Title: Eyes That See Into Infinity.

Author: Nelia

Summary: After losing a fight, Alexander is whisked away to an unknown place. He returns 6 months later, as a different person. But maybe not as different as one might think.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: I'm hoping it's going to turn out in a A/H

Disclaimer: Alexander and other characters belong to themselves and history. The movie belongs to Oliver Stone and the performance to all the actors.

Reviews: I wouldn't mind but be gentle, my soft heart can't take many flames.

Notes: Please don't mind my bad English, I'm from Belgium and English isn't my native language. Sorry for any mistakes you might find, I don't have a Beta and I only saw the movie 3 times, haven't read any of the books and don't know Alexander's history in detail.

All characters will speak in modern day English because I don't know how they talked back then but I will try none the less, please don't be mad or feel insulted because of it.

I'm just trying, I'm not too good at writing and this is just a draft, things might changeā€¦

Thank you!