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Tagline: They grew up together but will they grow old together? SJR

A/N: I initially started writing this story before my CSI fic, but I just couldn't get that one out of my head so between that and real life this got put on hold for a while. So in a way this is my first fic, so please be kind but honest. Obviously, character ages and some relationships have been manipulated to fit my purposes. RR otherwise I won't think anybody's reading/ waiting for an update.

The Visit


He hadn't realized that waking up next to someone could be so peaceful, especially when he didn't remember bringing anyone to his room the night before. The heat radiating from the lithe feminine body curled up next to him was welcome this morning, as a cold breeze blowing across his bare shoulders had him cursing his idiot roommate. They usually left the window between their beds closed.

Damn it Danny! Stupid lightweight, always getting overheated!

Jack leaned onto his back and threw his left arm out in the direction of the window. He cracked his eyes open found the window and slid the glass back down. Feeling more content he rolled back to his side and snuck a glance at the bed's other occupant, the first woman to successfully wake in his bed. The shock of seeing shaggy blonde hair resting against his naked chest had him nearly falling out of the small twin bed.

Oh Shit! Is that Samantha? Please let me be dreaming again. Carter is going to kill me! I'm supposed to be smarter than this, sleeping with my best friend's baby sister. I am so dead!

Jack shifted uncomfortably trying, unsuccessfully, to put some space between himself and Sam. He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and allowing his training to kick in he began to study his situation.

My pants are on. Samantha's fully clothed. Not that that tank and shorts combo leaves much to the imagination. I can practically see her… focus Jack! Nobody else is in the room. The house is quiet. I'm not hungover, so how do I not remember anything to do with her?

A muffled yawn and the feel of a soft hand caressing his stomach brought Jack's attention back from the imaginary spot on his ceiling to bright blue eyes and a sleepy smile.


The mixture of surprise, fear, interest, and consternation on Jack's face almost made Sam giggle, but she held it in remembering the last time she'd giggled around him. Jack had tackled her into the couch in her parent's living room and tickled her until she was practically crying. Sam had stopped giggling after that because she'd known, even at thirteen, that there was something dangerous about lying underneath Jack O'Neil. Of course lying beside him wasn't the best idea either, given the frown that was currently marring his gorgeous features.

"Hi" Sam whispered shyly, reaching the hand that had been on his stomach up to smooth out the creases furrowing Jack's forehead. As he continued to stare at her, unmoving, Sam sighed and shifted back, away from him, until she felt the wall at her back.

"Jack, will you please stop looking at me like that. Nothing happened last night. I know you're not interested in me."

Her inner monologue continued as she waited for his reaction.

Of course he doesn't want you. He's never going to see you as anything other than his best friend's kid sister. Especially not when he could have had any of those gorgeous college girls you met last night. That Sarah girl was practically draped all over him all night. But who's here now? Sam challenged herself.

As the focus of Sam's thoughts remained silent she pushed herself up into a seated position, her back against the wall facing Jack as he continued to lie on his side along the edge of the bed. The shivery sense of excitement she'd felt upon realizing where she'd woken up was quickly changing into stomach churning nervousness. Sam was beginning to feel embarrassed, trapped, with the wall at her back and Jack caging her onto the bed.


He was watching her so carefully he caught the quick nervous flicker of her eyes around the room in search of escape. Jack sensed Sam's intent to scramble off his bed and one of his hands shot out to land on her knee.

"Wait…please" Jack rasped his voice still cloudy with sleep. He dragged his other hand through his hair. "how did you…why are you…weren't you supposed to be sleeping in Mark's room?"