A/N: I wrote Surviving This having only seen the AvP movie. This weekend I read the movie novelization, and found myself inspired to do something with the other female character in the movie …

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The ominous feeling that had fallen over Adele Rousseau upon entering the pyramid had steadily increased with each step she took deeper into the structure. She didn't like being underground; perhaps it was directly related to her claustrophobia, but something about being in a cavern two thousand feet below the earth's surface made her overly apprehensive. Outwardly, she gave no sign of her discomfiture. Tall, with cool Nordic features and an athletic build that was mostly lean muscle and sinew, she exuded a kind of quiet menace that made others uneasy around her. This was the main reason behind her presence in the expedition; she was Weyland's hired muscle, brought along to ensure that things wouldn't go wrong.

She was, she felt, woefully out of her element. Adele was more used to acting as a bodyguard, and had on occasion filled the role of a hitman. Accompanying a mostly scientific expedition to a temple buried beneath the world's most isolated island was something she felt unqualified for, though she would never reveal that fact. Weyland had paid her an extravagant amount for this assignment, and had promised her a great deal more upon the completion of the exploration –she would have been crazy not to accept. She took solace in the fact that she wasn't the only one of her ilk along on this little venture; Verheiden, Sven, Mikkel and Boris had all been hired for the same reason as she.

Weyland had given them all permission to carry concealed arms; for some reason it was important to him that none of the scientists know their real purpose. Hidden beneath her layers of lightweight, high heat gear, Adele wore two semiautomatic 9mm Browning handguns in shoulder holsters, an eight inch military issue knife strapped firmly against her thigh, and a switchblade in the pocket of her inner vest. The handgun Alexa Woods had seen and questioned her about was a Smith Wesson semiautomatic, and she'd chosen to wear it in a hip holster outside her gear. Though it felt somewhat like overkill, Adele had also brought along her compact HK MP5 submachine rifle; it now rode securely in her backpack along with numerous magazines and clips of ammo.

Armed as she was, she still felt inexplicably ill at ease. When the party had located what one of the scientists deemed the "sacrificial chamber," Adele had studied the corpses laid out in gruesome display. The first thing that had caught her eye were the gaping craters in the chests of the desiccated bodies; further inspection found that the ancient rib bones had been pushed outwards, as though something had erupted from within the body. After sharing this theory with the Egyptologist Thomas, Adele had withdrawn to a corner to stare at the wall that was in fact made entirely of human skulls and spinal columns, and it was then she began to wonder what exactly she had gotten herself into …

After Stafford had discovered there was another chamber below the one they stood in, he divided the party into teams; one to stay and further examine the sacrificial chamber, and one to gain entry into the room situated directly below. Stafford barked out her name along with that of Mikkel, ordering them to stay. Mikkel had made no protest and neither had she, although inwardly she had bridled at the superiority in Stafford's tone. As he and the other half of the party left the room she trailed them, calling softly to Mikkel that she would stand guard outside the chamber.

Settling back against the stone wall, she had watched idly as Thomas and some of the others poked and prodded the corpses, contemplating the bizarre wounds she had noticed. She still couldn't shake the feeling of foreboding that rode her, and when all hell broke loose a short time later she almost wasn't surprised. The pyramid began to tremble, and as she pushed away from the wall in alarm she saw that huge slabs of decorated granite were descending to seal the sacrificial chamber. She shouted to Thomas and the others, urging them to run for the exits; the slabs fell too quickly, and quite suddenly she found herself staring at stone and hearing from behind it the faint cries of those trapped within.

She didn't panic; she'd been through enough unfavorable occasions to know panicking did no good. Instead she took a deep breath and took a moment to evaluate her situation. She was alone, but she was armed, and that was one strike in her favor. She had no compass or other method of determining direction, but she did have the small two way radio Stafford had given her, and so she removed it from the clip at her belt and switched it on.

"Stafford, do you read?" No reply, only the faint hiss of static. Undeterred, she tried again. "Stafford, this is Rousseau. Are you there?"

Again, no answer, and abruptly the static became a high pitched shriek. Wincing at the way the sound echoed around her, she turned the radio off and regarded it in disgust. Obviously, it wasn't up to the task of maintaining a signal in this place. Returning it to her belt, she turned again to the stone slab and bit her lip in frustration. She had no way of knowing what had happened to the people on the other side-

Screaming began then, muffled by the granite, but audible nonetheless. Two distinct, short bursts punctured the air to join the cries; Adele knew it to be gunfire. And then, just as suddenly as the cacophony had started, it died, and she was left standing in eerie silence.

