Author's Forward: This is a fanfiction based on the popular two-game series Rocket Knight Adventures. I've taken some liberties with the story, as this is the based on only the first game, and first game alone. I've played the second game now and then, but I only wanted to write this story on the first. Now, instead of a medieval based story, this is more of the early 1900's, and instead of actual knights, the Rocket Knights serve more as cops then knights. Also, with many other fanfictions, Sparkster is a war orphan. I chose not to take this route, and gave Sparkster a normal home, as well as Axle Gear. I hope you don't mind the liberties I've taken with the story, so please enjoy.

And as per usual a good portion of the main characters, Sparkster, Axle Gear, the King, Princess Sherry, and the Pig Emperor, as well as several key ideas surrounding the story all came from Konami. They are copyrighted material of Konami, and I mean no harm in taking some liberties with the characters; this is merely my interpretation of their story. I want to thank them for creating such a great video game, and this is my thanks of sorts.

Dedicated to: My late grandparents. I will never forget you.

Prologue: My story is not one that is easy to tell. I lost many good friends and comrades along the way and had to take some lives myself. Their deaths haunt me, know that I was spared when they had died, and I had to take more lives to bring their killer to justice. It is not an easy story to tell. But, I have to tell it.

For millennia there has always been a delicate balance of science and magic in the lands of Elhorn. Neither grew to overpass the other, there was usually a peaceful harmony. In addition to this balance, there were delicate treaties and lines between two nations. One, my nation, called Zebulos, and the other known as Devotindos. In ancient times, the pigs of Devotindos lived as us possums and other friendly races of Zebulos: in harmony with the world around them, with both science and magic giving the nations prosperity.

Then, it happened for the first time. Devotindos became obsessed with science, forsaking the world of magic, for the "better" benefits and lifestyle that science brought along with it. Expanding into the unknown realm of space, the pigs became greedy and sought to rule all those around them. Building weapons of unspeakable power, one in particular known as the Pig Star; its power had the ability to decimate any who stood in their way, and the pigs hoped to dominate the planet.

Fortunately for the free people of Elhorn, it didn't happen. Using the magic spells that the pigs had forgotten, Zebulos' soldiers penetrated their defenses, and stopped the Pig Star before it could be used. Knowing the danger behind it, the wizards of Zebulos cast a great seal upon the weapon, hiding it from the rest of the world. The one key to unlock the weapon was given to the Royal Family of Zebulos for safekeeping.

The pigs, decimated by this loss, regressed to their older ways, in harmony with the world around them. Peace once again came across Elhorn. But, as the centuries passed, the Pig Star became myth, myth became legend, and legends were forgotten.

Zebulos' peacekeepers, the ones who had stopped the pigs, were known as the knights. Over time, as magic and science carried on, they became the Rocket Knights. Gifted with strong armor blessed by magic, mystical swords, and powerful jet packs; they were a formidable force to those who would threaten Zebulos and in turn, Elhorn.

My name is Sparkster. I am an opossum, under the kingdom of Zebulos, and a Rocket Knight. This is my story.