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I didn't understand it. Not at first. Not until I saw him at the airport, boarding the plane. Only then did I understand, and it was far too late. Anyone else might have given up at that point, but not me. Not Nabiki Tendo.

I get my way. I always get my way.

I should have realized something was wrong with Ranma when he gave his little speech at his going-away party. Not like any of us knew it was a going away party until we were there, of course.

Praising his father, praising my father. Hell, praising and encouraging Akane. I should have known. As it was, I was in kind of a shock from the news of him choosing Shampoo.

I remember telling myself, the next day, when I saw him off at the airport, that really, it was for the best. He hated me, after all. He told me so, and I could see the expression on his face that told me it wasn't a lie.

For the best, since I was also starting to fall for him.

I hated those damned Amazons.

It's hard not to fall for Ranma (I've long since stopped referring to him as Saotome). I mean, sure, when it comes to mindpower, unless it's martial arts, he's not exactly the fastest horse in the race. But put him in a fight, or show him a technique, and he'll leave the rest of you in a cloud of dust. The most honorable man I have ever seen, and how he grew up that way, with that moron of a father, I'll never understand, not even with my sharp mind. And despite Akane's constant protestations, not the perverted jerk many other men are.

And he was never afraid of me.

Not like the others.

No other man will even talk to me.

When I went in a little over my head, he came for me. How was I supposed to know that the man who I was trying to collect a debt from was the son of a Yakuza boss?

And despite all the crap I put him through, the blackmail, the pictures, and the extortion, he still tore apart the building coming to take me back from them.

When a guy defeats every armed goon you've got with a series of open-handed slaps at what could best be described as 'Warp Speed' in ten seconds flat, then pulls a Shampoo and blows apart a wall with a flaming ki-ball instead of using the door, completely ignoring the guy whacking him in the back with a baseball bat, and steps through the flaming hole in the wall, tossing a now unconscious man who used to be your best fighter onto your desk by his foot, and says "You're gonna pay Ms. Tendo her money and let her go, or I will skin you alive and drop you in the Tokyo harbor for the sharks to feed on," you do as the man says.

He told me later he heard that one from Cologne.

After that, I stopped trying to take his money so much. I cut down the pictures to the bare minimum necessary to provide for the budget. I told myself that it was just my way of repaying him for pulling me out of there.

But that didn't explain why I hated selling any of those pictures at all.

It also didn't explain why I kept a picture of him in my desk. It was computer altered, so that it featured his boy-type and girl-type standing back-to-back in an offensive stance, both looking ready to fight.

I didn't understand it at first, but unlike my little sister, I'm smart enough to figure it out.

Then I noticed how he was glancing at me from time to time. Or those glances he shot my way when I did my aerobics. I told myself he was just keeping an eye on me, concerned for my safety after the Yakuza thing. After all, he did the same thing to Akane, barely letting her out of sight each time he brought her back from a kidnapping. After a week, he usually started letting up.

Two weeks later, he was still watching me.

I ignored it. Having just realized my own new feelings that very day, I experimented, sunbathing out in the yard in my skimpiest bikini.

He was doing katas in the dojo when I started. I was out there for hours, and all he did was more katas in the dojo.

It wasn't until I was about ten minutes from going back inside and calling it a day, when I heard his father yelling at him to either stop, or do a different goddamn kata.

He'd been running thought the same one all day, ever since I had come out into the sun.

He hadn't been paying attention to his workout at all.

I was trying to decide whether or not this was him not paying attention to his routine because he was watching me or if he was just doing his single-minded approach to his dedication to the Art. I watched him a little more, for another month. My affection grew. I was almost convinced I was in love with him.

He kept an eye on me the whole time.

If we weren't surrounded by clueless idiots, my family, I mean (I love them, but really, sometimes…), we would have been laughed at, I'm sure. Him watching me, trying to look like he's not, me watching him watching me, trying to look like I don't know he's watching and trying to look like I'm not watching.

Great, now I sound like Kuno.

After another week of watching and gazing stupidly at that picture I've got in my desk, I blew up at my sister when she tried to feed him something that she claimed was rice.

Rice. Does. Not. Have. Teeth.

Afterwards, I realized what I'd done, and stormed off in a huff when my sister asked me why I was defending him, he was just an inconsiderate jerk. Did I have feelings for him or something?

Thank kami I'm used to keeping my emotions off my face, or everyone else would have known that I was about a second away from blushing like some little schoolgirl.

I did have feelings for him. I knew it.

I told her I was tired of paying for the repairs that came from her smashing him through the roof, and the hospital bills that came from his being forced to eat her food.

Then I shoved a spoonful of her 'rice' (which was starting to glow like the core of a nuclear power plant), and watched in satisfaction as she turned green and raced for the toilet.