"Damnit!" She pounded the stone once with her fist before wheeling around and staring into the darkened tunnel that loomed before her, illuminated only by the beams of her handheld and shoulder harness flashlights. There was no way for her to tell whether her comrades within the sealed chamber were alive, and even if they were there was no way she could reach them. The only thing she could do was set out in search of Weyland, Stafford, and the others …

Her lips thinning into a grim line, Adele began discarding the outer layers of her clothing. It was too bulky wearing them, and she had an unnerving feeling she would need to be able to move about freely. Discarding the clothing to the floor, she slid the Smith Wesson free of its holster and checked the magazine to ensure she had full rounds. Satisfied, she holstered it again, but left the safety strap loose. Ready to proceed, she ran one hand through the short, wild lengths of her hair; it was a gesture that hinted to her nervousness, although her external demeanor was one of calm. With a deep breath she forged ahead into the shadows, and hoped fervently that whatever her companions had run astray of, she would have the fortune to avoid.


It was impossible to discern the passing of time in the shadowed depths of the temple. As Adele wandered through long, ornate hallways and statue lined chambers, she realized she was becoming hopelessly and completely lost. Nothing looked the way it had on the way into the pyramid, and the implications of this were disconcerting. Obviously it wasn't just the sacrificial chamber that had been altered, and Adele found herself wondering just how extensive the modifications to the temple had been.

At intervals she would halt and attempt to contact the rest of the team through the radio, and every time she was met with either quiet static or a grating shriek. Finally, in exasperation, she hurled the device into the darkened corners of the chamber she stood in, rattling through every offensive word in her vocabulary. No amount of money was worth being trapped in this place, and she was beginning to wish she'd never, ever accepted Weyland's offer …

Her voice died as she became aware of another sound, and she wheeled about to find its source. All that met her eyes were the dimly lit depths of the room, the ancient and bizarre symbols etched into the walls around her, the pitch black depths of a corridor to her right. And then something rippled at the corner of her vision, displacing the air … it was a humanoid shape, she realized as it moved, and without realizing it she began to back away.

The sound came again, a guttural, clicking growl that permeated the air. And as the strange, wavering form came nearer, her hand moved slowly to the gun at her hip. The movement faltered, however, as she realized there was more than one of the partially invisible things in the room …

… there were five.

Adele watched in a mixture of terror and awe as suddenly the invisibility bled away, revealing something far more monstrous and frightening hidden beneath. In moments she found herself faced with five manlike creatures, each towering over her at well over seven feet in height. Their builds were undeniably masculine, heavily muscled and solid in structure. Strange armor shielded their bodies in places and their faces, each of them, were hidden from view by separately unique metal masks. What seemed to be silver banded dreadlocks fell from their heads, and each and every one of them carried some form of weapon of the likes Adele had never seen before.

There was more than one growl in the room now, and under the scrutiny of the creatures Adele felt her blood grow cold in her veins. These beings fairly radiated violence and menace, and it took an extreme force of will for her not to turn tail and flee back the way she had come. Instead she did what was instinct to her, and in one swift, seamless movement the Smith Wesson was in her hand and pointed at the foremost of the creatures. She fired three times; two shots hit the upper chest armor of the creature and rebounded harmlessly away, but the third struck lower and pierced the strange mottled skin and a spray of very bright, very green liquid spewed forth. All of the creatures were moving then to retaliate her attack, and Adele knew with cold certainty that she was about to die.

The pyramid began to move.

The slab she stood on began to rise, just as the floor the five creatures stood on began to descend. Hastily she leapt from her perch, attempting to put the rising pillar between herself and the hostile beings. Too late she realized the area she'd jumped to was closing in on itself, coming together, and fearing she would be crushed by the stone drawing near from all sides she ran as best she could through the ever shrinking corridor. Just as the walls began to touch her shoulders she burst free of the confines, and she found herself standing in a large, open domed chamber with a ceiling so high it was lost to darkness and no visible exit save for the one she had just come from. She spun about just as the passage behind her slid shut with a thundering echo, and found that her escape hadn't exactly gone as she had hoped it would.

She was trapped in this room. And trapped with her, spear in hand and snarling, was one of the masked creatures.


A/N: The movie novel had five Predators instead of three, and I intend to make use of them all.