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BTW, Chattypandgurl: Yeah, Chris can talk. He's about 2 ½ in this fic, so he can't talk like an adult, hence the baby talk, such as pronouncing "play" as "pay" and "Prue" as "Pue", but he can express himself. My neighbor is two and she can talk, though not always in full sentences.

Paige stepped away from the counter, a coke in one hand, and a hot dog in the other. At some point during their "shopping" Paige had lost track of Phoebe, and eventually decided that if her sisters needed her, they would call her cell phone. She grabbed a straw and some napkins, and sat down at an unoccupied table a little out of sight, catching the eyes of some of the men at the table beside her. She winked flirtatiously as she delicately ate her hotdog and sipped her soda. Just as one the guys finally got the nerve up to approach her, a very distraught sister ran to Paige's table, and slammed her hands down on the surface.


"Piper," Paige whined, using her eyes to convey her meaning. Piper glanced over her shoulder, and one of the guys waved. Piper just looked back at her sister, shaking her head.

"That's not important now. Where's Phoebe?" Piper told her.

"I dunno," Paige responded, with an attitude. Then she looked at her sister's face, and was suddenly alarmed. "Why?"

"Because Prue's missing." Piper exclaimed. Paige's face fell, and she eyed Piper as if she was nuts.

"Piper, Prue's a teenager. A teenager in a mall!" She expressed the second part of her statement. Piper shook her head.

"Prue's no ordinary teenager. She's thirty years old. She wouldn't have just wandered off."

Paige sighed. "Alright. You have a point. What should we do?"

"I'll call Phoebe, and you call for Leo." Piper instructed her, finally in enough of a panic, to actually think clearly. Paige nodded and sprinted toward the nearest restroom, as Piper grabbed her cell phone.

"Thank god, there isn't a line," Paige muttered, running into the bathroom, and turning the lock behind her. "LEO! LEO!" Paige called, as loud as she dared. She paced back and fourth, her hands on her hips. "LEO!" Finally, her brother-in-law orbed into the restroom, a screaming Chris in one arm, and a devilish Wyatt, obviously the cause of the screaming toddler, in the other.

"What Paige? What was so important that it couldn't wait?" Leo asked, handing her crying nephew to her. Paige instinctively began to bounce him gently on her hip, trying to soothe him.

"Prue's gone missing."

"In a mall?" Leo asked skeptically. "Paige, she's a teenager."

"She's thirty, Leo, and she's Prue!"

"Good point." Leo said, placing Wyatt on the floor and holding his hand. Chris had finally stopped crying and was laying his head on Paige's shoulder, sucking his thumb. "I'll sense for her." Leo shut his eyes and began to try to locate Prue. Minutes went by before Leo opened his eyes again. "I've got her. She's in the lower level of the department store on the east side. It looks like the women's section. Oh God!"

"Leo, what is it?"

"She's unconscious, and not breathing very well." Leo said, picking Wyatt up and taking Chris back. "I'll take the boys to magic school and meet you there."

"Alright, Hurry." Paige told him. As soon as he orbed out, Paige flushed the toilet to make it seem like she had a normal purpose for the room. As she walked out, she faced odd looks from some older women waiting in line for the restroom.

"Was there a man in there with you?" An elder woman asked. Paige looked at her as if she was crazy. "Um… no." she added a bit of disgust to her voice to make herself sound convincing.

"But I distinctly hear a male voice, and a baby crying."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Lady. But I gotta go." Paige told her, before sprinting back to the food court, where Piper grabbed her hands and pulled her behind a potted plant in the corner.

"Phoebe's not answering her cell phone. I think she turned it off." Piper said, distressed. "Any luck reaching Leo?" Paige nodded vigorously.

"Prue's unconscious in the women's department of the store where Phoebe and I left you."


"Yeah, she's barely breathing. Leo's going to meet us there." Paige explained as she grabbed Piper's hands and orbed them away from the food court, praying her powers would get her to Prue safely.

Phoebe felt her cell phone vibrate at her side. She moved her hand to it and shut off the power, as she leaned further into the passionate lip lock she was engaged in. She had forgotten how amazing his kisses were. She wanted to stay there, her lips tasting the warmth of his. Feeling his hand run up and down her arms. He backed her against the wall.