By that point, I'd stopped lying to myself.

I was really falling for that musclehead. That wonderful, gorgeous, well-toned-in-both-forms, honorable, dedicated, fun, shy around girls, loyal, cuddly-looking, strong…

There I go again.

Imagine my surprise when I turn up at the party two days later, and he tells me how much he loathes me. Not just hate, but loathes me.

That really hurt, like I wouldn't have thought possible.

I came to the conclusion that

By the time I turned up at the airport to watch him board the plane for China, I had myself convinced it was for the better this way. Even if I wanted him, how the hell was I supposed to deal with the fiancée brigade? Or the Amazons? Hell, my own sister.

I am not a fighter.

Or our fathers?

I've heard them, when they think they're alone. Daddy once brought up switching the engagement to my or Kasumi. Panda-face talked him out of that, saying that the boy wasn't interested in Kasumi that way, and, no offense to Daddy's truly wonderful ability to raise children, I was too conniving to be put in charge of the dojo, I would only get in the way of his retireme- ah, wouldn't understand the ways of martial artists. Only Akane, the fighter, was a good match for Ranma. She was a martial artist, and besides that, all they had to do was get them to admit their feeling, and the future of the schools would be sure.

They should have known better than to try to hide from me.

Either way, even a blind man could see that even if Akane was hiding some form of unrequited emotions for Ranma, he was already lost interest in her. I could see it in his eyes. He didn't look at her the same way anymore. He almost looked… sad, or maybe tired.

Then, the airport. I was the only one to turn up. Ryoga had wanted to see him off with me, but he got lost between the front door and the taxi at the curb.

He didn't even say goodbye. He just left. Cologne looked content, and Shampoo gave me the most irritating triumphant smirk.

I wanted to crush her under my feet, feeling another pang of loss that even my cold exterior couldn't entirely crush.

Then I saw it, woven into his pigtail. Hiding at the base, right up by his neck, where he couldn't feel it, and no one else could have seen it. How often do you look at a man's hair like you're trying to find something in it?

I wouldn't have noticed if the light hadn't hit it just right.

I recognized it after a second of thought.

That goddamned Reversal Jewel, the one that flip-flops your emotions.

That was how they got him to love Shampoo.

That explained what he said to everyone else.

That wasn't what he meant when he said…

… how much he hated me.

He didn't.

He loved me.

By the time I got it all worked out, he was on the plane.


I wanted the Amazons under my heels.

I wanted them dead.

They had taken from me.

No one steals from Nabiki Tendo.

Deep down, I am a schemer. I plan, I wait, I get everything perfect, and I watch it all fall into place like dominos.

It took me a year.

A year.

A year of planning, observing, making things work for me, finding the right people, calling in the right favors. I couldn't bring him back with the remains of the fiancée brigade still around. We'd end up worse than where we started, and the Amazons would be at our necks before we could be back in Japan.

The solutions came, one at a time, sometimes not even by my own doing.

Ranma's speech stirred something in Daddy and Akane. Ryoga was out before I could even start removing him from the picture on my own.

I would have laughed if I wasn't missing Ranma.

The right words and subtle manipulations at the right times brought others together, and removed them as potential obstacles to Ranma's peaceful return.

The hardest was Akane, and not because she's my sister.

Ok, maybe a little.

I didn't know who to hook her up with.

Even in my original plan, I wasn't going to get her with Ryoga. Too unstable, too prone to Ranma-centered violence.


When Ryu Kumon returned, looking to join the Tendo dojo after he heard it was opening for classes, I did laugh. Without the Yamasen-ken, he's only at Akane's level, which was a great help towards fixing them up.

When Ryoga showed up just once after hearing what he had done with his cursed form, Ryu and Akane played whack-a-mole with him before he knocked the lost boy into high orbit. It was the first step toward their relationship.

After they had gotten together, I managed to pry Akane's feelings about Ranma out of her.

She missed him, but didn't care for him the way she used to.

I was almost amazed that she could even admit that she ever had feelings for him.

She didn't understand why Ranma had chosen Shampoo, but she did understand why he didn't choose her. She saw herself in a different light, realizing how poorly she had treated Ranma.

Did you know it took Daddy and Genma six months of solid training to get her temper in check? And even now she has her moments.

Sill, it was the last obstable.

Ryoga, gone. Akane, taken, happy, and enjoying it. Daddy and Genma good. Ukyo taken, and mostly over Ranma. Kodachi was after someone else, I didn't care who. Kuno still a freak, but you can't have everything, and he make me too much money to have him put under psychiatric evaluation. Besides, I want to keep him around as a gift for Ranma. Ranma enjoys beating him senseless. And if things around here were boring, Ranma might not like it. He does thrive on chaos.

