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"Hi, I'm here to see Richard Haywood." A young girl with dark brown shoulder length hair said to the desk attendant. The man at the desk looked up and gave her the once over then paged a Doctor Neil.

"Please fill this form out and leave your belongings at the desk. You can come back for them when you leave, Ms…"

"Faith Evans and I have a question. Am I allowed to give him pictures or anything?" She pulled a packet of pictures out of her knapsack and handed them to the attendant. He looked over them quickly then looked at her, handing them back.

"I see now problem with it but you'll have to ask Dr. Neil when he comes to get you." She nodded, handed him her bag, took the form and sat down in a chair in the waiting area. She had just filled it out and brought it up to the desk when a man in his mid. 30s walked in and up to the desk.

"There's someone here to see Mr. Haywood?" He asked the attendant. He pointed to Faith who was still standing at the desk right next to him.

"Ah. You must be Faith Evans." He took her hand and shook it in a firm grip. 'Wonder what he does around here.' Faith thought to herself.

"Yes and you would be?"

"I'm Doctor Neil, but you can just call me 'Doc' like Richard does. If you follow me, I'll take you to see him." She started following him down series of clean white halls.

"Oh um...I was wondering if I could give Richard some pictures." Faith handed him the packet and he flipped through them.

"Yes, I think he'd be pretty happy to have them. His mother brought him a few things but not many pictures. How do you know Mr. Haywood?" He handed back the pictures.

"We grew up on the same street. We were always together when we were kids. We even had all the same classes but then I was sent to a private middle school while he went off to a public one. From there we just kind of went our separate ways." They had stopped in a room with a large plexi glass window facing a table and some chairs. He opened the door next to the window and led her in.

"He'll be here in a few minutes. If you need anything, a few attendants and I will be right behind this mirror ok?" Faith nodded and sat in one of the chairs, folding her hands on the packet of pictures. Dr. Neil left and a few minutes later two attendants led in a young man Faith barely recognized. They sat him down and left, one of them giving Faith thumbs up.

The young man looked up with dangerous blue eyes. He sat up straighter and looked at Faith. 'He looks so different. He doesn't even seem like the Richard I knew. Of course not, he's not the same one I knew.'



"Do you know who I am?" Faith asked relaxing a little. 'At least he sounds liked the old Richard.'

"No but your gonna tell me right? You better not be another damn reporter." He leaned back in his chair putting his hands behind his head.

"Do you remember a girl you used to play with up until middle school? She went to private school and you two just sort of grew apart?" Richard looked at her and got up. Frightened Faith quickly got up and backed away. He walked toward her and grabbed her and held onto her. Shocked she hugged him back and heard him whispering her name.

"Oh god I've missed you." He pulled away a little looked into her eyes. 'Same green eyes, always so full of mischief.' He smiled at her and then sat back down. She slid the packet of pictures towards him.

"I brought some pictures for you. There's not many but they are some of us when we were younger." He slowly looked through them, tears filling his eyes.

"I'm so sorry Faith. I'm so sorry for treating you like dirt. I didn't mean to. I…I guess popularity got to me."

"Richard it's ok. I'm ok with it or I wouldn't be here. But that's not what I'm here for. I need to know why you and Justin killed her."

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