Well I know that I've not updated my other stories in quite some time, but this story has been brewing in my head for quite some time, and I finally had to give in. Pls let me know if this sounds interesting, ur feedback is really important to me. It's really short, more of an idea right now. I want this story to explore the relationship between a younger Jack and Riddick. It's AU after Pitch Black, and TCOR never happens.

"Boogeyman". This word is notorious for making frightened children listen to their parents. "Riddick". This name is notorious for making people comply with the underworld's demands. "Jack". This nickname is notorious for controlling Riddick.

It has been over three years since they left the God forsaken planet. For three years, Riddick and Jack have lived together, traveling all over the galaxy to wherever Riddick's contracts took him. After his so called death, a fellow escapee from slam found him and offered him an assignment. He was to kill a Drug Lord from planet Amero for 10,000 credits. Desperately in need of funds, he did it and soon became the highest paid assassin. This allowed him and Jack to live extremely comfortably, yet they are always in hiding.

In all this time, Riddick and Jack changed subtly. Riddick didn't become merciful or soft; he just became a bit more human. Jack turned into a beautiful teenager of sixteen years, but with the mind of a wise woman. Their age difference didn't bother them, they just became a part of each other.