All that aside, it's been eleven months, and I'm tired of not having him here.

The Amazons have had him for too fucking long, and I want him back.

It was a pain in the ass getting the sharpshooter's weapons through customs, especially since guns are illegal in Japan in the first place.

Turns out he's ex-military, personal guard of the Emperor. He could run through the town with dynamite and no one could tell him not to.

Only in Nerima…

Martial Arts Sharpshooter.

He doesn't kill people (anymore).

Fine by me. All I need is to get the damn jewel off. No one else could get close enough. No one else could even try. Ranma was the best before he left. No telling how powerful he is now.

It took me a month to arrange everything and to get there.

I waited three days before I saw an opportunity, then we went to the village.

I told him what had changed. I asked him what was new with him. It was almost impossible to get any information beforehand.

I'm not trained, and even I could feel his aura now, like a warm breeze on a cold day, and he was just standing there. Not ready to fight, not summoning his battle aura, just standing around.

He was stronger than I had thought possible.

He could sneeze Ryoga into submission, even before the piggy got his strength removed.

Thank Kami I went with the guy with the gun.

No kids.

No expectant wife.

Freakishly powerful.

No neko-ken anymore.

Still got a girl-side, but I don't mind that. Truth be told… I'd have been a little upset of she was gone. I don't want to admit it, but I've had several dreams involving his girl side. More about his boy-side than I can count, but occasionally…

There I go again.

All the techniques the Amazons had. No potions, but I wouldn't want them either.

When he mentioned Mousse, I forced myself not to say anything, the same way I had to force myself not to run to him when I first saw him again. We'd run into Mousse the day before, and had let him in on the plan.

Mousse hates the Amazons as much as I do.

They took both out loves, and slapped them together.

He didn't know about the jewel. I'd been prepared to talk him out of charging after Ranma like a demented fool, like he used to be. He's seen what Ranma's capable of now, and knows he couldn't lay a finger on him. According to Mousse, his aura when he's asleep is bigger than his old battle aura was when he was fighting Saffron full out. Combine that with all the techniques he knows now…


Mousse is waiting at the edge of the field.

When Ranma told me he loves his wife more each day, I felt like laughing again. Through the jewel, his ever-increasing love was really a festering, year-long hatred stronger than anything any of us felt, even more than my hatred and Mousse's combined. From his look of pure bliss, I do believe he wants them dead more than I do. I might hate them for taking him away, but if you think about it, not only did they take him against his will, but he's been a slave to a love that isn't real for a year.

And he knows it.

I was so very paranoid that somehow, Ranma would sense the bullet. He'd dodge, then everything would be over. He too good for a second chance at this.

I almost freaked when he dropped like he did.

I thought the shot had gone through his head.

Seems that his eternal love spiraling into it's true hatred in an instant was a bit much for his to handle, and he almost passed out when his real feelings came to the front.

Unable to help myself, I ran to him.

I could see it in his eyes.

Ranma was Ranma again.

When he staggered to up to his knees, I kissed him. I couldn't help it. I confessed. I don't mean just my feelings for him, I mean everything. All the scheming, the planning, everything I had done to get him back.

He loved me too. He told me so.

I told him he was mine; and not the Amazons anymore.

Mentioning them had the effect I expected.

He was pissed.

His battle aura came up, blazing a deeper shade of red than I had ever seen, even on Akane.

Mousse joined us on the way to the village. Ranma had him guard me.

I told him I would be waiting him when he was done.

I watched Ranma raze the Amazon village to the ground. Watched as warrior after warrior fell. He didn't kill them, but left them either unconscious or disabled.

He didn't hold back.

Mousse kept them off of me. Ranma knew he could. Mousse had gotten better as well, and Hidden Weapons is impressive, especially when his current mastery makes what he used to be able to do look like a stage magician pulling rabbits out of a hat.

When Cologne fell, I laughed. Ranma sent her to the ground, broken and bleeding. Mousse delivered the final strike when Ranma turned his back on her. I saw the savage grin on his face when he did it.

Shampoo came, wielding her marriage sword. The look on her face when the devastating enemy turned out to be the man she had married by oath of that very sword was so priceless.

I wish I'd had my camera.

It was even better when I held up the severed pig-tail for her to see, with the reversal jewel still in it.

She charged Ranma.

She never stood a chance.

He took the sword from her before she had a chance to finish the first strike.

And cut her in half.

In half.

We left after that.

Mousse joined the Musk. They were delighted to take in a warrior of his caliber, especially one that had a hand in crushing one of their enemies. Last time I heard from him, he was actually seeing a girl. Imagine that. She's descended from eagles. He told me he went back to Jusenkyo and dropped himself into the spring of drowned eagle himself.

