Disclaimer: I do not own Meg or Sarah, or Panic Room.

A/N: A very short poem describing the way that Meg and Sarah enter the panic room, in, err, panic, that night. Has to be read with some speed to get the feel of it.

Panic! Panic!

Alarm bells ringing.

We took our chance, running, running.

Quick! Quick! Keep on going.

Footsteps thumping,

Heart pumping,

Adrenaline Rushing.

They gave chase,

Close behind,

And took the stairs two at a time.

We'd reached the room at last, at last.

And crossed the threshold…

Feet stumbling, fingers fumbling,


The door wouldn't close.

Kicking the blockage out the way,

Slapping my palm upon the button,

The spring released,

The door slid shut,

Sealing of the outside world.

We clung together,

Catching breath,

Immense relief,

A wave of calm,

Totally cut off,

Away from harm.