"Who was it?" he asked, in a rushed voice, as he broke the kiss slightly. Phoebe shrugged and pulled him back to her. She licked his lips, her body burning up with the passion of the moment.

"No one important," she replied as he pushed her up against the towel holder of the restroom he had cornered her in. He eyed her hungrily.

"That's good. I missed you." His voice came slowly, as he kissed her passionately following each word. Phoebe placed her hands on both sides of his face, pulling him towards her. She ran her palms along his cheeks, feeling the coarseness of the stubble he was growing. She traced his eyes nose and mouth with her finger, gently. "I missed you too. So, so, so much." She told him, continuing her exploration of his features. He laughed at her.

"What are you doing?" he stressed the word 'are' making him seem more amused then he really was.

"Memorizing you. It's been so long; too long. I want to make sure that if you ever leave again, I won't forget a thing." Phoebe explained, kissing him again. He sighed.

"I'm not going to leave again, Phoebe."

"But the elders won't like it. They'll send you away."

He shook his head. "No one can send me away again." He pressed his lips against her forehead, the bridge of her nose, the tip of her nose, and finally her lips. "I want you Phoebe. No, I need you."


"Yes, I need you."

"Here? But I… I…" He kissed her deeply, snaking his hand under her shirt and beneath her bra, cupping her breast. He began to run his finger over her nipple, making her moan in pleasure. At the same moment she opened her mouth, he slipped a bit of toxin into her system, making her feel very light headed. He began to pull her shirt off her shoulders.

"Cole! Wait! Stop! This isn't right," Phoebe gasped. He pushed her away from him, and glared at her. The he slapped her across the face, sending her flying into the metal sink.

"Oh, but it is Phoebe. It's very, very right." He told her, as he advanced on her. Phoebe was frozen in terror beneath the sink. She stared up at him, tears and fear in her eyes. Oh God! He was going to have his way and then she was going to die, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, she could do about it.

"Paige, where is she?" Piper demanded as soon as Paige materialized them in a dressing room in the women's department.

"I don't know." Paige told her, trying to calm her older sister down. "But stay cool until we find her. It'll look suspicious if you go running out of here." Paige explained. Piper nodded, but fear was written all over her face. She had lost Prue once; she knew she couldn't handle loosing her or another sister again. "You good?" Paige asked.

"Yeah, let's go."

Paige nodded and opened the door to the changing room. She walked out normally, Piper following right behind her. "Ok, so where was the last place you saw her?" Paige asked Piper as they walked between the racks, thanking god that the department was relatively empty. Both women were looking at the ground around them since Leo had said she was unconscious.

"Over there." Piper pointed to the skirts and casual dresses. "I was opposite her, looking at some blouses when a sales woman distracted me." Piper told her blushing, remembering the conversation, and how the woman accused Piper of being Prue's mother.

"I'm not even going to ask." Paige told her, noticing the blush on her features. She quickened her pace until they reached the area where Piper had last seen their charge. They split up and began to search the racks.

"Can I help you ma'am?" A young sales woman asked Paige. Paige just smiled.

"Yeah you can tell me where to find unconscious teenage girls," she mumbled under her breath. The clerk's cheerfulness was obviously fake. Paige could tell she didn't want to be working that day. Who said you needed the power of empathy to tell what people were thinking?

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing. Well, I dunno. Um… if you were looking for a skirt to wear to a high school dance, where would you look?" Paige asked. "It's for my little sister." She added as an after thought when the woman looked at her oddly.

"Oh, um… I guess those, over there." The woman told her, pointing to a rack on the back wall.

"Thanks." Paige said, and she walked quickly over to the rack, scanning the floor as she went. Suddenly she caught site of a hand outstretched on the ground. Only someone looking for it would have seen it beneath the long draped skirts. "Piper!"

Piper sprinted over to Paige, who had run to Prue's side and hidden them behind the skirts in the alcove. Piper rushed in with them, thanking gods it was a large alcove. Prue was barely breathing, as Paige propped her head up on her lap. Piper grabbed hold of her hand.

"Piper?" Prue's voice cracked, even though her eyes never opened. Piper nodded, tears in her eyes, as she feared loosing her again. "Yes." She managed. "Hold on sweetie. Leo!" Piper called, as loud as she dared. Suddenly he orbed in beside her.

