Hello all This is the first chapter of my first fanfic. I decided to take an approach I haven't seen before, and give the story of Ganondorf's entire life. I hope you enjoy, please review!

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Miranii lay on a white cloth, panting as the sweat ran down her body. A number of people surrounded her; all women. One knelt next to the padded wooden slab that passed for a bed and peered between Mirannii's legs.

"You are doing well," she said, although her voice was so monotone as to sound almost bored. Miranii gained no reassurance from the woman's statement. "I... do not need you to tell me that... Hama," she managed between breaths.

"If you would like to do this alone, Miranii, I will be happy to leave." The midwife looked up at Miranii, waiting for her apology.

"Of course not, Hama... I... ah!... I spoke rashly. These last months have not been... Auuugh!" Miranii's entire body tensed, the firm muscles of her arms straining as she gripped the bed. A spasm rocked her body, and she felt the contents of her swollen belly move ever so slightly downward.

"The baby is coming. No more talking. Focus on breathing and pushing."

The other women in the room continued the repeating chorus they had been chanting since Miranii had entered labor. It was a welcoming song, meant to bestow the gods' blessings, sung for every child of the tribe as they are brought into the world.

Open your eyes
New one
Greet the light
The eye of Din.

Join the earth
New one
Walk the sands
The bed of Naryu.

Taste the air
New one
Feel the winds
The breath of Farore.

Miranii continued to shake, but she held her composure, and did not allow another cry of weakness to escape her lips. Every inch of her dark skin glistened, and her orange hair hung in disarray behind her. Rhythmically, she pushed... pushed... pushed again.

A tuft of hair, almost as deeply red as blood, became visible to Hama. "The head is beginning to crown," she informed her patient, still without any hint of emotion.

Minutes later, enough of the head had emerged that Hama could grip onto it. She pulled lightly, accompanying Miranii's thrusts. The woman on the bed cringed as the baby's shoulders cleared her opening. Every second seemed to last forever, a new kind of pain introducing itself at every push. Still, she persevered, and eventually the baby had was almost halfway out.

With a final sigh from Miranii, the baby's pelvic bones moved past their barrier, and the legs followed quickly. The chanting immediately stopped as every woman surrounding the bed fainted. Hama's breath caught in her throat.

"Hama, what has happened?" Miranii's question held a tinge of panic.

"I... I don't believe it." Though they had been friends for years, Miranii could not remember a single instance where Hama's voice had held any emotion such as it did now. "It is a boy. The first Gerudo boy in 100 years. You have given birth to the King of Thieves!"

Hama somehow found the composure to cut the umbilical cord, and stood on shaking legs. Walking to Miranii's side, she gave the mother her newborn son, then fell to her knees.

Miranii smiled, and kissed her son. "I knew there was something special about this child. His kicks were so strong, so full of energy. I have already thought of a name." She tilted her baby so he was facing Hama. "Say hello to Hama, Ganondorf."