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"Forever Young"

Chapter 1 (Thoughts and dreams)

Link was bored. There had been no fighting, no disasters, and no disturbances for weeks. After all, he needed a little action in his life. He heard someone approaching his bed and turned.

It was Zelda, holding a picnic basket. "Well, Link? Aren't you ready? It's our picnic day!" she smiled. Link always enjoyed picnic days with Zelda. "What's wrong?" she asked, seeing his down expression.

He gave her a weak smile and sighed. "I'm a little bored." She pushed him playfully and motioned for him to follow her. He did so gloomily, as she led him to his front yard. She already had Epona ready and saddled for him. He felt his spirits lifting a little. He always enjoyed a little ride on Epona. Once they were in Hyrule field, he urged Epona on to a gallop; he was definitely in a better mood.

Zelda called to him, she was happy he was feeling better. "This looks like a good spot!" They halted and set up the picnic, eating and watching the clouds go by. Link turned to look at Zelda, she was beautiful. Her eyes looked like two deep crystal pools, and her hair flowed out behind her, shiny and smooth as silk. He liked her very much. There was just one thing wrong with her. She was not patient. She would not be good with kids. She hated little kids. She hated anything that made her wait. Link chuckled to himself thinking about the last experience when she had tried to be patient.

She was baking a cake for him, and instead of waiting the hour and a half like she was supposed too, she took it out early, and it tasted terrible. He didn't tell her of course, just fed it to the castle dogs when she wasn't looking. He laughed to himself.

Zelda just happened to be thinking about the same thing. Kids…yuck! She hated children. They were always sticky and whiny. Disgusting! There was no way she would ever have children. She hated waiting, too. Wasn't there anything that could be done right away?

Link sat up, his keen ears caught the sound of someone yelling. He squinted against the sun's glare, trying to make the shape out. A soldier from the castle was running towards him, waving his arms.

Link turned to Zelda and spoke. "Isn't that Hiro?" He motioned towards the shape running toward them.

Zelda shielded her eyes. "Why, I believe it is! I wonder what he wants?" she ran forward to meet him, Link following behind.

Hiro met them halfway, gasping and bleeding. Link immediately knew what to do, and started putting pressure on the wound and talking to the wounded soldier. "Hiro, what's wrong! What happened?" Link could only hope it meant some one needed his help so he could finally get some action.

Hiro choked out an answer. "Sorceress…powerful spells…help…king…" he fainted dead away.

Zelda screamed, and jumped onto her horse right away. "Come on Link! We have to go save daddy!" Link was already way ahead of her, and rode frantically for the castle, (with Hiro behind him, also on Epona), only to be stopped halfway there.

Just within sight of the drawbridge, a cackling voice reached their ears. "So this is the famous hero of time, eh? Seems like a mere child to me…"

Link was filled with fury; he hated to be called a child. "Show yourself!" he demanded. He heard a whistling, and a woman stepped out of the shadows. She was not ugly, but was actually very beautiful. She had long, black hair, and a flowing purple dress that billowed out behind her. She smiled as Link hesitated.

Zelda yelled at her. "What did you do to my father?" taking matters into her own hands, she shot a light arrow at the sorceress, who simply caught and discarded it.

She chuckled at the princess. "You are incredibly weak. I thought you might present more of a challenge to me."

Zelda was filled with hatred, and clenched her teeth. "Answer the question! What did you do to my father!"

The sorceress just chuckled. "I have done nothing to him…yet." She laughed and threw a magic blast at the princess, knocking her down.

Link ran in to give her a taste of the master sword, but was slammed into the ground. Zelda then knew she was on her own. She was positive she could take this sorceress, but she needed to pace herself and wait for her magic to charge. She was going to try to hit her with the newest spell she had learned, a spell that gave complete amnesia to the target. Unfortunately, you had to have perfect timing for it to work. She tried to concentrate.

"You will be doomed to live forever as what you are!" the mocking voice of the sorceress reached her ears. "A pathetic, weak, child!" Zelda lost her patience, and threw the spell with all her might.

At the same time, the sorceress had thrown her spell towards the princess. The two magic spells collided and changed directions, heading straight towards Link.

"Link, watch out!" Zelda screamed, but it was too late. Link tried to run, but was hit by both spells. A blinding light filled the field. Even the Gorons on Death Mountain and the Zoras at Lake Hyrule could see the wondrous flash.

Zelda was blinded, she blacked out, still being able to hear. She knew the sorceress was also worn, for she was gasping for breath. Wait…that wasn't gasping, it was…laughing! Zelda struggled to get up.

"Oh, this is just too good!" the sorceress laughed. "I'll leave you to your work, looks like you'll have it cut out for you now…" she started choking, and gasping.

Zelda woke up just in time to see her dissipate into thin air. "I wonder what she meant by that?" she thought, sitting up. She smiled a triumphant smile and with a gasp remembered Link. She turned, overjoyed. "We beat her Link! We…beat…" she stopped, her smile faded. Her heart started beating so loud she was afraid the world would hear it. There, lying unconscious in front of her, was Link.

At least, she thought it was Link. The green clothes, and the hat, everything was the same…except the Link she knew was seventeen…but the boy in front of her looked no more than two or three years old.

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