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Ginny watched Tom go with mixed feelings: relief that her plan had worked, and happiness that she had finally, for the first time seen what he looked like in person; there was also exasperation with herself for the stupid thing she had just done, hugging Dumbledore right in front of Tom. Tom hated Dumbledore. She knew that better than anyone.

Tom had long ago described how Dumbledore would follow him around like he was a criminal. She found out afterwards that he was a criminal, a horrible one at that, but her heart still ached for him.

Ginny didn't know how Dumbledore could have started treating Tom so horribly from day one. She thought that the story was rather one-sided. She had many times pondered that Dumbledore may have had a very good reason for treating Tom the way he did, but Ginny's dreams, which usually included Tom, reminded her of the horrible part of him the part that had taken over her mind when she was only eleven, and the one she knew was beneath that, the one she knew he was when he spoke to her about his childhood and she related hers. She knew when she had made this plan the both sides of him, but she loved the side she had met in the diary and she knew that if she used all she knew about him to her advantage, she could make him stop doing what was about to ruin his life.

Ginny felt a hand on her shoulder and she jumped, clutching the warm cloak closer to her, but a more serious face of Dumbledore met her. She reluctantly moved away from Hagrid, who was bravely telling the cameramen to leave her alone.

Dumbledore led her to the fireplace. "Transfiguration office, Hogwarts," he said, seriously, and she knew it wasn't just a statement. It was a command. He put a bit of floo powder in her hand and nudged her towards the fire. "Hagrid, would you like to join us for a cup of tea?" Dumbledore asked pleasantly. "Sure I would, professor!" Hagrid said, brightly. "I'll go first, shall I?" he asked, brightly, accepting some floo powder from the transfiguration professor. Hagrid squeezed into the fireplace and said, "Transfiguration Office, Hogwarts!" in a gruff voice.

Ginny followed, repeating his words and found herself spinning. She was spat out of the fireplace roughly, and nearly fell, but Hagrid caught her, steadying her.

"You have to be careful about Professor Dumbledore's fireplace. It's got a kick to it," Hagrid told her.

Ginny nodded and watched as the former-headmaster… no the future-headmaster walked calmly out of the fireplace, and walked to his desk, saying pleasantly, "Lemon drop?"

Ginny shook her head, unsteadily. "So, Miss…"

"Wesley," Ginny said. She had already come up with an alias before leaving. They had been careful to cover all parts of this move. "My name is Ginette Wesley." (Yes, to those who have read my story Look How the Hourglass Turns, it is the same alias. I couldn't help it. It's just so practical a fake name for her… it's so… Ginny.)

"A good name that is, strong, stable," the professor said, idly, before leaning forward over his desk from his seat to look at her. "Tell me, Miss Wesley what happened to you?"

Ginny took an envelope out of her pocket. They had been afraid someone might be present when she needed to explain the situation to Dumbledore, who, they decided, would be the only person to know who Ginette Wesley truly was.

Hagrid watched the exchange frowning.

"Ah, yes, I was aware you were a witch, Miss Wesley," Dumbledore said, as the letter instructed. "Your certificate of birth to a wizarding hospital was not needed for that."

Hagrid curiosity faded as his question was answered. He sat on Dumbledore's large Gryffindor-red couch, taking up most of it himself, while Ginny had placed herself in front of the professor's desk.

"Your story, dear," Dumbledore continued as the letter also instructed.

"I am from a muggle orphanage. I sold everything I had left from my mother and father and got enough money to buy a wand, years ago. I sneak away regularly to get books so that I could learn magic. I knew they threw away all my letters of acceptance from Hogwarts. I… they found me studying," Ginny cast her eyes down.

"Studying magic, you mean?" Albus said, eyes scanning the letter again as if he could not believe what it said there, explaining how Ginny was from a future where Tom Riddle had practically destroyed the wizarding world after once being defeated and had killed Dumbledore. It explained her plan and a bit of her background, but what was most important that he paid the most attention to was the part about a diary, a diary that had been able the ruin a girl's life. A diary created by Tom Riddle that had almost led to his first rebirth. How had that young man done such horrible things? Dumbledore didn't trust him, but to become worse than the Dark Lord Grindelwald?

