Title: As You Like It

Author: Saber Girl Amidaala

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own Shakespeare In Love, but I wish I did. I have memorized practically the complete list of everybody involved in the movie, but I won't list them all here. I know you're out there, though. Thanks for doing such a good job.

Summary: I wrote this in about a minute while I was watching the chapter, "How Do You Love Her" and Viola asks if Will was the author of his plays. You may or may not agree with his answer in the movie, so I wrote this. I didn't think I would write SIL fanfic, but I've thought of the first lines of this story every time I watched the movie… and I do that a lot so eventually I had to write this. Oh, by the way, I do not believe Marlowe is the real Shakespeare. I think it was just a different guy named Will Shakespeare. JK.

As You Like It

VIOLA: Are you the author of the plays by William Shakespeare?

WILL: Well, um… funny thing about that…

VIOLA: You are William Shakespeare, aren't you?

WILL: Yes, that is my name-what is in a name-but you see, I didn't actually write the plays.

VIOLA: Then who did?

WILL: Christopher Marlowe, at your service.

VIOLA: But why does he say that you wrote the plays?

WILL: Officially, he wants to write all the plays that are performed in the theatre and have no competition.

VIOLA: And unofficially?

WILL: I have writer's block. He volunteered to write for me.

VIOLA: He volunteered?

WILL: If your definition of "volunteered" is "blackmailed into," then, yeah.

VIOLA: Blackmailed? What are you blackmailing him about?

WILL: That would be telling.


WILL: I'm not telling. Make up your own story. Hey, wait a tick- I think I've hit upon something!

WILL is sitting at his desk, writing frantically: "Choose Your Own Adventure" Plays, by William Shakespeare.