Stuck in my Crawl

by Josie E.

Entry Number One: Life is as boring as you make it... so it's really boring.

September 9th 1978

8:05 pm- dorm room

Dear Journal,

Could my life get any worst? This is only the beginning of my fifth year and already I'm counting the days till summer vacation. Potter is being the same insufferable prat, Black is on my case again, Remus is bloody infuriating with his damn scruffy good looks and Peter is just... well, there. Alice is flashing her enormous breast at everyone, I mean she's just screaming: "look! I grew 10 sizes what's considered normal during the holidays!", and boys are practically drooling at her feet. She was honestly flat as a board before the summer vacations and now she looks like she about to topple over. If she wasn't my friend, I'd swear they were fake.

And me? Well I'm just the same abnormally tall girl with strange hair whom doesn't seem to fit in anywhere she goes. Of course I am over dramatic half the time, it's what I do, I'm a teenager. I'm supposed to obsess over strange things like witch weekly magazines even thought I hate them.

Honestly, portraying woman and telling them what they should look like and think, is just wrong and the reason why chauvinist perverted pigs exist.

My sister doesn't help matters. She was acting like the same stuck up bitch with a stick up where the sun don't shine, as when I last saw her. I told her she shouldn't hang around with those stuck up rich people at her privet school, but no! She had to be popular and accepted. She would have honestly done anything to join their click, including change who she is.

My parents just ignore me, their to busy with their jobs to even notice I'm there during the holidays. They actually forgot my birthday this year! I mean what kind of parents forget their kid's birthday?

We live in this huge flashy house, it honestly looks like we live on Hollywood boulevard or something. Servants and breakfast in bed is common there. I'm not complaining, but I hate having someone touch my things, even if it's because they're putting them away. Back in my first year, Potter and I had used to play: I have something better than you. A game where we would compare our material possessions. I've always been beneath all that, but Potter infuriated me so that I couldn't help it. He's always flashing his expensive new brooms in my face, while I still have to use an old model because my parents don't want me playing quidditch, saying stupid things like girls aren't supposed to play sports. But like I always like to say, it's not the model, it's the ridder that makes all the difference and I prove so every time we have a match. I can fly enough laps around Potter to make him blush. Sure he's a good chaser, but I'm better, ok so maybe I'm a little full of myself, but hey I'm aloud and have reason to be.

I hate my teachers, they're all so bloody infuriating. We just got back and already I've got a pile higher than my head, and that's a pretty big pile seeing that I'm 5'9 while most girls in my class are still 5'4. I have to look down at them whenever I'm talking to them. I fell so superior!

My life is just so...boring! Nothing exciting ever happens. No thrilling adventures or wild parties with excessive drinking, nothing... but homework, which I never do. I like making lists though and revelations. Revelations are fun because I often get them.

Definition of revelation: an idea; inspiration; thought; clairvoyance or a dream. (This definition was brought to you by the National Definition Centre of England...nah, no such thing...I think! Don't sue!)

Reasons why I like making lists:

5-They're creative and help pass the long boring hours of my imprisoned life.

4-It's a spur of the moment thing; I'll look back on them later and think: "What the hell? Was I on drugs or something? How the bloody hell did I come up with that? Quick, someone call the nearest detoxicating centre!"

3-It looks like I have a lot more going in my life; like I actually wrote more.

2-They're fun, ok! You have a problem with that? Huh!You want to take this out side punk? Huh! Huh!

1-Why do you even care? Or for that matter why do I? I'm not sick, but I'm not well. So, you know, just check the bloody reasons above.

Well, I've got homework to ignore, so good night.


Lily Evans

End of Entry One

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