Hephaistion woke up well rested rubbing his eyes, stretching one hand above his head, the other one moved to the space next to him. Coming into contact with nothing but sheets, he slowly sat upright, eyes searching for Alexander.

He found his beloved standing on the balcony, head tilted to one side, staring at the horizon where the merest hint of sunlight was beginning to show trough. Watching his lover staring over the Macedonian countryside Hephaistion thought back to last night and he smiled.

As Alexander entered the dining hall everyone started applauding and Alexander slightly ducked his head, as if ashamed and walked towards his chair. As Hephaistion entered soon after, he noticed everyone wore their finest robes and the tables were all pushed together. He walked towards the head of the table where two empty seats were reserved for him and Alexander.

Taking his seat, he nodded at his friends grateful for what they have done. Soon after they were seated Ptolemy stood, glass raised:

"To Alexander, our Prince and Future King. May he always fight like he has today. To Alexander" and everyone in the room, including Hephaistion raised his glass shouting,

"To Alexander!" before taking a drink. Alexander bowed his head slightly showing his gratitude and drank himself.

Everything went smoothly after that, everyone commended Alexander of his great victory and asked him for few pointers making Hephaistion smile as he saw Alexander's eyes light up more and more brightly. Ptolemy gave Alexander's sword back, he took it when he left it in the arena claming he will need it for future victories. Alexander was grateful as he hugged Ptolemy like a brother.

Just as everyone was enjoying himself Cassander; who sported a big bruise on his face, no doubt from the punishment he received; made his way to Alexander, everyone stood up ready to defend their friend and prince, even though he didn't need it. But what happened was not what everyone expected: Cassander apologised for using a knife during their sparing session six months ago and thus cheating.

Before Alexander or anyone could react Hephaistion had hit Cassander in the face, saying:

"I promised you I would make you pay when I found out, did I not? Consider it done!" and sat back down sipping his wine. Alexander merely chuckled and extended his hand towards Cassander who grabbed it. They shook hands, old feelings forgotten and new were made.

From then on Cassander became a loyal follower of Alexander only straying once or twice but always on his side.

They spent almost most of the night talking and rejoicing until it became clear none were talking clearly either because of fatigue or the wine but they all went to bed soon after.

Alexander and Hephaistion spent the night in each others arms, feeling at ease for the first time in six month.

Still smiling slightly Hephaistion got up and made his way to Alexander, circling his arms around his waist and kissing his cheek. He rested his head on Alexander's shoulder and together they watched the rising sun wondering what the future will hold.

Surely nothing but greatness for this was Alexander and he was destined for greatness. Only history will tell.


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