In the shadows of a cold, dark and wet cell sat a battered and bruised woman clenching an object tightly in her hands. "Please come back to me. I need you, please come back" the woman spoke to the object as if it could hear her some how. Hot tears streamed down her face as she thought back to their last love making session and how his hands felt against her skin and how much she loved laying in his arms after.

Then her mind shifted to their "would be" wedding day and the future they would have once he returned to her. She smiled slightly through her tears as she thought about what it would be like once she conceived their first child and the joy that day would bring them. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of foot steps heading her way. Thinking quickly she hid the object under the dirty, spring exposed mattress that she had been reduced to sleeping on ever since her lover set out on his mission. She then sat back down and waited for HIM to enter.

The foot steps came to a halt in front of her cell accompanied by a very familiar voice "Leave us and let it be known that we are not to be disturbed"

"Yes my Lord" the servant spoke before doing what the man asked of him.

"Hello Bianca" Wyatt spoke as he ascended upon her.

"Get away from me" she replied backing up further onto the bed.

"Now, now is that any way to speak to your soon to be brother in law" the man said as the sick smile that seemed to be his trademark spread across his face. "Besides, I've come here to tell you how well my plan has been coming along" he began quite smugly.

"Pretty soon I'll have everything I need to bring my sweet little baby brother home" Something in his voice made the woman shutter, which amused him to no end.

"Oh I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong Binky?" Wyatt taunted knowing exactly what the woman was thinking.

"You sick son of a bitch, you know exactly what you said" the woman spat back. No sooner had she finished her sentence was she lifted off of the bed by a magical forced and choked in mid air.

"Don't get nasty with me bitch! Your survival depends on you being a very good girl" he yelled out before dropping his brother's fiancé on the ground.

Walking over to her he added "I will get my brother back, with your help of course. And when I do, I plan on giving that little traitor a lesson that he will never forget. But for now, I'll take my frustrations out on you" the man said as he conjured a knife and ran it down the side of Bianca's face causing the girl to scream out in pain.

"Ahh, music to my ears. There's just something about a woman screaming out in pain that's just so very HOT" the man smiled as he moved on to his next trick that promised to be more painful than his first.

Once it was over and the man had healed the woman just enough to allow her life to continue the source of all evil gave her one last chance to save herself

"I'm going to ask you one time Binky. WILL. YOU. JOIN. ME?" the man said as he formed a fire ball in his hands. The painful months of torture was wearing on the woman, becoming way too much for her to bare, enough was enough and she was willing to do anything to make it stop.

Although Bianca wanted nothing to do with Wyatt and his legion of evil followers, deep down she knew that the only way the man she loved would come back in one piece, was if she was the one to capture him. Gathering what little strength left and getting to her feet the woman looked her attacker dead in the eye and spoke

"Yes Wyatt, I will join you. And I will do whatever it takes to bring Chris home, to both of us"

"See that wasn't so hard now was it? But unfortunately I don't quite trust you, so you're going to have to prove your loyalty to me" he said conjuring some clothing for the woman before speaking up once again. "Get dressed my dear. You're going on a witch hunt"