Hi, everyone! I'm back! I would just like to thank all of my lovely reviewers – thank you so much for your encouragement and support! Special thank go out to: Insanity for Dummies, Bianca, Rinagurl13,anime09, And FOREVER, Cygnus de hielo (awesome name), dark heart, Tecna, Cherry Jade, kuroyafirenight, Kev, and anyone else I forgot.

Just so you know, the story that 'Dancing in the Rain' used to be a part of is sitting on my hard drive, waiting to be posted. I got off school today, so I might start posting the first chapters. I don't like to post anything until it's finished, but since everyone's asking for it, I'll put up the first few parts. Thanks again for your comments!

Also, I would just like to clear something up – this story is meant to be a one-shot. There will be no more chapters – but I am posting the story I took this piece from. It is called 'One Last Dance'. I am posting it chapter by chapter, and I need 5 reviews before I do the next chapter, so if you liked this one-shot, go read that story!