"Oh thank god. We're not too late, are we?" Paige asked her brother-in-law. Leo shook his head and placed his hand over her Prue's heart. For a few moments nothing happened, except that Prue's color began to get worse. Piper began to cry. Paige and Leo held their breaths. The her heart began to steadily beat faster and the girl began to breath much better.

"Thank god, Leo." Piper told him, throwing her arms around him as Prue began to cough. She buried her face in his neck, tears of happiness on her face.

"Paige? Piper? Leo?" Prue asked, slowly sitting up. Paige hugged her tightly, before Piper grabbed her around the neck and dragged her toward her.

"Don't you ever, ever scare me like that again. I already lost you once."

"I'm sorry." Prue told her, softly, unsure what to say. She had been so close to death again, but would it have been that bad if she could finally move on to be with her mom, grams, and Andy.

"Prue, what happened?" Leo asked gently. Prue shook her head.


"Andy's dead, Prue." Piper told her.

"Yeah, and so was I. But he was here, and he called me to him. He kissed me and the next moment I was dying. I think he fed me some kind of toxin. Piper, I think some thing brought him back to life and turned him evil." Prue told her sister, tears in her eyes.

"Prue, it probably wasn't Andy. It was just another demon."

"No! I know Andy's kisses. It was him! But the demons, they're not after just me. I felt it. They're going to attack you guys also."

"But Prue, we're fine." Paige told her.

"Oh my god! Phoebe! They attacked Prue using Andy…" Piper began.

"And they'll attack Phoebe using Cole." Leo finished for her. Prue nodded. She had realized it moments after she was attacked. Leo shut his eyes and began searching the mall for his third sister-in-law as Paige grabbed her cell phone and frantically dialed Phoebe's number. No answer.

"Found her. She's in the restroom outside the store. There's someone with her, but I can't tell who it is." Leo told them, opening his eyes once again.

Suddenly the skirts around them pulled back, and the young sales woman stared at them. "Um… what are you doing?"

"Nothing." Paige answered, innocently.

"Nice story," Prue mumbled.

"Well, um… we expect this sort of thing from children, but really this is no place for a group discussion. Would you mind stepping out of there before I have security come and remove you from the store."

"We were just leaving." Leo told her, standing up and pulling Piper along behind him. Paige helped Prue to stand up and then all walked past the clerk and towards the exit into the mall.

"Leo, which way?" Prue asked, getting impatient. She still felt really light headed, so Piper and Paige stood on either side of her, her arms over their shoulders, so they could support her. Leo shut his eyes again and concentrated.

"There." He said, pointing to the bathroom.

"Damn it! There's a line." Paige cursed as they approached the bathroom at a sprint. Piper held up her hands, praying she wouldn't blow the innocent people to bits. They all suddenly froze. "Good thinking." Paige told her.

"Hurry up. We don't know if our powers are back to normal, meaning I don't know how long this will last." Piper snapped. Suddenly, they heard a scream on the other side of the door.

"Move!" Prue yelled, and she tossed the heavy metal door aside with her mind. All three witches and the whitelighter ran into the bathroom to see Phoebe on the cold floor beneath the sink, her pants pulled down to her ankles, her shirt ripped open in front; her hair twisted around, and Cole standing over her, an athame raised to her chest. Prue thrust her hands up and Cole flew backward into the wall.


"I can't! I might blow up Phoebe." Piper yelled. Paige thrust Prue towards Piper, and ran to Phoebe's side.

"We've got to get you out of here." She whispered, and held her sister's arm, praying to god her powers would get them to the manor, as she orbed them out of the restroom. Leo nodded and grabbed hold of Piper who was clinging to Prue, and the next moment they were gone.

"God Damn it!" Cole shouted, as the mall patrons unfroze. He looked around, rubbing his hands over his head. Suddenly he heard footsteps approaching and he shape shifted into Phoebe, stepping out of the restroom, who's door was now off the hinges. "I wouldn't go in there if I were you." He told the woman who had arrived to use the bathroom, sweetly, and walked off down the mall corridors, whispering about lucky witches, and how he would get his revenge.

Piper paced back and fourth in the conservatory of the manor. Leo sat in one chair, trying to locate Paige and Phoebe, and Prue sat nervously opposite him.


