The whole thing was Robin's idea, actually.

Beast Boy had been constantly moping around in personified "emo" depressed fashion ever since Terra had turned to stone. The final battle with Slade, her sacrifice, the image of her beautiful face looking as though it had never been alive, like she had always been a statue, remained burned in the changeling's mind since the day it happened. The titans thought that, eventually, he would get over it and move on. But what they soon came to realize was that Beast Boy's attraction to Terra was more than just a teenage crush.

Beast Boy loved Terra.

The months wore on, and instead of improving, Beast Boy became more and more depressed. He kept her butterfly hair pin and the silver heart box by his bed constantly. Months turned to years, having been only 14 or 15 at the time of the incident… he didn't remember anymore. To Beast Boy, it seemed like yesterday and yet, like it had been an eternity since he had heard her voice outside of his dreams. Sometimes he felt like he had never really known her at all. He fancied that it had just been one big blurry, blissful, wonderfully teasing nightmare. More than two years had gone by, and while he found it easier to enjoy life and have fun, Terra never left his mind.

It was Robin who decided to do something about it. Around eight months after Terra had turned to stone, he and Starfire took a trip to her home planet of Tamaran, seeking a cure. They informed Cyborg and Raven where they were going, and told them to make sure Beast Boy thought it was just family stuff that Starfire needed to attend to, and Robin was merely accompanying her.

"Ooh, he's gonna meet the parents," Beast Boy had snickered. "Good luck, man. Try not to lose the cat or smash the vase of her grandmother's ashes."

"Beast Boy—" Robin interrupted, embarrassed and aggravated. "I think you've worn out your copy of 'Meet the Parents.'" Beast Boy had shut up after that.

When they got to Tamaran, they were told, among many things: "It's not going to be easy, young earthling. Protect the Princess Starfire. This is a great risk."

Well, thought Robin, it can't be harder than keeping my best kept secret from Starfire.

Robin had always loved Starfire, and it was evident to every single one of the Titans that she loved him as well, except to Robin. But that is not the subject of the matter. Robin and Starfire were on a quest. They were going to get Terra back to Beast Boy, no matter what. Beast Boy's birthday was coming up, and they could think of no better gift than returning Terra to him.

The apothecary in Tamaran gave Starfire a small vial of a deep purple potion that looked faintly like very beautiful gasoline, which Starfire was supposed to drink and then envelop the stone that was Terra in her energy. The danger was, should something—anything—go wrong, Starfire might end up fused to Terra's statue… and then they'd have to make another plaque. The thought of losing Starfire made Robin's inside freeze down to sub-zero temperatures of fear.

After returning from Tamaran, they immediately visited the cave. They had gotten back just in time. At midnight, it would officially be Beast Boy's birthday. Starfire came to a halt in front of the stone statue that was their friend Terra. She looked at the plaque: "Terra. A Teen Titan. A True Friend." Clutching the vial in her hand and trembling slightly, she opened it and stepped forward. Robin put a hand on her shoulder.

"Starfire… are you sure you want to do this?" he asked her worriedly. She turned to face him.

"I want to help friend Beast Boy, Robin… this is the only way…"

Robin could tell Starfire was scared, and she had all the right to be. A mental image of her fused into rock flashed before his eyes. Before he registered what he had even imagined, he felt his eyes prickle, and began to blink furiously.

Thank God I'm wearing a mask… he thought. Before his courage left him, he embraced Starfire, his stomach giving an odd little somersault, unknowing that Starfire was about to melt into a puddle at Robin's touch. Starfire pushed him away gently, trembling slightly, and touched the potion to her lips. Taking a deep breath, she drank it, coughing slightly as a yellow glow surrounded her completely, much like the way Terra's hands glowed when she was using her powers. As Starfire moved closer to Terra, Robin stepped slightly farther away, shaking slightly out of fear that it wouldn't work. Closing her eyes, Starfire glided up to the rock, placing one hand on the stone head of Terra and another on Terra's heart.

A flash of yellow light.

