Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Even the magic bullet was borrowed for this little plot bunny.

Dodging the Magic Bullet

Duo was bowed over the porcelain god once again. Never in his life had his stomach rebelled so badly. And for no good reason. He hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary. He had no fever or other signs of illness. Just a lingering and annoying nausea. Duo had even bucked up and gone to the doctor, who couldn't find any reason for him to be pukeing his guts out either.

However, he had given Duo a prescription for something that should help. Hopefully Wu Fei, who was currently rooming with him, would be back soon with those meds. As much as Duo wanted to avoid drugs of any kind, he was getting down right desperate to feel better.

Finally done heaving, Duo sat back on the floor and took the cool cloth off the counter to wipe his face. The load click of the front door opening caused him to jump and reach for the gun he was not wearing. Old habits died hard. "Duo?" Wu Fei's voice rang out. "Where are you?" Duo winced and cleared his sore throat. "Where have I been for the past week, Wu-man?" He called back.

Suppressing an annoyed sigh at Duo's constant miss use of his name, Wu Fei poked his head into the bathroom and held out a small paper sack from the pharmacy down the street. "I expect you to use these, Duo. They should do the trick." Duo slowly stood up and took the bag. "Thanks. I'll just go get some water to took it with."

Wu Fei didn't even try to hide the smirk that crossed his face. "I don't think you're going to need water for this Duo." He turned and started down the hall to his room. "I'm in my room. Call me if you need me."

Duo gave Wu Fei's retreating back a strange look. Not need something to help swallow some medication? Was it a cream or something? He pulled out the bottle from the bag and nearly dropped it after reading the instructions. A suppository? No way! He was not sticking something…up there. Even if it meant he'd stop throwing up. He had some dignity after all.

After hiding the bag and bottle in the back of the cabinet, Duo went back to his own room to lay down. He was feeling better after all. Besides, how could putting something… there, help his stomach? Wasn't that at the wrong end of things? It just didn't make any sense to him.

An hour later, Duo woke in a panic having to make yet another run to the bathroom. This was getting ridiculous! He didn't even have anything on his stomach to bring up! Duo wouldn't admit it, but he was tempted to try the meds. If he had to go one more day like this, he just knew he'd die.

Having heard Duo's run, Wu Fei came to investigate. He hadn't really thought Duo would take the medication willingly and this was the proof. Leaning in the doorway, He shook his head. "Duo…you should take the medicine. It will help. I know how undignified it is, but sometimes we just have to give in."

Running a hand through his sweat soaked bangs, Duo sighed. "Fine. But if you say anything to the others…to quote Heero 'Omae O Korosu'" Wu Fei just snickered and left Duo to his task.