"Nothing. They haven't materialized yet." He responded, without breaking his concentration. Prue looked up at Piper, and then out the window. She was thinking about the attack in the mall. Was Phoebe alright? What was she going to do? How could she protect her three little sisters? She didn't know.


"I'm fine." A single tear rolled down her cheek. She had to be right. Her decision was perfect. How could it be fail? How? Suddenly Paige orbed in with Phoebe in her arms.

"Prue- Thank god!" Piper exclaimed, getting diverted by her other sisters' safe return. Paige helped Phoebe over to the couch.

"Yeah. Sorry, with my powers not working right, it's kinda hard to orb that quickly and actually make it where I wanted." Paige explained. Piper nodded and knelt beside Phoebe. Her face was covered in tears, her makeup looked horrible, and her hair a mess.

"Pheebs?" Piper asked her gently. Phoebe just shook her head and stared off into space. Piper sighed, and walked over to Paige. "Well, they're both in right states. The demons may not have been able to kill them physically, but I wouldn't doubt that they're dead on the inside."

Paige nodded, and went into the kitchen. Leo followed her, leaving Piper alone with her two sisters. She looked at them both, and then at Leo's back in the distance. She had her true love, why did they have to loose theirs and then have it thrown back in their faces? It just wasn't fair, and not even the elders could argue that it was.

"You know. You're lucky to have survived." She told them, getting their attention. Prue looked at her with genuine curiosity, but Phoebe's gaze was hollow. "They must have been powerful. I'm so glad I didn't lose you, either of you."

Prue nodded and Phoebe just looked past her. "I'll be in my room until dinner." She walked past her older sister, and ran up the stairs. Piper and Prue winced at the sound of the door slamming.

"I should talk to her." Prue told Piper, who nodded in agreement.

"Go easy on her. We don't know exactly what he did." Piper told her. Prue nodded understanding. They really didn't know what Cole had done before they got there. Prue never actually trusted him, and she certainly didn't now.

"Piper?" Paige called from the kitchen.

"Coming!" Piper called back, patting Prue on the shoulder. "You talk to Pheebs, while we try to figure out what to do." Prue nodded and went up the stairs after her little sister. Piper shook her head and went into the kitchen. "What's up?"

"Well, Phoebe sorta grabbed a handful of his hair while they were um… yeah. And it's all over her clothing. Meaning…"

"Meaning we have something to scry for these demons," Piper finished for her, a smile on her face. No one tries to kill her sisters and gets away with it. Leo nodded.

"Only problem is, with Phoebe in the state she's in, we'll never get her to let us use the hair to scry, and she can't help with the power of three." Leo reminded them. Piper's heart sank.

"Prue's with her now. I'm sure she'll help her through what ever happened." She told them. "In the mean time, Paige, go look in the Book of Shadows. We can try to find out what exactly we're fighting, and make the vanquishing potion." Paige nodded and ran up the stairs to the attic.



"They're gonna be ok. They're tough girls. And Prue's not a little kid." Leo told her, placing his arms around his wife. Piper shrugged him off, not in the mood to listen to his whitelighter reasoning. "Piper."

"No Leo! They're my sisters, and they almost died because I didn't protect them. Leo, I couldn't protect them. I wasn't strong enough."

"But you saved both of them."

"I saved them from actually dieing. And we know Andy only kissed Prue. But we don't know what Cole did to Phoebe. We don't know what he did to my little sister, Leo!" Piper cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. Leo stood up and held her in his arms as she sobbed. "Leo, we don't if he hurt her."

"I know sweetheart. I know."

"Phoebe, can I come in?" Prue said, knocking on her sister's bedroom door. There wasn't an answer, just a muffled moan. Prue turned the doorknob gently and pushed the door open. Phoebe lay on her bed, tears streaming down her face, staring straight up at the ceiling. "Phoebe." The younger witch turned to look at her big sister, tears still in her eyes. Her eyes looked lifeless and cold. "He did it, didn't he?" Phoebe didn't answer. She couldn't. How could she confess what he'd done to her. Just before he raised the athame to her chest? "Phoebe, he raped you, didn't he?" Prue asked gently, again. Phoebe sobbed, but shook her head slowly. "Oh Pheebs!" Prue went to her, taking her head in her lap and running her fingers through her hair.