Starfire was thrust backwards backwards from the blast of energy, hitting the rock wall behind her with a sickening crack. Robin screamed her name, getting up from his own fall to help her. Then he heard the deafening crash of an explosion as the ground cracked underneath him.

Robin quickly jumped away as a rather large gulf manifested itself in the ground. The rock that was covering Terra begun to melt off into lava. In the frenzy, it look him a while to realize that the lava was coming towards an unconscious Starfire.

"No! Starfire!" yelled Robin, jumping over the pool molten rock and picking her up around the waist. Terra was half human, half rock when another burst of lava nearly covered Robin and Starfire, had he not jumped away just in time onto the untouched rock. The lava seeped back into the cracks in the ground, sealing it shut as Terra collapsed.

"Starfire?" said Robin, shaking her gently. "Starfire… come on… w-wake up…" Robin was so preoccupied about her that he hadn't even noticed that Terra had fallen and was trying to move. Starfire made a soft little moaning noise, and Robin almost felt lightheaded at the wave of relief that passed over him. Losing himself in the moment, being so thankful she was okay, he kissed her forehead. Then he heard a groan of pain a few yards away.

"Terra!" he exclaimed. "Starfire! Starfire, you did it!"

"What…?" asked Starfire, still confused as to why she was on the ground. She noticed she was held tightly in Robin's embrace, and that his face was very, very close to hers. She blushed.

"Terra! She's back!" said Robin, grinning wildly. "We did it! You did it! Come on!" Robin helped Starfire to her feet, and seeing that she was slightly unstable, picked her up and carried her over to Terra. Starfire secretly breathed in the scent of Robin… closing her eyes and savoring the moment.

Thank heavens, he has not noticed… thought Starfire. "Robin, is she alright? Did I succeed?"

"Unh…" said Terra, trying to get up from the floor with little success. "I'm… alive?"

"FRIEND TERRA!" exclaimed Starfire, toppling out of Robin's grasp.

"Whoa! Starfire, hold on! You're still-"

But Starfire seemed to have regained her strength, for she had run over to a crawling Terra and tackled her with a hug.


"Wha-" began Terra, only to be cut from air by Starfire's hug. "Succeeded…? Where am… what… I'm… alive—"

"Starfire and I traveled to Tamaran to find a cure. We almost lost Starfire but she made it," explained Robin, looking at Starfire with admiration.

"You… you brought me back…?" asked Terra, her voice barely a whisper. "Why? Why would you do that?"

"Oh, Terra, we could no longer stand the sadness of Beast Boy! We simply had to do something!" said Starfire, sitting down next to Terra.

"Beast boy… sad… sadness?" asked Terra in disbelief… Does he still care…? "I—"

"Yeah…" began Robin, "I realize you've kind of lost track of time. It's been about 2 years… almost three, I'm not really sure. Anyway, Beast Boy's eighteenth birthday is tomorrow, and we wanted to bring you back to him—"

Starfire cut him off. "Raven said 'He is lost without her—'"

"And you know she's never liked you," Robin finished.

Terra was finding it very difficult to register everything. The last thing she could remember, she was watching Beast Boy run away, trying to hold on to the way it felt to hold him one last time. What he smelled like, how he made her feel. She could still remember it. It was like yesterday to her, but the memory was so alien it almost felt like it was someone elses. Why? Terra asked herself, Why does he still care for me? I don't deserve for him to care about me… no matter how much I… no… no, don't think about it. Terra felt tears building up in her eyes and looked away from Robin and Starfire to try and hide them.

"It is alright, friend Terra, you can cry…" said Starfire, sympathetically putting a hand on Terra's shoulder. She broke down.

"I don't deserve it! I don't deserve for Beast Boy to still care for me!" she cried out, sobbing into Starfire's shoulder. "I betrayed him! I left him! And he still… he still…"

"Terra, you realize that most of us know that—" said Robin.

"Know what?"

"That your sacrifice wasn't for us… it was for him…"

Terra gasped slightly. Events of Slade's destruction and her final moments played over in her mind, from the moment when she told Beast Boy 'I hope you're not expecting a good-bye kiss,' to the moment that she realized she loved him, and saving him was the only option.

