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Stuck in my Crawl
by Josie E.

Entry Number Fifteen: Neurotic, me? Nah.

September 21st 1978

7:23 pm- Dorm Room!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Journal,

Finally, after painstakingly enduring a mini break in the infernos of hell, I AM FREE!!!! I'M FREE!!!! That's right, no more stupid hospital wing for me.

Forget the disgusting kelp stuff I still refuse to believe was medicine and the torturous week spent on a stupid hospital bed… even if I was asleep half the time. No more shall I have to endure hospital robes. No more nurse, no more flickering lights, NO MORE…well just no more anything.

I can go spend time at the library; I can take a nap in the common room…ahhh, the common room. So much noise and best of all: People!

I don't have to look at four white walls and endure absolute silence. It was scary; I could actually hear myself think! But not in here, oh no! I can go back to ignoring my little voice of reason. HURAH!

Well…maybe for another hour or so.

I can now do anything I wish. I can run around naked with a watermelon on my head, screaming at the top of my lungs: DUNGBEATLES! if it pleases me.

Not that I would.


What the hell? Why do people keep stealing from me? I was sure I had 10 pounds left and now it's gone! My roommates are responsible! I know it. Who else but them knew where I hid my money? I was going to treat myself to that awesome new Doors shirt I saw last time I went to Hogsmeade. Do you know how impossible it is to find something of that caliber in a place like this?

Why me? Why is it always me? I have the worst luck in the verse!


Face it, the gods themselves hate me. Why else would they curse me thus with clumsiness, horrible luck, gangliness, me-ness and a million and one horrible things which I cannot face to write, all of which seem to stick to me like the black plague.

I need chocolate.

8:00 pm- Library

BLOODY HELL! I completely forgot about my prefect duties! I have to spend my evenings patrolling the halls with Potter once more. My life went from not so bad, to absolutely horrible in less than half an hour.

Top 5 Things that Annoy Me:

5- People who blink a lot. What's up with that? They can't even stare at you for more than 3 seconds without blinking as if someone were trying to force their eyes open with clamps. I don't trust them. Dry contacts my ass!

4- Homework. We endure hours of mindless droning and get repaid in extra work that needs to be done during our spare time. That's it, I'm boycotting homework. No more shall I be a slave to knowledge. I will roam the earth with nothing but my mind. And clothes.

3- Bad singers/bands that have fans! They suck! Whatever happened to eardrums? Probably got pierced by the horrible-ness that is the music they endure. I must pity them with their bad taste in music, for never shall they be able to listen to the melodic sounds that is Led Zeppelin. Nah, I think I'll just laugh at them. Fools.

2- Alice's cat. Actually that should be stabbing-ex-best-friend Alice's cat. He's just too strange for me to handle. He stares at me while I change and is always trying to stab my breast with his abnormally sharp claws. Plus I think I may have caught him trying to steal my undergarments once.

1- People in general. They're all sooooooooooo annoying.

Hum, I came to the library for a reason but cannot seem to remember. Last thing I do remember was going on a holy quest for the ultimate chocolate grail. Or was it getting a book for potion class. The latter would make more sense seeing as I'm currently standing in the library.

Then again, the sadness that came with the knowledge of my poorness could have sent me on a food scourging of some sort.

But what the hell am I doing in the library then?

Oh! Lookie! It's Remus. Still just as hot out of the hospital wing as when I…was…out. Wah? I'm not making any coherent sense. Must still have some weird side affects left over that are surfacing do to overload of Remus hotness.

Maybe I'll go talk to him.


End of Entry Fifteen

verse: character in the next chapter will be named after who ever can guess what movie that's from.

Hint 3: Verse means Universe

Hint 2: It was formally a show.

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There is also a second movie insert in this update. My ultimate favourite movie. Who ever can guess the movie in which the main character's eyes are clamped open, gets a special surprise.

Hint 3: A '' marks the spot of the excerpt

Hint 2: It's a movie from 1971


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