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There are so few GWTR fics and I thought I would take a shot at one. I really love the pairing if it is played right and I hope you all agree with how I work with the characters. Don't complain, please when it becomes AU. The purpose of this story is fixing what went wrong in the very beginning as far back with these wars as JK takes us. I'm going to change a lot with this story, and I hope you like it.

Summary: When the war was lost by the order, when Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore were killed, when all hope seemed lost, they did not give up, because Ginevra Maria Weasley had a plan. With a candle in bloody hands and heart full of a dark love, she would venture back and change everything, because nothing she did could make the future any worse than it was.

Ginny took her place in the center of an ancient pentagram drawn in the dark sitting room. This was an ancient ritual, not used for thousands of years, since long before Hogwarts began. Every color present was meant to stand for something.

The pentagram was in the center of a dark black sitting room, flowing with black energy, which symbolized power, evil, and mystery. Ginny wore green robes to symbolize growth and harmony. Her hair wasmingled with a blue ribbonstanding for depth, stability, trust, truth, and confidence. She had yellow symbols painted on her face to stand for joy, happiness, and energy. The orange trimmings on her robes were to signify joy, creativity, and success most of all.

Ginny set the candle in the center and walked to her fellow order members, only Bill being her brother

"Do it," she ordered Snape, stopping in front of him. He raised a shaking fist and punched her in the right eye, then the nose. Everyone watched with tears in their eyes. Snape was the only one of them strong enough to do it and even he had tears in his eyes. Once Ginny's face was significantly battered and bruised, he stopped, giving her a sad look. She hadn't uttered a single protest as it was her idea in the first place.

To appeal to the young orphan who was significantly misused as a child Ginny, knowing him well through his diary, had to become what he was. She was already an orphan. All she needed was the abuse. She took the knife from Hermione and looked at it carefully. She used a quick stroke to cut her cheek, then shrugged the robes off her shoulders before cutting herself twice on her right shoulder. She grimaced against the pain, but Snape had given her a numbing potion that would keep most ofthe painat bay.

"When you get there, if you get the right time, crawl out of the alley, beside the Leaky Cauldronwhere you should appear, he'll be in the Leaky Cauldron, having a meeting with me about some of the monsters I have raised. Tom may not have been a good guy afterwards, but when I was a second year, and hein his sixth...before he became head boy, he was nothing if not a noble gentleman," Hagrid said. Ginny nodded, tightly. She opened the front of her robes to reveal the tight faded green tank top and the dull grey skirt that went just past her ankles.

"Go to Dumbledore. He's the transfiguration professor. Go the second you there. He'll provide for you. I know he will," Hagrid said, tearfully, as Ginny put the knife on the left side of her stomach and drew it quickly across, cutting the shirt as she sliced deeply into her skin. She placed her hands to it, dropping the knife and walked to the center of the pentagram.

The last color… was red, to symbolize war, power, strength, determination, and love. As the blood spilled over her fingers, Ginny dropped to her knees, the candle before her. She placed a handprint of blood on the opposite side of the candle, facing outwards. She then put one on each side, slightly behind her, forming an almost perfect equilateral triangle between the three bloody hands, within the pentagram.

Hermione, Hagrid, Bill, Snape, and the mute Remus (he had lost his voice in the final battle) took their positions on each point of the pentagon. They all joined hands around her. She picked up the candle and lit it with a whispered word. Everyone around her bowed their heads and began to chant. She bent her head low, holding the candle above her head as it glowed… the only light left in the room as all the other candles blew out.

Ginny closed her eyes, hoping it would work, begging it to work. Everything suddenly went black and the wind swirled around Ginny, until she felt her knees scrape on hard ground as she moved even slightly. There was no longer a candle in her hands, no longer anyone around her, and worst off, there was no longer a potion keeping the pain of the inflictions from her body. There was nothing… only pain, pain and determination. She had to get to the Leaky Cauldron… she had to.

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