The Red Rose

by Josie G. Evans

Summary: Funny how a simple red rose can change so much. Lily/James.

Genre: Romance/Angst

Chapter One


Life goes by, one day at a time. It's amazing how people don't notice it go by. Your born, you live, you die, you should take your life in your hands and live it to the fullest, because you never know when it could all be taken away from you. To leave you empty handed and crying like a newly born babe. I think that's the only reason I'm not suicidal and why I'm still alive; I love life too much.

I've had a couple of near death experiences, luck helped me, as well as life.

My soul feels constantly like dark grey clouds on a inky blue sky. It's darkness surrounding me where ever I go. I can't escape it. Looking out the window, I'm reminded of it, I cannot flee. I've tried often, but somehow, I always end up back home, the only place I've so longed to leave. Home is where the heart lives. I wish it didn't. Thunder storms and rain bring me happiness, which is why I think I love living in England, but it also brings me much grief.

My heart feels as cold and void of all emotion as are my nearly frozen feet on the cold harsh cemented tiles.

Why do people have to suffer so? Is this hell? Does everyone have to go through hell to get to heaven? If so, heaven must be the best place ever created; as sweet as a fresh strawberry on a warm and sunny day. I wish every day could be so.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination; I must have lot's of that. But somehow, I don't believe in that, because I don't understand why I would create such a world with so much sufferance and unhappiness. Maybe I'm sleeping, maybe we're all sleeping; dreaming a constant no-stop dream, filled with terror, pain, hate and lost. I wish I could just escape it all; everyone does.

Dark depressing colours surround me, as well as tiered haunted and saddened masks of terror which constantly lives upon the faces of the surrounding pupils. It affects us all. One day, I might have my revenge upon that monstrous creature that took my parents live's away, because it also took a part of mine.

You never know how much you love and miss something, till they leave.

End of Chapter One

A/N: what can I say? I was really bored this weekend. Ok, so that's a lie, I just didn't want to do my homework. This has been sitting in my notebook for ever! So I decided to post it, kinda depressing really. I don't really remember why I was in such a mood, but I do know I had been really depressed and that I wrote it in my room. So I know you read it, you better review or I might send my dog lol! Just kidding. (Flammers aren't accepted!)

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