Just a short story I wrote on vacation. Hope you enjoy it!

Don't tell anyone this. My first crush, it wasn't on who my best friend thinks it was on.

He thinks it was on Laura Wells.

She was cute. Long blond hair, green eyes. I guess she was nice enough.

But –shh, don't tell- I never even really talked to her. I never liked her like that. Like I said, she was nice enough, but…

Not my type.

Besides, my first crush was long before I even saw Laura. My crush had brown eyes and short, curly brown hair. Hair that was always messy, no matter what you did to it. You always knew just what my crush was thinking, or when my crush had gotten into trouble.

He was always sweet, and kind, and caring; always doing something to make me laugh. I admit, I fell quite hard.

Shh! Don't tell him.

But the person I had my first crush on was my best friend.

And it never went away.

Now it's a whole lot more than a crush.

Can I tell you a secret?

I think… I think I've fallen completely in love with my best friend.

But shh!

Don't him that. I don't want him to know.