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Go Out With Me?

"Hermione? What's wrong? You ran up here so fast..." Ginny trailed off.

"Oh Gin! I'm an idiot! He wasn't going to ask me...but I told him too, so he did and then I said no!"

"Hermione...you make absolutely no sense, at all."

"I ruined Harry's life..." she sobbed. Ginny sat down on the bed next to her, and Hermione put her head on Ginny's shoulder. Ginny rubbed her arm while she cried and explained the whole story.

"Well, Hermione, to tell you the truth... it doesn't sound like you've ruined Harry's life at all. Don't you remember when he was depressed in the beginning of the year? As soon as those computers arrived, he's been as cheerful as ever. And even when you did turn him down -" Hermione cringed "- He was happy, because he knew 'Jane' could fix things up. Don't you see? You did just the opposite...you practically made Harry's life better!"

"...but...now he knows Jane is me...what am I supposed to do now?"

"Do what you do best," Ginny smiled. "E-Mail him."

Harry and Hermione avoided each other like the plague, a Hogsmeade weekend had passed, and the trio hadn't gone together. Harry had bought his own laptop because both the library and muggle studies room had become increasingly more crowded. Finally, one night when he logged on he got what he had been hoping for.

You Have One New Email From Bkwrmhrm


Trying not to chat with you has been very difficult for me you know, I do think we became good friend over the few days we chatted...then again...we were friends all along weren't we?


He angrily clicked "reply".


I don't understand you. One minute, you want me to ask you out, then you turn me down. You practically tell me in email that you like me, yet when you find out it's actually me, you avoid me as if I was Malfoy. Am I really that horrible? Would you date anyone, even a person you met off the internet, just to get out of dating me?

He clicked "send", not even bothering to sign it.

Less than a minute later he had received a reply.

Oh Harry! I'm sorry! I hope my explanation does not confuse you too much...before I met 'James' I would have said yes to you in a heartbeat, but then when I met James...I was entranced by him...I guess because he was...you...and well he was so mysterious...I didn't want to go out with you when there was a chance I had a crush on James...and ...I don't know anymore! I hate not knowing...


Your explanation makes sense, and at the same time, makes none.

I really liked you, you as you... and then when I talked to 'Jane,' all I could do was think of how you reminded me of her, and how Jane would never turn me down, and how I could see myself with Jane...

To tell you the truth Harry... I think I found myself falling in love with you... and it scared me. I don't know why, but everyone has this fixed obsession that I'm going to date Ron. So when I met "James," I guess I took it as an opportunity to like someone else, someone else who I may never meet. And I found myself falling in love with you again, just as James...

Falling in love with him? Harry sighed, he didn't want to lose Hermione, and in all honesty, it was getting difficult to stay mad at her.

Hermione Jane Granger will you go out with me?

Harry James Potter

Yes, Harry James Potter, I will go out with you.

Hermione Jane Granger

Author's Note: That is the end, its short isn't it? Never fear, we have the sequel already started and if you want us to post it, you must say so! So…say so!
Lots of Love, Maggy and Liz.