Note: I don't own Jazz or the Transformers, yada yada yada...I only own Jynx.


By DesertCat87

To the other Autobots, it was just a cup. Most of them made fun of the old trinket too, since it looked like it had been though more wars than Cybertron itself. The poor old cup was dingy and scratched to the point that the original gray steel shown through the blue paint. There was a chip around the rim too, accompanied with a ding down the opposite side of that chip. And it dribbled sometimes, if you held it up past forty-five degrees or so.

Sure, Jynx could have repaired the tiny metal cup numerous times and several of the other Autobots had offered as well, after they made a few remarks and laughed at the humble old tin. Jynx wouldn't hear of it though. She liked it the way it was and she wasn't about to fix it or throw it out.

Not that Jynx really cared much about its practical purpose. This stupid little trinket was actually from Jazz, back on the first day they had met, and that was over five million years ago.

They had met at "The Oil Can," which was right across from Jynx's workshop. She went over there every few cycles to relax and occasionally get overcharged depending on the day she had. She had seen Jazz a few times come into the bar with a few friends but he never came over to her, just as she never came over to him. Then one day he had come in alone and had attempted to talk to her by buying her a drink. After he had left, she kept the cup as a souvenir and just never set it down since.

Jynx shook her head of her thoughts and looked down at the cup while her hands idly ran along her trinket's bruised surface. She wondered, what would Jazz say if he knew the reason she kept the cup. He had never asked before, but if he did, would she tell him the truth? Knowing Jazz, he'd probably laugh it off and not think too much about it. It was silly to keep a stupid cup for millions of years.

Was it stupid? No. Everyone had funny little things like this that they kept. Maybe Jazz has something too. She'd have to ask him some day, Jynx noted and tossed over, not noticing the hard object she managed to hit for the fifth time that night.

Jazz grudgingly flickered on his optics just as the femme smacked him in the face with her arm again. After a few minutes to gethis bearings straight and wake up his sensors from their deep recharge, he searched their shared recharge berth. i> Lettme guess...that slagging cup again aint it/i>The black and white Autobot chuckled to himself. He had found Jynx holding the cup more than once before. Anymore, she sleept with the battered tin cluched in her hands.

i> Probably why there's so many dings in that ol' thing, i/> he grinned, i> one to many hits with my face. i/> Slightly, Jazz reached around to take the cup and set the cup back on the nightstand. Jazz chuckled quietly, fitting his body along side his bondmate and stroked her back lovingly.

One of these days he was going to have to tell her she talked in her sleep.