The Red Rose

by Josie G. Evans

Summary: Funny how a simple red rose can change so much. Lily/James.

Genre: Romance/Angst

Chapter Two


The people you love, tend to leave a footprint on your heart; a reminder that they're always there. Lily left the biggest footprint on my heart. She's my best friend, has been for as long as I can remember. I'm always there for her, and she for me. My life would have no meaning without her, she knows me better than anyone else and is always there to listen.

But she worries me. It's been months since the night known as 'the incident' and with every passing day she seems to get worst.

Once school ends, as it always does during the summer, she's gonna have a permanent home with me and my family. My mother loves her as if she were her own daughter.

Lily's sister blames her for 'the incident'. As if Lily didn't already have enough on her shoulders. Her only living relative actually disowned her! She didn't want anything to do with Lily. I'm all she has left.

She's been more distant of late, which scares me. Lily was never one to open up willfully; always bottling up and pushing away her emotions as well as friends and family. Too scared to get close to the people and have them taken away from her, just like her mother and father. I was the only one she ever truly opened up to. I think it was our unspoken bond that made it so easy, and yet so hard.

The one thing I've learnt from all of this, is that: in a matter of seconds, things can change, dramatically.

Perhaps I should introduce myself, it would be more appropriate with the circumstances. I'm James Harold Potter, son of Olivia and Harold Potter. It's a tradition in my family, for your middle name to be your father's first name. My family's a well respected pure blooded rich family, but it doesn't stop them from feeling equal to everyone else (muggles, half bloods...). I'm an all around nice guy, best bloody chaser around and I have been known to go out with my fare share of girls; most of which were my mother's fault. Now don't get me wrong, I love Lily, but as a little sister and she feels the same way; as a brother that is.

My parents seem to like adopting kids with family problems. First there was my best friend Sirius Black. Great guy, he's got a pretty big ego though, not that I should talk, I can get pretty inflated myself, but he literally thinks he's a god to ladies. Great bloke, closer than a best friend, he's like my brother. His family didn't want anything to do with him and seeing as how he was living at my house, it wasn't a big stretch. It's a good thing Lily and Sirius have always got along fairly well. Lily didn't want to move in with us at first, saying crap about not wanting to impose; of course my mom would have non of it. She had always been saying how she wished Lily could come over more often.

Yep, we're all one big happy family (more so). Me, Sirius, Lily, mom, dad, all living under one humongous roof. It's funny really, when I was younger, I had always wanted to have siblings and now I couldn't ask for more; we're pretty much all known as the Potter family. Of course being a Potter comes with big responsibilities, some of which Lily isn't too happy about. For one, she doesn't wear dresses and one of the Potter's biggest and favourite traditions: arranged marriages. Whenever there's a girl in the family, many and I mean many balls are arranged and she has a certain amount of time pick from the list of selected man, to marry. If she can't choose before the time limit (before she turns 16 years of age) the father has to choose for her. Of course mom and dad tend to slack a little with the regulations, seeing as how Lily isn't their actual daughter. But Lily still has to sit through all the formalities which include wearing a dress and pretending to be interested in those perverted freaks.

I'm by her side at all times though, in case she needs protection. When I told this to Sirius he scoffed and told me: "If there's someone who can take care of herself or kick ass, it's Lily." She herself told me to bugger off once or twice, but I know that deep down, she's thankful I'm there. Besides, someone needs to keep an eye on all those rich creeps.

End of Chapter One

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