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Italics means Thoughts



It has been almost a month since the failed wedding attempt. Everything resumed as normal as it can be in the Nerima district. That is all except for some. For the past couple of weeks, Soun has tossed and turned in his sleep. The future of the Saotome and Tendo household is under threat. It wasn't from the failed wedding; there was something more sinister lurking in the air.

Kasumi had also felt there was something sinister in the air. Like her father she was unable to sleep, these last couple of days and has checked up on her sisters every night. She had a feeling that somehow it would involve them. She felt like she had a sixth sense about this and has discussed the matter with her father. So far only the two of them know, that the peace wouldn't last long. That what ever happens next, no one will be able to stop.

Kasumi hoped she was wrong. She hoped to Kami that her feelings were wrong.

It didn't help matters that Nabiki will be starting college soon at Juuban. Nabiki would be staying at their cousin; Ami Mizuno's place during the duration of her studies.

At least Nabiki wouldn't be alone,

The thought alone placated Kasumi. She has heard that Tatewaki Kuno would also be attending the same college. Maybe by some chance that Nabiki was indeed in trouble, she was with someone she could rely on. A familiar face will help her. She really didn't like how things have been running especially when her instincts were screaming in high alert. The fact that Nabiki would no longer be staying with them added an extra melancholy to her thoughts.

She would soon lose her sister. Given that she really wasn't losing her but the feeling of bereavement still overwhelmed her. Kasumi did not like the idea of their family parting, especially when something sinister was brewing.

Nabiki would be leaving in a couple of days, to help her settle in her cousin's place. Kasumi just wished she wouldn't leave too soon.


Nodoka was having a serious discussion with her husband; Genma. It seems that her son's academic performance has considerably gone down this year. Given that Nodoka now knows about her son and husband's special condition, didn't excuse the fact that her son was now showing strain. She's afraid that her son is burning at both ends; trying to please everyone while harming himself in the process. His relationship with Akane was going nowhere. Nodoka thought that perhaps it would be better for her son to go to Juuban along with Nabiki.

It wasn't unfamiliar to Nodoka that Akane was struggling as well with her studies because of the marriage pressure that she and Ranma have been under. She hadn't really been sympathetic of their state before, but seeing the considerable strain they were under made her stop and think. The more they pushed them together, the more they struggled. Perhaps a cool off was in order.

At first Genma was outrage by Nodoka's suggestion but was cut off when Nodoka gave him a glare that silenced him. If Ranma goes with Nabiki, his other fiancés would not follow him or aggravate him, knowing it is not Akane that he was with. They will announce to everyone that he is to go to Juuban purely in academic purposes. Nothing else.

Genma reluctantly agreed. Nodoka gave him a smile and consoled him, telling him that the pact made didn't mention specifically which Tendo her son was meant to marry. This surprised Genma and began to wonder what his wife was planning.

Meanwhile at Juuban…

Ami had a hard time explaining to the rest of the scouts about the arrival of her cousin. She had called for a sleep over at her house to discuss her eminent arrival. Everyone was there, except for Setsuna who opted in taking care of Chibi-Usa and Hotaru. Minako, Makoto, Rei, Usagi, Haruka and Michiru were all sitting in a circle on Ami's floor while their two guardian cats, Luna and Artemis were perched in Amy's bed with her. Everyone was wearing their nighties and PJs.

"I don't see what the big deal is Ami, you say your cousin is from Nerima right? Where other weird things happen? She will fit right in here," Rei spoke.

"Rei is right. Besides, I heard Nerima is filled with crazed martial artists. I'm sure she will be capable of handling any youma activity here." Makoto agreed with the Shinto priestess.

"We had hidden our identities well from everyone else, even our guardians. I agree with Rei and Makoto over this. Why hold a meeting concerning her?" added Minako who was rather getting bored with the whole discussion.

Luna then spoke "You all know how important it is to maintain our identities strictly confidential, therefore any changes will have to be planned for and taken care of."

Ami just shook her head. "You guys don't understand," she sighed in dismay.

It was Haruka who began to ask "What are you really worried about Ami?" which got everyone's attention. Haruka and Michiru were the outer senshi after all, and was always serious about new developements that they may get tangled with.

Ami once again sighed.

"Nabiki is more perceptive than anyone I know. She is almost as smart as me and has no qualms about using it to her advantage. She is well known as the local loan shark in Nerima and is well connected in getting underground information. Basically nothing is held secret for long when she is around," Ami explained to her friends.

Everyone made a collective gasp. No one could believe what Ami had just revealed, surely Ami's cousin couldn't be that sinister?

Could this girl really be that dangerous? Everyone wondered.

"I'm sure it's not as bad as you say Ami" Usagi said good-naturedly, she never believed anything bad about anyone without meeting them first before hand.

"Well at least it wasn't my cousin's sister Akane who's coming to stay over" Ami stated in relief. While she adored her cousins, she was a bit weary of Akane.

"What do you mean Ami? Is she worst than her sister?" Rei asked frowning. This did not look well at all.

"Well… Sort of… It depends on how you see her. Akane has trouble controlling her temper, she is also a martial artist. Therefore you can only imagine the amount of damage she can make." Ami explained.

"Don't tell me she's one of those crazed martial artists we keep hearing about?" Makoto asked in disbelief.

Ami just blushed, confirming her friend's speculation.