"Yes, they were so angry. I… they, they're muggles you see and they don't-"

"I understand dear," Dumbledore said, gently, putting the parchment aside. He patted a hand that she had rested on his desk.

"I'm alive, though," Ginny said, proudly. "Three miles to the Leaky Cauldron and I made it," Ginny easily feigned tears by letting her mind linger on what she had really survived.

"Who was that boy?" Ginny asked, in a soft, questioning voice, timid and quiet, which was her nature so that was easily feigned.

"That was Thomas Riddle that was. He's a great man, great man," Hagrid said, in a choked up voice. He was so obviously buying her story, Ginny was glad to note, knowing he'd run straight to Tom and tell him the story.

"Thank him for me will you? I owe him my life," Ginny asked in a soft voice. Dumbledore frowned, she had not mentioned the part of the plan of what she was going to change. It dawned on him… she was going to attempt to seduce the smartest, most evil young man to come through Hogwarts to the light side…

"Oh dear, I've forgotten the tea. It will make you feel much more comfortable dear, I assure you. "Binny," Dumbledore said in a louder tone. A house elf popped up and Dumbledore began to instruct it quietly.

Ginny suddenly burst into tears, sobs racking through her body, surprising both of the people in the room. Without meaning to, Dumbledore had reminded her of Hermione and SPEW. Hermione, who had been alive when Ginny had left, was still lost to her now. She felt herself in Hagrid's clumsy embrace and was glad for it. He was kneeling at her side, hugging her where she sat in her chair.

When Ginny had finally calmed down, the house elf had left and come back and disappeared again, leaving a tray of tea and biscuits.

"Sorry, just thinking of a friend," Ginny said with a little hiccup.

"Of course," Dumbledore gave her a gentle smile.

Ginny watched Hagrid make his way towards the couch and frowned. "Hagrid, there's a chair."

"I won't fi' in tha'," Hagrid said, bashfully.

"Nonsense, let me see your wand," Ginny said, holding out her hand. Hagrid stood and handed it to her. She cast a spell on the chair, which didn't look to have changed at all.

"Sit on it… trust me," Ginny said. He hesitantly sat on the chair. It creaked slightly, but magically it was able to fit his frame.

Ginny handed Hagrid his wand with a small, sad smile. Dumbledore, with a smile on his face, placed a cup of steaming tea in front of each of them.

"So, Miss Wesley, you're planning on taking up at Hogwarts then? It's obvious you have the magical ability, having received a letter already," Dumbledore said.

"If… you'll have me. I mean… I don't have money or…" Ginny trailed off, meekly.

"Oh that can easily be dealt with, dear. Hogwarts does have a scholarship program for students unable to come up with their own money," Dumbledore said. "Do you know anything of your family? If I had to guess, I'd think you were a distant relative of the Weasleys," Dumbledore said with a smile.

"I'm sure it's a possibility sir," Ginny said. "I don't even know if my real parents were muggles or wizards, or one of each," Ginny told him, softly.

"You know of the Dark Lord Grindelwald I'm sure, though, correct?" Dumbledore asked.

"I have heard of him in the magical library I sneak away to," Ginny murmured. "I have only heard his name though, not much else."

"Miss Wesley, Grindelwald is the single greatest threat to the newly-established Ministry of Magic. He wants to bring down the government and segregate the muggle-borns and half-bloods to schools separate of purebloods. He kills Ministry Officials and anyone who opposes his ideas. He had connections everywhere, even in Hogwarts, I'm afraid, contacts I can do nothing about," Dumbledore explained. Ginny looked down.

"So… I might have to go to a different place?" Ginny asked.

"No, ye're a full-blooded wizard!" Hagrid informed her.

"How would you know that?" Ginny asked, surprised.

