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Warning: Jack is 16 in my story - so if you don't want anything physical to happen between her and Riddick, do NOT read this chapter. Thank you!

After a rough workout, Jack liked to leave the exercise room and stretch in the galley near the kitchen. She liked leaving the smell of sweat and blood behind, and look out into the stars as she twisted her agile body. However, moving from the stuffy exercise room to the cool galley was giving her goosebumps all over her body. The trails of warm sweat at her neck, down her back and between her thighs were becoming cooler, making her shiver momentarily.

That was when Riddick slowly got up from his chair in the kitchen and casually walked towards Jack in four long strides. He was not close enough to touch her, but he got a better view of her hardened nipples from the cool air. He would never admit it, but he had actually lowered the temperature through the air climitization system when he saw how hard Jack was training. He knew she would want to stretch outside the exercise room after those two hours of intense workout. There was one thing he loved as much as the smell of Jack's hair, and that was her scent after her workout when she was still a bit sweaty but cooling off. Knowing that she was getting cold made him smirk.

When Jack straightened out, she turned around and faced a smirking Riddick. She cocked an eyebrow and said nothing. Usually, she could handle the silence, but things had been a bit tense lately so she cracked first.

"I'm actually cold," Jack said nonchalantly.

"I can see that Jack." Riddick's smirk grew as she her lift her arms and cross them in front of her chest.

"Well I'm going for a hot shower to warm up then," Jack whispered angrily. She quickly turned around and was about to retreat in the bathroom when Riddick's arm snaked around her waist and pulled her towards his hard chest. "What the fuck Riddick? What do you want?"

"I can't wait anymore Jack," Riddick replied as he bowed his head towards her right ear.

"Can't wait for what?" Jack asked annoyed, but her heart started beating faster.

"You're not a kid anymore and I've been noticing all the changes lately, so I think I should give you a choice."

"What choice?" Jack whispered as she exposed her right neck more, inviting Riddick's lips closer to her body. Her heart was racing now. Could he be saying what I've been wanting for so long?

"Let me make the choice more clear for you." With those words, Riddick's lips faintly touched Jack's neck. He stayed there for a moment and then trailed his lips down to her collarbone and back up until he reached the base of her neck. His tongue escaped his mouth and flickered against her pulse, while his arm held her even closer along the length of his body. He could feel her erratic heart beat against his tongue which was making him very excited. "Yes or no?" Riddick asked. I don't know if I could actually listen to a no though.

Jack didn't answer. Jack actually couldn't answer because she was too preoccupied with the feeling of Riddick being so close to her in a sexual way. When she didn't answer, Riddick turned her around and looked in her eyes without his goggles. He growled, "Jack, I need to know now. Yes or no?"

"Yes," Jack murmured while staring at his lips.

Riddick shook her this time. He didn't want any misunderstandings or any drama. He needed to be sure that she was ready. He knew Jack wanted him, but she was still young. And once he'd begin, there would be no stopping him or his beast.

"Are you ready for this Jack?"

"Yes for fuck's sake," Jack answered roughly and pulled Riddick's head towards her. "I've been ready for a long time." Riddick almost grinned at the last part.

"That should be wrong considering you're only sixteen. A lot of people would think that us being together is wrong Jack."

"And since when do you care about what's right and wrong Riddick?" Jack whispered in his ear.

"I don't," he rumbled as he captured her lips with his own. His hands held on to her hips as he tasted her. When Jack shivered again, Riddick wrapped his arms around her and commented on how he should warm her up. Jack could only nod in response.

Jack had always felt safe in Riddick's arms and she still did while kissing him. But now she felt cared for in a different way, like she was more than just a child. Jack had seen Riddick make-out with some random whores before, but he wasn't as kind as he was now. She was smart enough to notice the subtle differences. He was kissing her passionately and was being quite patient.

Although he was enjoying the feel of her soft hands caressing his body, Riddick was dying to tear her clothes off and lick her body. He put his hands on her behind and lifted her up so that they were almost face to face. Jack wrapped her legs around Riddick and continued kissing him until they reached the bed.

"Riddick I want this more than anything, but I should let you know that you would be my first. Well my first who hasn't raped me," Jack said lightly. She wasn't scared of having sex, but she knew that practice makes perfection and she hadn't had much practice in the sex department.

Riddick had a murderous expression on his face when she mentioned that she was raped, but he relaxed when Jack started kissing him again, more intensely. Her tongue wrestled with Riddick's for a little while longer before Jack pushed herself out of Riddick's embrace.