"Friend Terra, you gave your life for Beast Boy," said Starfire. "For us, for the Titans… You do deserve… you both deserve to have each other once again."

Slowly, Terra nodded.

"YES! WE ARE GOING TO BRING HAPPINESS BACK TO FRIEND BEAST BOY!" exclaimed Starfire, hugging Terra again. Robin laughed, looking at Starfire lovingly. Starfire turned to meet his gaze and he turned away nervously.

"Uhm… okay," he coughed. "Um, to get this to work right, we should get to the house—"

"AT MIDNIGHT!" exclaimed Starfire.


"Oh yes, Robin, it would be the perfect surprise! Is it not at midnight that one day changes into another on this planet?" asked Starfire, hatching an idea.

"Yeah… but—"

"Well, why do we not have Terra show up at the Titans Tower at midnight? Because then it would officially be the anniversary of his birth, and it will be his gift!"

Terra smiled slightly at how excited Starfire had gotten at the idea. She guiltily admitted that she wanted to see Beast Boy more than anything… even though she knew she was undeserving of such an opportunity… she felt somehow unworthy.

"That's actually a good idea…" said Robin. "Okay, here's what we're gonna do. We'll go somewhere to get you new clothing… I don't think you should show up in Slade's old uniform for you… and then we can go grab some pizza, lay low, and then ring the doorbell at midnight. Sound good?"

"Yeah, sure," said Terra, almost in awe that she would see Beast Boy again. It was all too much to register at once. Her mind was in a daze. Robin and Starfire helped her get up and together they got their plan in motion.

Beast Boy was staring at the clock apprehensively. In a few moments he would be eighteen years old, and a wide grin was coming over his face as he watched 11:58 change to 11:59.

"Dude! Only a minute of my seventeen year old life is left!" he yelled. Raven looked up from her book and rolled her eyes, while Cyborg laughed at his friends excitement. The clock hit midnight.

"WAHOO!!! I'M EIGHTEEN! I'M OFFICIALLY EIGHTEEN! I'M LEGAL!!!" yelled Beast Boy, changing into any animal he could think of in celebration. He became a bat, and began zooming over Raven's head excitedly, then became a lion and roared loudly.

"Beast Boy! Shh! Do you want to wake up Jump City?!" said Cyborg. But Beast Boy had turned into a mouse, scurrying excitedly across the room, and then turned into an eagle, flipping around in the sky.

"Oh! He is so excited about being older! He is changing into all sorts of animals!" said Starfire, her ear pressed against the door. "Come! Terra, it is time to ring the… uhm…"

"Doorbell," filled in Robin, grinning at her. She blushed.

Terra looked terrified. "Maybe this isn't a good idea…" she said quietly.

"Oh no, you are not backing out now," said Robin. "Do it for Beast Boy…"

"Right…" she said quietly. "For Beast Boy."

Starfire looked as if she had suddenly gotten an idea. "Robin! Come here!" she told him, standing in front of Terra. "We shall surprise him by moving away and showing Terra!" she exclaimed, wondering why Robin looked as though it was hard for him to swallow. It was then that she noticed she was holding his hand.

She let it go shyly and rang the doorbell.

Beast Boy was in the middle of a few somersaults as a monkey when the doorbell sounded. He morphed back into himself, aggravated at the thought of someone ruining his excitement.

"Way to ruin my mojo!"

"Mojo…?" asked Raven, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Never mind…"

"I'll get it," said Cyborg, walking to the door and opening it. "Hey guys! We were wondering where you were!" Cyborg looked past Starfire and Robin, flashing a smile at Terra and turning around.

"Beeeeeeeeeast Boy!" called Starfire in a sing song voice. "Cyborg, step to the side, we have a surprise for friend Beast Boy!"

"Yo! BB! Come here!" called Cyborg. Beast Boy got up from the floor and walked to the door.

"Hey, guys! What's up?"

Robin and Starfire looked at each other. "We've got something for you. A birthday present, if you will…" said Robin.

"Dude! Yes! What is it! Food? A moped? Oh man, is it a moped! Is it—"

Starfire and Robin moved apart.