Chapter 6


Dawn hung up in disgust. "Stupid airline. It's a miracle that they landed the plane in the right country."

"What was that about," Kianna asked as she entered the library where Dawn sat glaring at the telephone.

"My bags some how turned up in Kabul."

"Where's that?"

"Afghanistan. Don't you watch the news? Anyway, since my airline doesn't actually go there, they've graciously agreed to pay to have them sent to me but it will take time. Lots and lots of time."

"So no clothes, huh. Bummer."

"No shoes, no wedding present," Dawn groaned. "The only good news is that I have permission to raid Faith's closet."

"So the maid of honor is going to be wearing leather," Kianna snickered. "The wedding pics should be something special."

"Hardly surprising considering the bride and groom," Kennedy sneered as she sauntered into the room. "Maybe we should send pictures to Jerry Springer for his freak show."

"Jealous that you blew your chance at a wedding KenKen?" Dawn walked past the brunette slayer as she exited the library.

"Kennedy, why do you have to be such a bitch?" the younger slayer sighed. "Hell, Buffy's retiring which means Faith is the new senior slayer and you've got a shot at the number two position."

"Yeah right," Kennedy replied in disgust. "As if that's going to happen."

"You've only got yourself to blame if that's the case," Kianna shot back. "Your attitude sucks more than a master vamp."

"Screw you."

"Not a chance in hell, even if I didn't like boys."

Peterson Air Force Base

"Sorry it took so long Sam," Jacob Carter said as he hugged his daughter in a hanger that had been reserved for the SGC's use. "The Council wasn't terribly cooperative."

"It's okay, Dad, Dr. Weir probably wouldn't have approved the mission any earlier. Having an alien land on Earth is almost as much of a problem as the 'gate as far as the politicians are concerned.," Sam replied. "So, how were you able to get the Tok'ra to lend a hand?"

"I, err..." Jacob's eyes shifted downwards, masking their tell-tale glow.

"Jacob and I were able to convince Garshaw and Anise, they were able to get a certain amount cooperation of the rest of the high council. You have three weeks before the shuttle must be returned."

"Thanks Selmac," Sam said. "You too, Dad."

"Major Carter, I have secured the rest of the supplies," Teal'c said as he entered the building. "General Carter, Selmac, it is good to see you."

"You too Teal'c."

"Will you be accompanying us?"

Jacob shook his head. "No. I'm afraid that the Tok'ra and the Asgard don't get along very well. You'll have better luck without having us tag along."

"Dad, you won't be able to leave through the gate," Sam ran her hand through her cropped hair. "They wouldn't even agree to let Teal'c use it to visit his son."

"I kind of figured that would be the case. I'll just use the time to visit Mark and the kids. It's been over a year since I've seen my grandchildren."

"Still not getting along great with Mark are you?"

"Are you?"

"Not really. He keeps trying to set me up with one of his friends. He thinks that right man will get me out of the Air Force and keep me barefoot and pregnant."

"Still stuck in the fifties is he?"

"He wouldn't be Mark if he wasn't."

"Well, you had better get going Sam."

Sam gave her father a quick hug. "Bye. And thanks for the neat ride."

"Just remember, drive safely and don't scratch the paint job."

Colorado Springs

JT zipped his new suitcase closed just as someone knocked on the motel room door. A quick look through the door's peephole confirmed that Daniel stood outside. He opened the door and stood back to let his old friend in.

Daniel walked in and noticed the suitcase on the bed as well as three more on the floor.

"I see you've been busy," he commented.

"I outgrew most of my clothes the other week and I didn't want to keep borrowing from Xander. I went shopping with Buffy. One of the scariest things I've ever done."

"I heard that," a feminine voice called out from behind the bathroom door.

"Good hearing," Daniel noted.

"Very good hearing," JT said. "Saved us on more than a few occasions."

The bathroom door opened to reveal Buffy in her latest acquisition, a pale green sun dress.

"That may be true, but you get brownie points for waking up at the slightest sound," she said. "Although that may not be a good thing once junior arrives."

"I take it you've learned to be careful waking him then," Daniel asked.

"Oh yeah. And never get within arms reach when he's having a nightmare," she added. "Of course, the same could be said for me."

"It definitely could be said of you. Luckily, you usually pull your punches."

Buffy smiled. "We do make a fine pair, don't we?"

"Scratched, dented, and slightly nuts."

"Buffy, you do realize that Jack's been that way as long as I've known him?" Daniel asked.

"Get with the program Daniel. He's not Jack, he's JT and I'm betting he's a bit more nuts than your colonel. Besides, what makes you think I've haven't been this way for years?" She laughed lightly.

"You're joking," Daniel said.

She stopped laughing and sat down on a nearby chair. "I was called at fifteen and my first watcher was killed in front of me not long after that. I wasn't enough of a challenge for the vamp so he killed Merrick instead. Since then I've been put in a mental institution, seen more dead bodies than the average medical examiner and a lot of them were classmates, almost been burned at the stake by my own mother, and had to send a boyfriend to hell."

"Daniel, that was before she even graduated from high school," JT added quietly. "She and her friends have been through as much as SG-1 has and with less support. So, yes, she's a bit nuts. Unless shopping is involved, then she's completely nuts."

A knock on the door ended the conversation as Buffy sputtered in mock outrage.

JT checked though the peephole again before opening the door.

"JT, Buffy, and Dr. Jackson," Xander said as he came in carrying his suitcase. "So does this mean we're ready to hit the road to Vegas?"