Chapter One

So now we know ladies, dont let the man go all the way because it could cause serious injury," Lu explained as she left chat room, as all the women laughed loudy at her statement.

"Who's next Lana?" Lu said loudly

Just as she said that she heard screaming, immediatly running outside. As she got closer she noticed it getting more familar, also noticed it wasnt the scream, it was more of a sceeching heart wrenching, pain filled scream. As she walked by the garbage can she sees a young women with blood dripping down her leg, as the screams get louder.

"What the hell?" Lu says as she runs over to the young women,

"What's your name?" she asks but there was no answer, "Okay, Ill be right back."

"We need the EMT's stat," Lu yelled frantically to the people in the clinic, then ran back to the girl.

The EMT is now there.

"1, 2, and..." Lu says as they lift her onto the stretcher.

All the doctors ran in the Emergency Room, pushing the stretcher.

"BP is 110/70, pulse is 81, pupils are fixed adn dialated, looks like a rape victim." the nurse on call says to Lu.

"Why would she be by the trashed?" Lu said confused,

"Get me a CBC, chem panal, head and chest CT, and get me a fetal monitor and call neonatal." Lu yells trying to act as fast as possible.

"Heart rates dropping" Nick said

"CLEAR!" Lu said shaking and it almost seemed like she knew the women.

"We have a normal pulse." Nick says as Lu sighs with relief.

She walks out of the ER slowly looking back and trying to think where she had saw the women before.