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Tagline: They grew up together, but will they grow old together?



I could get used to this.

This morning Jack was not surprised to wake with Sam curled up beside him. What surprised him was that there was no longer any space between them and that at some point during the night not only had his hand slipped under her tank top but his top leg had wrapped itself over Sam's hip. What worried him was that his body was quickly responding to this intimacy.

First priority…space. Step one, remove leg from Samantha. Step two, move hand from fabulously flat, silky skinned stomach.

Jack managed to get his leg back and shift slightly from Sam without waking her. However he was distracted from his second objective by the feel of her skin under his fingertips. The patterns he was drawing over her torso woke her. Shivering slightly, cold from being separated from Jack, Sam wiggled back into him, promptly negating all his efforts.

Crap! There's no way she's not going to notice now. How am I supposed to handle this?

Once again Jack's morning musings were interrupted by Sam shifting to face him.


This morning Jack was the one to reach out and smooth his hand through her hair, helpless but to return her grin. Before he could think better of it his hand cupped the back of her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. He meant to keep it light, a simple good morning, but once again Sam changed his plans. The taste of her overwhelmed him and left him craving more as she pulled back. Jack followed her, rolling with her as she drew back from their kiss. The leg he'd worked so stealthily to move from her landed between Sam's legs as he ended up half on top of her. One of Jack'shands stayed fixed in Sam's hair while the other betrayed his intentions further by sliding up Sam's stomach, coming to rest just beneath, not quite touching, her breast.


Sam's face was flushed, her breathing shallow and rapid. She tried to diffuse the tension rising between them.

"I guess you're happy to see me this morning."

When that appeared to have no effect Sam, feeling braver than usual, ran a hand down Jack's side and lightly dug her fingernails into his hips.


Jack's breathy response caused Sam to giggle nervously, rocking her hips against him. Jack pressed his hips into Sam and gripped her rib cage trying to still her. This brought his thumb into contact with her breast and he couldn't resist sliding his thumb over her.

Oh! So that's why…ah! Melting. Can't think. Don't want to think, too much to feel.


"Please what Sam? Stop? Tell me what you want Sam?"

"Jack…I…I don't…know what to do. Jack!"


Jack's thumb continued to move as he spoke in short sentences between kisses. Currently his tongue was roaming along Sam's collar bone as he listened, fascinated, to the moans punctuating her speech.

God she tastes fantastic. So much skin to explore.

Jack's busy mouth left Sam's throat and began to travel down her body. It took him several seconds to notice that Sam had stilled beneath him and that she was becoming increasingly tense as his mouth neared the expanse of skin his thumb had already claimed.

Shit! She's not responding. Abort! Abort!

Jack released Sam and rolled as far away from her as possible on the small bed, breathing hard and mentally cursing himself. After a brief moment, Sam sat up and climbed off the bed hastily.

"I should probably…go. I need to shower before I head home."

She dashed out of the room.

Damn it! I knew I was going to screw this up. I pushed too fast. I have to…give her time to regroup. I need a new plan. We need to settle this before she leaves. I'll never forgive myself if I've hurt her.


"Good morning Samantha Carter. You look rested but troubled. Has O'Neil done something wrong?"

"What? No I'm fine T. Have you seen Mark?"

"I believe that Mark Carter spent the night elsewhere as I have yet to see him this morning."

Sam dug her phone out of her duffel bag and was preparing to call her brother as the apartment's door opened and Mark walked in followed by Catherine, Janet, and Daniel.

"We brought donuts."

"Thanks Daniel, but you didn't have to. I would have been content with cereal again this morning."

"Actually it was Janet's idea. Now I'm starved so let's eat. Mark said blueberry was your favorite."

Daniel reached into the brown bag he was carrying and pulled out a sliced, toasted, buttered blueberry bagel wrapped in a napkin and handed it to Sam. He then produced a bagel for everyone else.

"Where's Jack?"

The group turned to Sam, who shrugged.

"I haven't seen him recently," Sam said evasively, focusing on her bagel.

She missed the concerned look that passed between Catherine and Janet. The two women silently decided on a course of action. Catherine put down her bagel.

"I think I left something in Mark's room last night."

Catherine headed upstairs to find Jack while Janet moved to sit next to Sam.

"So it looks like you're trying to get an early start on your trip."

"Yeah, I've got some work to finish up before I go back to school tomorrow."

"Well why don't I help you get your stuff to the car?"

"Actually Janet, I'd like to handle that if you don't mind."

Janet turned to watch Sam's response to Jack. Only the slightest tightening of her jaw betrayed her emotional turmoil.

What does he want now? To humiliate me more?

"Fine Jack."


Sam said her goodbyes to the group hugging everyone in turn and thanking them for a great visit. Daniel and T wished her luck in her studies and on her college search. Janet and Catherine gave her their phone numbers with repeated requests for Sam to call them. Mark tapped her on the nose and told her not to burry it too far into books.

"Remember, it is your job to keep Mom and Dad on their toes, now that I'm not around anymore. Drive safely Sam."

Jack watched as the smile Sam wore as she left the house faded quickly as they neared her car.

I wonder what she's thinking. I hope she doesn't hate me.

"Samantha, Sam, baby, I'm sorry about what happened this morning. Talk to me please."

"You're sorry Jack? For what exactly?"

Utoh! She's pissed.

Sam's voice was roughened with the effort required to keep from shouting.

"For not being able to get far enough away from me fast enough when you realized how little experience I actually have? For making me doubt myself, my taste in men, my decisions?"

"Samantha, stop, please. Let me…explain, I guess. I'm sorry for pushing you into something you weren't ready for. I felt you tense beneath me. I had to stop. I didn't want to but…Sam if I hadn't I could have raped you."

Jack looked at the ground for a moment before raising his eyes to her face. Sam's mouth hung open as her brain struggled to process Jack's speech. It took her a while, but Jack could see understanding finally dawn in her eyes. In a gesture that was rapidly becoming habit for both of them, Sam reached out and stroked Jack's cheek; savoring the feel of his rough stubble scraping lightly over her palm.

"Jack I didn't want you to stop, just slow down a little. I was a little overwhelmed. I felt like I was drowning."

"I was right there with you Sam."


Sam gazed into Jack's eyes searching for the truth behind his answer. Finding it, she responded simply.




"What does that mean Samantha?"

"I suppose it means I'm not upset with you anymore, but I still have to go."

Jack smiled slightly and stepped back.


"Okay? Jack?"

"Okay, I'll let you go now, but I'll be home in a month for the holidays and we'll figure this all out then. Until then, we should make a point of talking regularly. I'll call you after our game Wednesday if I haven't heard from you before then."

Jack opened the rear passenger door and threw Sam's duffel inside. He moved around the car to join her on the driver's side. Placing on hand on either side of her he trapped her against the car. He kissed her, quickly pulling back before either of them could be tempted to deepen the kiss, and opened her door.

"Have a safe trip Samantha," said Jack as he handed her into the car. "I'll see you in four weeks."

Jack shut the car door and stepped back. Sam watched in her rear view mirror as he waved at her as she drove out of the parking lot.

I hope we really can work this out because I feel like I'm leaving home, not returning there.

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