"Prue, I thought he loved me."

"I know."

"I thought he'd never hurt me. But he… he… he tried to forced me, and then he tried to kill me. I wish he had killed me, Prue. I wish I was dead." Phoebe struggled, crying, hiding her face in Prue's shoulder.

"Shhh…. No, Phoebe. You'd don't want to be dead. We couldn't be together if you were. I came back to be with you, Piper, and Paige. I'm not going to let any of you go, ever."

"But, Prue, I'm so dirty now. I'm not clean enough. I can't be, ever again, Prue." Phoebe pleaded, tears still in her eyes.

"No Phoebe. He didn't do it. You're fine. You're still Phoebe, and you're still clean." Prue told her, rocking her back and fourth. "And maybe it wasn't Cole. Maybe it wasn't." Phoebe shook her head violently. Prue paused to listen. She had heard Paige run past on her way to the attic, but the door had just closed, and she heard the footsteps leave the attic. Paige must have found the demons, however, her footsteps stopped right outside Phoebe's room.

"No. I know what Cole feels like, and that was Cole. I've got no doubt that it was him. But maybe he's being controlled." Phoebe told her, her tears replaced by false anger. Prue could tell that Phoebe was hiding something. Prue sighed.

"I believe you Phoebe."

"You do?" Phoebe asked her, suspiciously. Prue smiled.

"Yeah, Phoebe, I do." Prue told her sister

"Yeah Phoebe, I do." Prue told her as Phoebe twisted around and sat up to look at her. "That doesn't change the fact that I don't like him, but if you say it was him, then it was him."

Phoebe looked at her harder. "Why?"

"Because whoever is controlling Cole, is controlling Andy." Prue used her fingers to put quotes around the word controlling, and then winked at her sister, smiling. Phoebe looked at her, questioningly. The older witch jerked her teenage head towards the door. Phoebe shut her eyes and concentrated on her power. Her body went stiff for a moment as she gasped, and a premonition overtook her. She slowly opened her eyes, having seen Paige listening at the door.

"Why that…" Phoebe breathed. Prue put her finger against her sister's lips and shook her head.

"Phoebe, I'm heart broken, just as you are. I know he went much further with you, though." Prue began, smiling. Phoebe nodded, agreeing to play along. Now was her chance.

"I can't fight him, Prue. I love him. Piper and Paige don't understand what it's like to see the man you love die and then watch him come back to life again." Phoebe looked away from her, her voice shaking.


"I can't! No, I won't fight him. I won't kill him!" Phoebe yelled at her, and Prue nodded.

"I agree. If Piper and Paige are insistent upon this, they'll have to go it alone." Prue told her.

"Did Andy tell you anything?" Phoebe asked her older sister. Prue shook her head. They heard Paige stiffen outside the doorway and realized that she was now watching through the key hole.

"No, but I heard him talking to someone as I blacked out. They mentioned meeting at an abandoned subway station sometime between 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock this morning, on the west side of town. Must be the demon's hide out?"

"Yeah. Then we mustn't let Paige and Piper know. If they find out, they'll kill Andy and Cole without a second thought. I know that it was Cole who attacked me. His kisses can't be mimicked. He had to be under some type of spell." Phoebe pleaded with Prue, tears in her eyes again.

"I know, Pheebs. I know."

"Don't let Piper know! Please!" Phoebe begged. Prue nodded.

"I won't." Both women paused to listen; quietly footsteps retreated back down the stairs. Prue smiled, as did Phoebe. "Well, they'll be on a wild goose chase, for at least three hours." Prue laughed. "You know it really wasn't Cole who attacked you, right Pheebs?"

"Yeah, I just wanted to protect Piper and Paige, and you. Those were some really bad demons. I figured if they thought I believe it was Cole, they wouldn't risk going up against them." Prue nodded. She had thought the same thing.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"The book of shadows. You have any of Demon Cole's hair or clothing from the attack?" Phoebe just blushed and nodded. She pulled some of the Demon's hair off her shirt, and pinched it in her fingers. "The better to scry with, my dear." Prue told her with a smile, as she lead the way to the attic.

Paige ran straight into the kitchen and slapped her hands, and a sheet of paper down on the counter.