"Just tell me what to do Riddick. You know I'm a fast learner," Jack murmured seductively with swollen lips. Riddick chest rumbled. He pushed Jack on the bed, where landed diagonally. She tried to move up the bed but Riddick grabbed her legs and brought her close to him. He bent down so his knees were on the floor, next to Jack's feet. He seized her shoes and threw them behind him. A shiv then mysteriously appeared in his right hand.

Jack could have swore she heard him breathe heavier as he took the knife and cut her tank top off from between her breasts till her navel. She quickly flinged the tank top on the side so she could concentrate on his left hand which was tracing patterns on her flat tummy. Jack's heart was speeding up again as he started kissing her waist and ribs.

Riddick could feel Jack's hands massaging his bald head as he kissed her. He suddenly took his shiv and slashed the right side of her cargos. He then used his teeth to tear off the offending material. When Jack was finally in her underwear, she sat up and took the shiv from Riddick's hand.

She kissed him lightly before using the shiv to tear off his shirt. She nicked him a few times, but she licked each wound till she could hear Riddick breathe out loud. When his shirt was finally off, she just pointed at his pants. They were gone a moment later. Everything Riddick was wearing was gone.

Jack just stared at his member in awe. She had seen penises before, but she never thought they looked good, until right now. She was reaching for it when Riddick pushed her back on the bed.

"Take off your bras," Riddick growled as he hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them off in one fluid motion. Jack did as she was told.

Riddick looked at her breasts in a way that made Jack's arousal scent even stronger. Riddick sniffed once and grabbed on to her breasts with both hands. His thumbs prodded her nipples, encouraging her moans. He knew that Jack had filled out her curves, but he had no idea just how full her breasts would be. They fit perfectly in his large hands and they felt even better against his rough hands.

As he got hard, his beast was ready to taste her properly. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and kissed her inner thighs. Then suddenly, he kissed her clitoris which made her gasp. Knowing that no one else had ever tasted her this way pleased him. He kissed her as if he was French kissing her lips. His mouth worked on her while she started grinding herself into his mouth. He kept on licking her while she writhed on the bed.

Jack started making senseless noises when he put a finger in her, looking for her g-spot. As she got more wet, he fitted another finger and started pumping her. As she felt the sensations spread through her body, she suddenly had her first orgasm. She was still moaning as Riddick got up and crawled over her. He took her by the waist and brought her higher on the bed while Jack was still moaning.

When she could finally move, she opened her eyes to see Riddick looking at her with a smirk. He was on her left side on his elbows. She loved his smirks and told him so while her fingers traced his lips. His smirk grew wider as his eyes seemed to get darker.

He kneaded her breasts and kissed her again. Jack felt like she had to give something to Riddick, and not only take, so she reached for his member. She put her hand around him and started pumping slowly. She then turned on her side facing Riddick and put her right leg over the defining muscles of his thighs. As she pumped him faster, Riddick closed his eyes and tilted his head back. In a flash, Riddick grabbed Jack and drew her even closer to him so he could kiss her neck. The kisses became more demanding and more rough.

"Bite me Riddick," Jack whispered. Riddick didn't have to be told twice. He bit her neck a few times. Seeing how he marked her made his beast even more demanding. He climbed over her and kissed her some more. He finally looked into her eyes and when he saw her barely nod, he put his cock at her opening and slowly slid in. She was so tight that he wanted to cum the instant he was fully in her but instead, he waited for her to start breathing again. He knew Jack was hurting, so he started kissing her breasts.

Jack looked down to see Riddick's mouth on her breasts and it made her moan while helping ease the pain. Within a few moments, she urged Riddick to continue, so he completely withdrew and entered in one swift motion. He did that a few times, before creating a more consistent rhythm. Jack held on to his strong arms as he passionately pumped in her.

"Who do you belong to?" Riddick demanded.

"To you," Jack answered in a moan.

"Say it louder."

"To Riddick," Jack groaned in pleasure.

The sounds of their bodies against each other filled the room, until Jack looked into Riddick's eyes and let out a cry. Her body spasmed around Riddick's cock which made him cum too.

After a few minutes, Riddick slowly slid out of Jack and turned on his side. Jack sighed contently as she turned around so that he was looking at her back. His arm grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. He tugged her hair so she twist turn her head around and he could kiss her.

"You're mine," Riddick growled. Jack just nodded with a lazy smile. I know.

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