For those who didn't see the lovely, random flame:

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Excuse me, but any idiot can see that it's going to be Harry and Hermione that get together, not Ron and Hermione. Ron's too immature for 'Mione, and Ginny isn't enough of an involved character with Harry. Also, if you have read OOTP, then you would have realized that she puts a life-threatening situation on the same level of a dare. If she cares that little for Harry, then we are never going to see her have a relationship with him. Hermione, on the other hand, is so involved with Harry (and always prefers to spend time with Harry instead of Ron) as well as worries about him all the time, and puts Harry first in any dangerous situation, will be the most likely to end up with Harry if he lives past book seven

To "anonomous"

I'm going to be as calm as possible and restrain myself from trashing my room. My room didn't do anything to deserve the anger.

First off, It's quite rude to start off with "any idiot can see," because if you would have looked under my name, you would have seen I write Harry/Hermione stories as well. After reading one of my fanfics you generalized that I was a Ron/Hermione shipper and decided to send a pointless flame about the "key points" to why Hermione/Harry would work, when I never said it wouldn't. I support Harry/Hermione, for God's sakes.

I have read OOTP, and yes, she does get put in life-threatening situations. I wouldn't have to have read OOTP to see that, she does it in all the books. But does that means shes has to love him? No. Like I told my friend, if my buddy Mark was in a life-threatening situation, me, being his good friend, would risk my life to make sure he's okay. Does that mean I love him? No. Does that mean we're going to end up together? No. Ron does the same things Hermione does, does that mean Harry and Ron are going to be together? Proof: "If you're going to kill harry you're going to have to kill me too," Ron said fiercly. Oh, when should we be planning Harry and Ron's wedding?

I'm not even going to comment on "If she cares that little for Harry, then we are never going to see her have a relationship with him," because I for one do not understand what that means.

Hermione is involved with Harry, but it's a bit of a wide comment to say "always prefers to spend time with Harry instead of Ron." That isn't true, she spends equal time with both of them. The only reason she was with Harry alot during GoF was because Harry and Ron were fighting. Since the story is basically though Harry's eyes, we don't know if Hermione is spending equal time between both of them. She probably is, though, if she was going to have Ron and Harry meet at the three broomstick's. That would have meant she was planning to trick Ron, too, which means she was on speaking terms with him.

Ron worries about Harry, too. Hell, so does Dumbledore, Hagrid, Proffessor Mcgonnagle, Lupin, Tonks...should I continue?

...Puts Harry first in any dangerous situation? Um, that's kind of a given, considering we can't exactly have the boy who lived die.

JK Rowling says Harry and Hermione is "platonic." Look it up if you don't know what it means, since I'm guessing you don't.

And, on a last note, I love how you didn't mention if you read my story at all. Did you just see "Hermione/Ron" and freak out? This was a pointless flame because I never said anything to deserve your blabble.

- Elizabeth

Oh, PS, if you're going to flame someone under an anonymous name, at least spell it right.