"Paige? What is it?" Piper asked, startled, turning her attention away from the family's dinner. While they still didn't know what they were going to do about the powerful demon situation, Piper figured it best to proceed with life as normal.

"Good news and bad news, and then more good news with more bad news."

"Paige!" Leo scolded from his seat at the table. He was trying to contact the elders for help finding the demons, but so far they weren't answering.

"Ok, Ok. I found out that the demons are really powerful shape shifters who use toxin to kill inconspicuously. They're called Fenlocks, and they also happen to be the same demons who attacked Patience last night." Paige told them. Piper waited for her to continue. "The bad news, we have nothing to use to scry for them. But, Prue heard Andy mention an abandoned subway station on the west side of town."

"The old Sefters Station?" Leo suggested.

"That's the only abandoned one in that area." Piper said, nodding.

"They'll be there at some point between 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the morning." Paige finished.

"And the last bad news?" Piper prompted her. Paige looked sadly at her older sister.

"Phoebe and Prue are completely convinced that it was Andy and Cole who attacked them, and that they're acting under some type of spell. They refuse to help us, thus, no power of three, or four, or whatever."

"Paige, if they didn't want to help, why would they tell you where to find the demons?" Leo asked her suspiciously.

"Um… you see, I sorta… eased dropped."

"Paige!" Piper complained.

"What? There's no other way we'd have gotten this information."

"Well, we just can't let them know that we're going anywhere. We'll make the vanquishing potion and wait until they're asleep tonight. Leo, you'll stay here with the boys."

"No way! Not if it's just the two of you. It's too dangerous. I'm coming."

"No you're not mister! You need to make sure Phoebe and Prue don't realize we've gone anywhere." Piper told him. Paige nodded her agreement. Leo sighed defeated.

"Promise me you'll be careful. These guys can be tricky, and challenging. Especially when it's just two of the three charmed ones." Leo reminded them.

"We promise." Paige told him. Piper kissed his cheek, and he orbed out to Magic School and the young half witch/whitelighters.

"Now Paige, what's that?" Piper pointed to the piece of paper in Paige's hand. Paige looked down at it, having forgotten it.

"Oh, this is the recipe for the vanquishing potion. A small vial of this will kill 30 fenlocks easily, and we're probably going up against about a handful at most." Paige told her. Piper raised an eyebrow.

"In that case, better make two or three vials. We never know how many we'll be facing." Paige just laughed and placed the recipe on the counter, and began to gather the ingredients. Piper put another pot on the stove, and turned back to dinner. She'd let Paige take care of the potion.

"Now don't get the two pots confused." She scolded her little sister. Paige rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Piper. "Oh, very mature."

"Brilliant Paige, just brilliant." Phoebe said, rolling her eyes. Prue sat over a map of the city testing the hairs Phoebe gave her to scry, while her sister was thumbing through the Book of Shadows to find the demons and vanquishing potion. Phoebe shook her head when she realized Paige had bookmarked both pages.

"Hmmm? What is it Phoebe?" Prue asked her, looking up for a moment.

"Nothing. Paige just left the book open to the pages we need." Phoebe placed the ribbon bookmarks in the two pages and shut the book. She walked over to Prue and sat beside her. "How goes the scrying?"

Prue smiled. "They're hanging around near here. Probably trying to figure out when to attack next. Piper and Paige will be perfectly safe on the other end of town. We just have to make sure they get there without drawing our demon buddies' attentions." Phoebe nodded in agreement, and walked over to the window of the attic. "How long will the potion take?"

"Thirty minutes. Leaving us about two and a half hours to vanquish their sorry asses." Phoebe told the teenager, still focusing on the window. "What if we just use the left over from their potion?" Prue nodded. Much better idea.

"What's wrong, Phoebe?"

"I'm just worried. I mean, what if we die?" Phoebe looked back at her older sister, a tear in her eye.

"It's not that bad, Phoebe's. There's good things on both sides. Here, we've got Piper and Paige, and Leo. But if we die, we'll have Grams and Mom and Andy and," Prue trailed off.

"You'll have Andy, Prue. I can't ever be with Cole again." Phoebe shrugged and sat down on the futon. She sighed. "Oh well. I guess that's the risk we've got to take to protect Piper and Paige, and I want to protect them, Prue."