Hagrid smiled. "Tom made a spell and whenever 'e meets 'nyone 'e says it to be a'le to tell if they is a wizard or not. It also shows if they are muggle-born, half blood, or full-blooded wizard. When he said the spell, your wand hand glowed blue, the color for purebloods," Hagrid said. "Tom says it's his spell to be on his guard around anyone who might be working for Grindelwald."

"Indeed…" Albus said, darkly.

"He sounds so smart," Ginny said, faintly.

"'e is. Tom is a genius!" Hagrid said, beaming, proudly at having such a great young man as his friend. "'e's so great 'e is," Hagrid beamed.

"Well, my dear, we'd best get you registered for the new year at Hogwarts. Sixth year?" Albus asked, hintingly. Ginny nodded her head to him.

"You're in Tom's year!" Hagrid said excitedly. "What are you studying to be?"

"I have always wanted to be a healer," Ginny said, shyly.

"Sorted?" Albus asked, standing and walking to the sorting hat.

Ginny looked at the hat, reproachfully, knowing where it would want to put her, but she couldn't have that. She knew Tom and he was all right with being friends with a Gryffindor, but… no, it just wouldn't do.

Ginny stiffened as the hat was placed on her head. "Hello, another Wea-oh sorry, Wesley," The hat spoke directly into her mind. "My, my you're quite bent on this aren't you? Who wouldn't be with such a bleak future ahead? Tom Riddle, eh? You should be careful with that one," the hat told her.

"Can you please just sort me?" Ginny asked, exhaustedly.

"Fine, fine, not that you haven't heard this before I see. Yes, I see. You asked the be a Gryffindor," the hat said. "Ah yes, decisions really do make the person. You have acquired a special gift since we last met, haven't you?" the hat asked, a smile in his voice.

"I didn't ask for it," Ginny thought, testily.

"No, no, but you deserved it. You would have been a Slytherin, you know? That's what I wanted to make you. I can see your mind. You want to step out from the shadow of those brothers of yours, do you? It's a good thing your parents aren't even born yet, isn't it?" the hat told her, mentally, letting out a loud bark of a laugh.

"Slytherin, then?" Ginny thought to him.

"Your mind is very strong, bent on succeeding… most Slytherins are very strong-minded when it comes to the tasks set before them and there's a rebellious streak in you, not to mention that you've grown much more wary since we last met, or since we will meet," the hat corrected. "But then I see your loyalty, your honesty, your purity…" the hat said, reluctantly.

"You do like words that end in T-Y don't you?" Ginny muttered.

"I can't decide. It's a draw: Slytherin and Hufflepuff. I haven't had had such a difficult decision to make in three decades," the hat pondered. "Professor, she is a split," the hat spoke aloud.

The headmaster took the hat from Ginny's head placing it on its shelf. "Between what two houses?" the headmaster asked it.

"Hufflepuff and Slytherin, I can honestly say in all the millennia I have been in existence I haven't come across one who fit between those two," the hat stated.

"Thank you hat," Dumbledore said, pleasantly.

"Of course. Good luck with that one," the hat said, with a twisted smile on his grizzled seam.

"Sir, shouldn't the hat be in the Headmaster's office?" Ginny asked, as the professor seated himself.

"Why yes, actually, but the Headmaster allows me to keep it in my office. I have quite a few wonderful conversations with the Sorting hat," the headmaster said.

"I 'ave to go, headmaster. It was nice meeting you, Miss Ginette," Hagrid said.

"Call me Ginny-Gin," Ginny corrected. Ginny didn't want to be called by the name all her fallen comrades had called her. She was starting a new life. Why not a new nickname to start that, even if it wasn't much of a change...

"A' 'ight then. I'll see ya Gin!" Hagrid said, cheerily, walking to the fireplace. He nodded to the transfiguration professor, disappearing into the green flames.

"1999?" Dumbledore's questioning voice brought her eyes away from the fireplace and she nodded, resolving to explain her past one more time before it faded away, ceasing to exist forever if Ginny could help it.

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