again one more time and you're off my list!" Helga replied happily, "See you tomorrow, Pheebs."

"Make sure you're bringing your car when you see me tomorrow!" Phoebe giggled back, and put the phone down. Helga could only laugh at her friend, and she then put the phone down. Afterwards, she finalized her email to Arnold:

Phoebe just called me, and asked for me to take her on a ride. Who does she thinks I am? Her chauffeur or something? Meh, I will give her a ride eventually, but until that day comes, I'm going to drive solo, just to know how it feels like to be a bona fide driver. You go splash around in mud with your 4x4 Arnold, while I drive around on the asphalt and smell the burning rubber from the wheel.

Fast and Furious,


To me, this was a very fun episode to write, just because Olga is in here and the banther exchange between Bob and Helga. Well, that's it. Thanks for reading and please leave a review.