"I know you do, Phoebe. That's why we're doing this." Prue told her, with a knowing smile. Phoebe shook her head.

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?" Prue asked her.

"Make yourself seem so much wiser and more mature, even when you're in the body of a fourteen year old?" Phoebe laughed. "I mean, you're pint sized."

"Shut it, Phoebe!"

"Aww… is shorty upset?"

"Phoebe!" Prue shouted, and suddenly she was hit by a pillow. "Really?" Suddenly the pillow flew back at Phoebe, who was laughing helplessly on the futon.

"Hey, no powers! I'll tell Piper!" She fell over laughing harder.

"PRUE! PHOEBE! DINNER!" Piper's voice came through the doorway.

"COMING!" Prue called back and stood up. She reached down and helped Phoebe up. "And don't worry about it. Everything is going to be just fine." Prue told her as they walked down the stairs. Prue hopped off the final step onto the floor and walked into the kitchen, Phoebe behind her.

"Feeling better, Pheebs?" Piper asked, a smile on her face. Phoebe locked her eyes on those of her older sister. For once Piper wouldn't be protecting her, she'd protect Piper.

"Yeah. Thanks." Phoebe answer, after a moments pause. She sat down beside Paige, who passed her the rolls and butter. Suddenly a stamped of footsteps resonated through the hall.



Two small bodies who accompanied the voices came running into the kitchen. Piper caught her balance as Wyatt and Chris slammed into her legs. "Whoa. Whoa. Slow down you two. Ready for dinner?" Both boys nodded as Leo walked into the kitchen to join them.

"Sorry Piper, but the elders don't know anything." He stopped when he saw Phoebe and Prue already seated at the table. Wyatt was climbing up besides his father's chair and Piper was lifting her two year old into his seat.

"Help with what, Leo?" Prue asked.

"Nothing. Nothing."

"Oh, come on Leo, it can't be that bad. What did you need the elder's help with?" Phoebe pressed him. Leo shot looks at both Piper and Paige for help.

"Chris." Piper cut in. "Chris and Wyatt and their constant fighting. I was just curious if it was normal, or if it was some weird white lighter competition going on." Piper explained.

"Of course it's normal, Piper. You don't remember how much You, me and Phoebe used to go at it?" Prue laughed.

"Oh, this I have to hear about," Paige added.

"No No! You don't want to know about our fights." Piper said, an embarrassed smile on her face.

"Yes I do!" Paige argued. "Come on Prue, tell!"


Piper and Paige sat at the kitchen table, listening to the wind blowing through the trees outside. Phoebe and Prue had gone up to bed about an hour before, and thus the other two were waiting before they snuck out. Leo walked quietly into the kitchen and sat down beside Piper who passed him a cup of coffee.

"The boys are sound asleep."

"Good. And Phoebe and Prue?" Piper asked him, standing up to get herself another cup of coffee.

"Asleep in Phoebe's room. The vanquishing potion?"

"All set and ready," Paige informed him, holding up three small vials. The clock struck one in the morning. "Should we go?" Paige looked toward Piper, who nodded.

"Be careful, both of you. And if you need me, you better call!" Leo commanded them.

"We will," Piper assured him, and kissed him lightly. Leo nodded reluctantly, seriously worried about his wife and sister-in-law. He looked unconvinced. "I promise!"

"Good luck."

"Thanks," Paige said cheerfully, placing her hand on Piper's shoulder and orbing them out. They'd been practicing their powers since dinner and thus was confident that her ability to orb anywhere she wanted easily, was restored. Leo watched them go, hoping they'd get back safely. He sat down at the table with his own cup of coffee. Suddenly, a door upstairs slammed shut. He jumped slightly and frowned.

"Wyatt!" he whispered, exasperated with his energetic son, and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Leo peeked into the nursery, only to find both half witchlings, half whitelighters sound asleep in their respective beds. Leo frowned again as the sound of whimpering reached his ears. He turned to locate the sound which was coming from Phoebe's room, who's door was slightly cracked. The charmed one's whitelighter crept quietly to the door and peered in. Prue was no where to be found, and Phoebe was tossing and turning.

"No! Cole! Please! No!" Phoebe muttered in her sleep. Leo sighed and pushed the door open, and quickly walked over to his sister-in-law.

