"Ankoku!" was all these warriors of the Sun had to hear to know that they were doomed. Blackness immediately covered the sky that had, just moments ago, powered their weapons with the Sun.

Their courage faded with the warm rays of light, and soon each was reduced to a quivering mound of man as the darkness raided their hearts and caused them to despair to the point of madness.

A lone figure stood on the ridge overlooking the settlement, a dark shadow even against the dark clouds. He smirked as they looked up in utter horror, and even began to snicker as they fell before the might of the Forces of Darkness. He lowered his gun once he saw that all had fallen, and he began to lightly jump from rock to rock on his way into the valley.

He had just reached level ground when he began to suspect something. He heard movement to his left. He turned swiftly, but it was only a small rabbit. He relaxed and moved forward, taking aim with his gun, getting ready to turn this war squad into a bunch of shambling undead.

It was too late for Sabata when he heard, once again from his left, moving and the word, "TAIYOH!"

The sky brightened instantly, searing the Dark Boy's skin and renewing the Sun warriors' spirits as the Sun Piece burst in midair.

Pain blinded Sabata for a moment, and he kicked himself mentally for being so careless. He had to work quickly and carefully now, since his energy was limited and he wouldn't last long in direct sunlight. He stuck a Nightmare grenade onto the bottom of the Gun del Hell and bolted into one of the caves that some of the Sun warriors had been hiding in.

He polished off the three inside, who came at him with swords imbued with the Sun's blessing. The swords were irritating because wherever they fell is where they stayed, for no undead could touch them without being burned terribly.

He spun and faced the cave opening, setting his sights on an enterprising young fellow with a bow, also blessed by the Sun. A single shot brought the man to his knees, shocked to feel the numbing sensation of the Undeadening. He wouldn't be feeling for long though, since in mere moments he would be helping out Sabata.

Another man noticed his fallen comrade and severed his head from his neck quickly. He raised his shining blood-stained sword and screamed the battle cry of the Solar Children,


The warriors rushed the cave where the Dark Boy took refuge and clumped at the entrance, charging all at once. A Nightmare grenade took care of the first twenty foolish enough to run into the cave in a single group.

The rest backed up, took time to study their foe. He was unique, they quickly realized. He had the speed of a demon and wield darkness like the Queen herself.

Rethinking their strategy, they posted their archers at the mouth of the cave, reasoning that there was no way this fiend could avoid being hit. The officers raised their arms and the archers pulled back their deady shining missiles.

Sabata saw his peril and knew that this could very well finish him. He reached into the darkness and like a lover, it enveloped him in its warm embrace, whispering to him as one whispers to a fearful child. He felt the Queen's power enter his body, making him strong, leaving no doubt as to who the victor of this battle would be.

He used the power of the Queen to warp outside, into the damnable sunlight. Lifting his gun, he screamed once again the battle cry of Darkness,


The sky reverted back to the darkness that reduced the valiant to cowards. In their terror, many of the warriors cut down their own in an attempt to escape the terrible dark, the dark in which they saw all that was evil in themselves.

Sabata laughed smugly at the sight of these heroes panicking like madmen, but readied himself nonetheless. Some were already beginning to recover from the terror and were organizing to attack.

The remaining warriors gathered under the standard bearer and charged, their swords no longer gleaming, their eyes seeing only the torment they would experience as undead.

"Throw yourselves against me! Know the power of the Queen of Darkness, Hel!" screamed the Dark Boy, his crimson eyes glittering with hatred. He leveled the Gun del Hell and squeezed the trigger.

"Augh!" His eyes widened with astonished pain as the blood began to run freely down his arm. His enemies were down to just a few now, but Sabata was exhausted and it looked like his Dark Piece wasn't going to last a great deal longer.

A quick somersault and spread took out two of the the remaining warriors. Another's sword came in, directed at the Dark Boy's neck. Sidestepping, he grabbed the hilt of the sword and twisted it backwards, breaking the man's hands. A simple kick was all it took from that point to impale the tortured soldier with his own sword.

Now there was only one left, a no-name footsoldier with mere leather armor on. He was nothing to one as powerful as Sabata, and would probably make a good bok.

He wasn't even able to raise his gun before it was flying through the air, out of his hands. It landed on a nearby ledge, about twenty feet up. The man in front of him was grinning from ear to ear at Sabata's shocked expression. The Dark Boy took a step backward, tripped on a corpse; it was only by thatpure chance that he survived.

The soldier, elated that hewas about tofinish off what must surely be a great leader of undead armies, took a moment to register the sound of steel clashing with steel. Looking down, he saw one of the swords of his brothers clutched in the hand of this fiend, blocking what would have been a killing blow.

Twisting, Sabata regained his footing and held his sword awkwardly in front of him. The warrior may be fooled at first, but Sabata knew he was no swordsman. His death-dealing relied on stealth and terror, not strength and size. He was athletic, but had no skill with melee weapons. The longer this fight lasted, the leaner the odds of him coming out alive.

He decided to work quickly.

"Fucking die!" was the hoarse cry that proved to be the last words the warrior would hear in this life. Sabata quickly moved behind the warrior as he struggled with the sand that had been thrown in his eyes a second ealier. The Dark Boy jumped swiftly onto the man's back and slit his throat in a single move.

The soldier fell without a cry.

Sabata stood for a moment, gathering himself. He pushed the hair from his eyes, wiped away the blood and the tears covering his face. His sword fell to the ground with a clatter. He forced himself to climb up to where the Gun del Hell lay, glittering in the light of the emerging moon.

Exhausted, wounded, and with the effects of the terror of battle still lingering, he gathered up the gun and disappeared, leaving a valley littered with bodies and washed in blood.