A/N: Okay... so it's been about 3 years since I updated this story. I highly doubt anyone remembers it, and I will probably be re-writing all the other chapters (for grammatical purposes. I will not alter the story). I just recently got back into the Teen Titans swing, so I thought I'd continue this. Umm... enjoy?

The following week went by slowly for the Titans. As Beast Boy's health recovered, they spent most of their days in the tower, the lack of chaos or attacks beginning to make them feel amazingly bored. The city was almost too quiet sometimes. Robin had to admit (to himself only, for he would say no such thing out loud) that he was craving the excitement and adrenaline rush of a battle. He started to get jumpy at a lot of things… If Cyborg happened to have some weird gadget running around the hallways, Robin would jump and attack it somehow, be it by throwing his birdarang at it or smacking it with his staff, almost hoping that it was an intruder in Titans Tower. None of them would say it, but they all felt the same. Eventually, our Boy Wonder had to find comfort in destroying virtual foes on Cyborg's computer. Cyborg spent most of the time making new gadgets, playing video games with Robin, or experimenting in the kitchen with Starfire, trying to find a way for mustard to actually taste normal. Terra usually stayed either in her room or in Beast Boy's, talking to him and keeping him company while Raven stayed in her room to meditate, as usual. Starfire, however, found other ways to stay entertained rather than making mustard cookies.

"Friends! I have discovered a glorious thing! Look!" she exclaimed, jumping in front of Cyborg and waving something around in his face. Cyborg screamed, stepping back in alarm.

"Star, don't touch that! It's a cockroach!" he cried out, eyes widening as the bug crawled on her hand.

"Ew," said Raven monotonously, looking at the brown insect with disgust. "Starfire, put it down for a second."

"I shall!" said Starfire, lowering the roach to the floor before Raven quickly zapped it with her power and returned to her room. Starfire screamed, her eyes glazing over with tears. "Roachie! No!"

"It's all right, Star," Robin told her, putting an arm around her and leading her away from her beloved, yet briefly lived, pet roach. "Uh, he's in a better place now…"

"Oh, Robin, I must ask you," she said, forgetting all about Roachie. "Why when friend Terra was holding on to Beast Boy did you make us leave the room? I wished to hug him as well, but Raven did not let me!" she told him, crossing her arms in a huff.

"Well, uh, you see…" began Robin, unsure of how to explain Beast Boy and Terra's relationship to the young Tamaranian. "I wanted to give them some alone time, you know?"

"Alone time?" she inquired, looking at him curiously. "Why would anyone wish to be alone?"

"Well," began Robin, taking a breath. "It's not that they wish to be alone… not by themselves anyway. They probably wanna be alone together—"

"But how can one be alone and be with someone at the same time?" she questioned, confused at the supposed paradox. Robin smiled at her. It was always tricky explaining abstract things such as these to her, but he didn't mind. It gave him a chance to talk to her, anyways.

"No, that's not what I mean. They just—well at least I think they did—need some time to be alone, just them two, so they could talk," he explained as they started walking down an empty hallway.


"Well, yeah… I mean after the way things left off… I'm assuming Terra has some explaining to do."

"Yes, I suppose you are right." Starfire looked down rather sadly.

"What's wrong?" Robin asked, peeking down at her face which was partially out of view. She was crying. "Starfire? What is it? Are you okay?" he asked panickedly.

"Yes, Robin, I am O-K. I just hope our friends are O-K too. Beast Boy was so sad when Terra—oh I do not know what I am trying to say. I just—" she blurted, trying to form her thoughts into sentences. "I do not wish to ever again see Beast Boy that sad."

"Hey," Robin began, soothingly putting an arm around her shoulders. "She's made a lot of mistakes, and I don't completely trust her yet… but something tells me it's gonna be ok. They're gonna be ok."

"How do you know?" Starfire asked, sniffling.

"I—well… I don'tknow" he said truthfully. "But I hope so. I think he loves her and, judging by the frightening amount of crying she's done, I think she feels the same way… or something. I don't know… I'm not really good at those kinds of things—"

"What things?"

"Umm, well. Love and stuff…" he coughed out, turning his head away in embarrassment. His cheeks were burning, and he momentarily feared his mask would slip off due to the waterfall of sweat threatening to fall from his brow.


He turned to look at her. Oh, great, now I have to explain LOVE to her?! How do you get yourself into these situations?! What the hell are you gonna say?!

"Uh…" he began. Unfortunately, the sentence didn't go beyond that.


"Uh… well, when two people really care about each other—" he started to say, intensely aware of how cliché, vague, and out of character he sounded, and fearing that his conversation would now turn into the Birds and the Bees. He stumbled for words when Starfire started to giggle.

"Robin, I know what love means," she said, still giggling, her cheeks pink.

"Oh…" he replied, embarrassed as he could possibly ever be, his eyes glued to the floor. He mustered a small smile, but when he looked up, Starfire was very close to him. He gulped, but couldn't seem to look away. Somehow they had managed to walk into a corner of an empty hallway, somewhere near Cyborg's room. An unexpected sense of daring came over him as he reached his hand up to her beautiful cheek, looking into her purely green eyes. He was barely aware that he had taken a couple of steps forward, closing the space between them and the corner of the hallway. Starfire felt her hands touch the wall, and she reached up to touch his cheek.

They were very close.

He could feel the breath from her lips on his chin.

Something inside him should have been screaming at him to stop, or go, or something. His mind, however, was elsewhere. The minute she touched his cheek his eyes fluttered closed. Her other hand was lost in his hair. His hands had moved from her face down to her waist, holding her like she was something precious and delicate, something that would break under his fingers if he wasn't careful. Their lips were so close that he could have sworn he felt them brush, but knew somewhere that they hadn't. Her finger caressed his face, and he barely registered that she had started to remove his mask until it was almost too late. He came to, pulling back in shock and adjusting his mask, almost gasping for breath.

They stared at each other intently for no more than five seconds, but it seemed much longer. Starfire started to apologize.

"Robin, I—"

"We should be getting back to the—the… the team." Robin interrupted, pressing his mask down again. He gulped, trying and failing not to think about what had just happened, and turned away from Starfire, briskly walking back to the main room.

Starfire looked down at the floor, tears in her eyes. She didn't know why she so badly wanted to see his eyes. She supposed she just didn't want to look at a mask anymore—to see the real Robin… to see "Richard." But it wasn't going to happen, just as the kiss she had almost received probably wouldn't happen either. She silently wished that Beast Boy and Terra would have better luck, but some part of her envied them.

"I am sorry… Robin…" she whispered, her feet dejectedly carrying her back to her room. "Please…forgive me."