It fixed his eyesight up to what most people consider normal.

Ranma and I went back to Japan.

It took some convincing on my part. Ranma thought he had dishonored himself in a big way. He'd been sleeping with Shampoo for a year.

I asked him if he'd ever been with her as a girl. He said no.

I dragged him to the bed in the airport hotel, despite his sputtering protesting, and had him in both forms.

I wanted to prove to him that I didn't care about his imagined dishonor.

It worked.

He's with me now.

They family took it better than I thought.

Akane and Ryu wanted to declare war on the Amazons, but settled after I told them that Cologne and Shampoo were dead, and everyone else was either in a cast or was sporting a concussion. Ranma got eyeballed a little after it was revealed that he had been the one to kill Shampoo, but all I had to say was ask Akane what she would do if Ryoga had slipped the jewel onto her and then had taken her to his bed. She was a little more understanding after that. She tried to flatten him after I told her that I'd already slept with him, and she discovered first-hand that Ranma will hit girls.

Nodoka's upset that there are no grandchildren, but I told her that eventually, I'll be having some, after college. She's fine with that, so long as I recognize that she will spoil them rotten.

Ukyo made a half-hearted attempt at playing the fiancée, but relented after I latched into him at her restaurant, and all his did was blush a little and kiss me. I think being able to talk to him again helped her get over him the rest of the way. She's happy with Konatsu, thought he still won't ditch the formal wear.

Kodachi doesn't care; she's still going after her new crush. It's Mikado Senzenin. Poor bastard. Ranma thinks he deserves it. Kuno went ape-shit over the reappearance of his pig-tailed girl. Ranma summarily trashed the bokken-loving fool, giggling as she did it. I was right; he does think its fun. He left Kuno trying to hug an illusion of herself, something called the Cat's-something-or-other. Some Amazon technique. I didn't care what it was called, but I did take several pictures of him diving through it in an attempted embrace, only to eat pavement on the other side.

Genma thought that the fact that Ranma had allowed them to somehow slip the damned jewel into his hair in the first place was a sign that he was slipping in his training. Ranma crushed him like a bug. Then he sent him flying into the walls by flicking him with his fingers. After the fifth time, Genma stopped trying to get back up.

Kasumi is simply happy that I'm happy. Doctor Tofu wanted to examine Ranma for any side-effects of being under the jewel for so long, but declared him perfectly fit. He was glad to hear that the Neko-ken is long gone. Genma was upset at that, moaning about what a waste it was, but Ranma flicked him into the walls again until he shut up.

Daddy went overboard, demon head in full swing. Ranting about how Ranma had dishonored himself, and would marry Akane that very second, for the good of the schools, blah, blah, blah… Akane yelled at him until he cried. Ranma started flicking his fingers in his direction. I threatened to bankrupt him. Kasumi managed several disapproving looks. Nodoka said Ranma should marry me and keep Akane as a mistress, how very manly.

She was ignored.

Right as Daddy seemed about to erupt into Mount Saint Tear Factory, Kasumi told him what they were going to name her daughter, and why. He went into emotional overload, and passed out. When he came to, he cried for a few minutes, and then did what he always does: pretend that everything around him is normal. We did have to talk him out of the immediate wedding, though. The others might have chased Ranma off with that tactic, and I refuse to follow in their footsteps.

Ranma settled in, and sleeps in my room with me now. We try to keep our hands off of each other, and he succeeds a lot, but my hands wander when I'm not paying attention.

Amazons know more than fighting techniques, I'll say that. Ranma always was a fast learner, too…

The wedding in being planned for early next year. I wanted to have it later, in following with my not-chasing-Ranma-off belief, but he said he wanted it to be on the day that I freed him from the Amazons. I reminded him it was also the day he left and married Shampoo, to which he replied that that was fine. This way he would have a reason to enjoy that day, not hate it.

He teaches at the dojo with Daddy, and has begun working on ki-techniques with Akane. Genma still flings himself at students at random. Akane and Ryu are still going out, and occasionally Akane makes some attempt at keeping Ranma from my bed. She never succeeds.

Ryoga showed up again, and after Ryu and Akane beat him senseless, Ranma took him home, ignoring the blows Ryoga rained down in his head.

I think it was a sign that the old Ranma is really here. He always was very forgiving. The Amazons simply went too far. They have paid for their mistake.

And Ranma's with me.

Nothing else matters.


I hope you liked this chapter. I thought it could use some expanding, and leaving the second chapter the way it was did seem kind of a cheap way out. I have no plans to go further with this. I had intended it to be a one-shot, but after writing this part, I feel that it compliments the first chapter very well.