"Surely you're merely jesting" asked Michiru who was quite shock that Ami was related to such people.

"I hope I was. From what Nabiki has told me, that is one of the reasons the dojo was in bad shape. Akane kept having to vent out her anger. She had also gone considerably worse since she entered junior high." answered Ami, not wanting to elaborate more on her answer in fear that she will make cousin look bad to her friends.

Artemis began to cough to get their attention. Everyone then turned their attention to one of their guardians.

"Getting back to the subject in hand, we all need to be more extra careful with Ami's cousin around," Artemis advised them all, reinforcing Ami's concern.

Everyone's gaze was then considerably drawn to Usagi.

"What? Why is everyone looking at me like that for?" Usagi whined, as she realised everyone in the room had their attention on her.

"Because with your track record of being clumsy, you might just as well tell her straight off that we're the Sailor Scouts!" Rei explained rather harshly.

"You are so mean!" Usagi cried out as she began to sniff, trying to stop the impending tears that was about to come.

"Rei give her a break will you" Makoto reproached Rei, as the rest of the girls began to comfort the Moon Princess.

"Anyways, there are also other things that needs to be discussed. We need you guys to get ready for anything that may happen, Artemis if you could please continue" Luna stated to break off the upcoming argument between the senshi.

"Thanks Luna," Then Artemis turned his attention towards the Senshis.

"As Luna was saying, there seems to be something stirring in the atmosphere, something big…. Rei I know you have felt it since you're a priestess," Artemis said as he turned his attention to the Shinto priestess, who had a sixth sense when it comes to the extraordinary phenomena that they normally deal with.

"Yes I have. There seem to be a great disturbance lurking in the air," Rei explained.

Everyone else nodded their heads. They also felt something odd and something sinister, They were sensing negative waves through the atmosphere. It was brief but its aura remained stagnant.

"I see most of you have sense something niggling in the air…" Artemis asked the senshis who merely nodded in agreement.

"Take great care scouts, something tells me whatever were dealing with will be worst than anything we have ever encountered. Therefore I request, all of you must practice and train harder. Always be on your guard and always be prepared." Artemis continued.

Everyone looked at each uncertain what to make of Artemis' revelation. They all grew quiet as they began to contemplate about the severity of the situation that they have just been informed.

A couple of hours later, after catching up and talking about what has been happening with each other. The girls settled in and slept. Luna and Artemis took this opportunity to sneak outside.

"Luna don't you think its time they know what their about to face?" Artemis questioned his fellow guardian.

"You don't understand Artemis" Luna replied and then began to change into human form.

Her long wavy raven hair cascaded on her back down her waist. Her skin shimmered under the night sky, with the moon reflecting her skin. She was dressed in a white flowing gown. Her beauty was only disrupted by her worried expression. She felt more comfortable talking in her human form when discussing such stressful and long conversations like these.

Like her, Artemis began to change in his human form. He was taller than Luna and was dressed in a grey suit. His hair was white, almost silver that reached his shoulders. He was a very handsome sight if not for the frown that began to form from his lovely features. He approached Luna and put both hands on her shoulder to comfort her. Luna's back faced him.

Artemis wanted nothing else but take all of Luna's worries away. To be able to hold her, to protect her,and encase her in his arms. To never let any kind of sadness overwhelm her but he couldn't. They had a job to do. A duty to perform. He had known Luna long enough to know that her sense of duty will always comes first.

"They deserve to know Luna, you know this" Artemis whispered to her, making her shiver.

Luna couldn't help but lean against his powerful chest. Seeking his warm comfort as she closed her eyes.

How can you understand? How can they understand? She thought to herself.

It was only me and Setsuna that know about this!

Only Setsuna knows when it will be time for me to speak …

Oh Why!

Why my Queen!

Why did it have to come to this? She questioned herself.

Noticing that Artemis wanted an answer, she set aside her questions and doubts and firmly faced him.

"I will let them know when the time is right," she answered him.

Artemis knew there was more to her answer than that. Luna was hiding something. But whatever it was, he had a feeling that all will be revealed in due time…

Meanwhile at Haruka's Place…

Setsuna couldn't help but feel empathy to Luna as she gazed at the Luna ball she was holding. She had been watching the two guardians. She watched as Luna struggled to maintain herself, to hold herself together.

Setsuna's had put the two girls to sleep early and has spent the rest of the time meditating before finally gazing at the Luna ball to see how things have progressed. Luna was greatly troubled just like herself.

How could they tell the senshi?

If they learned more from the past they will know about SailorTerra, Mamoru's sister who was wiped out from their memory in the belief that she, perished when the moon kingdom was attacked and destroyed. That there was a great possibility that history will again repeat itself?

She will have to yet again witness the senshi tear each other apart and this time, there isn't anything anyone could do about it. They will once again break their bonds on each other and turn on each other.

Setsuna felt tears began to flow from her cheeks as she remembered the past long forgotten.

But in order to face their foe, they need to relive the past. The past that was too painful that Queen Serenity wiped it out from their memories, in the hopes that they could simply move on and live normal lives. Setsuna smiled bitterly. The past is catching up.

Funny how it can come back and when everyone least expect, except for her and Luna. Hopefully they can rewrite what has been done, perhaps everything will be ok in the end. That things will end differently from once before, but somehow she doubted that. She hoped. Oh how she hoped that this time around it will be different…..


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