"Phoebe. Phoebe, wake up. You're having a night mare." He touched her shoulder gently and shook her. Her eyes flew open as a scream escaped her lips.

"No! Cole!" She sat bolt upright and looked at Leo who was completely taken aback, tears in her eyes. She was breathing rapidly. She swallowed. "Leo?"

"It's alright, Phoebe. You were dreaming."

"Cole's not here?"

"No, Phoebe. Are you ok?" He asked her, concerned. Phoebe nodded quickly, still breathing fast.

"Yeah, I'm fine now. Where's Piper?"

"Asleep. She tired herself out worrying about the de- Andy and Cole." Leo told her, knowing that she and Prue believed that they were attacked by their deceased lovers. Phoebe nodded again. Slowly a shadow descended on the doorway, and both the witch and whitelighter turned to see Prue enter.

"What's going on?" she asked, sleepily. She yawned.

"Nothing. Phoebe just had a nightmare about Cole." Leo informed her, as she walked back to the bed. Prue nodded her understanding.

"You alright, Pheebs?"


"Wait. Prue, where have you been?"

She frowned at his invasion of her privacy. "Bathroom."

"Oh, so that explains the door slamming."

"Sorry," she told him blushing, realizing she had scared him.

Leo smiled at her. He could never be angry with her, especially since she had died. It felt weird to be looking at such a young face, and still somehow know that he was talking to someone slightly older than himself. He thought back to when he had just met her, well, in person. "No big deal," he responded, getting up and walking towards the door. "Night guys. Get some rest, you had a long, rough day. You sure you're ok, Phoebe?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Alright. Phoebe?"


"Whatever he did, I won't let him hurt you again." Leo told her, looking serious. His eyes full of concern. Phoebe smiled slightly and nodded. Leo responded with a nod of his own, and left the room, closing the door behind him. They watched the hall light turn out, through the crack between the door and the floor, and listened as Leo entered the room he shared with Piper.

Phoebe sighed. "I really hated deceiving him like that."

"There wasn't any other way to get him away from the kitchen and Paige's left over potion." Prue told her. Phoebe could picture a mischievous smile highlighting the teens face, but Prue wasn't a teen. She was an adult who was only doing this to protect the very same people who trying to protect her. Phoebe shook the though from her mind. She had wanted to protect Prue also. It was wonderful to have her back, but Prue's reincarnation only provided the chance for Phoebe to loose her again.

"How much?"

"Enough for another three vials." Prue held up the vanquishing potion. Phoebe nodded and pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Prue followed suit, grabbed the vials, and thrust them deep in her pockets. Then she grabbed the crystal and map they had been scrying with all night and walked over to the window where Phoebe was already standing. "It's a long drop; You sure about this Pheebs?"

"There's no other way. If we went out the front door, it would give Leo more time to follow." She took a note out of her pocket and laid it on the bed beside the window. Prue nodded and came closer to her sister. Phoebe lifted her legs over the sill and sat on the edge. She reached for the tree limb infront of her, latched onto it, and used it to slow her decent to the ground below. Luckily the manor wasn't built on a level lot; instead the ground below her window was two yards higher than that on street level. She landed softly on the ground, using a touch of her levitation ability. "I'm really glad they finally gave that back," she remarked to herself about the Elders. Phoebe looked back up at Prue who tossed her the map and crystal, and then the vials, one by one. The older sister looked down nervously. Phoebe gave her a determined look and nodded, not wanting to make a sound and blow their cover. Prue lifted her legs over the sill, and nodded. She closed her eyes, and let her self drop, landing safely in Phoebe's arms. They both fell onto the soft grass. "You ok?" Phoebe asked, passing the vials back to Prue. She stored them safely in her cushioned pockets, once again and nodded.

"Yeah. Let's go to the car." Phoebe nodded, pulling the car keys out of her pocket. She unlocked the doors, and climbed into the driver's seat and passed the map and crystal back to Prue who climbed in beside her. Phoebe turned the key in the ignition, and a light immediately turned on in Leo and Piper's room. "GO!" Prue told her, unfolding the map and taking out the crystal. "They're at the old warehouse on fifth street." Phoebe nodded and stepped on the gas, leaving the manor and Leo behind.

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