Lestat and Louis

The dark figure laughs in the moonlight, as the blood drips from his sharp fangs. The red sticky substance gleams and shines as Lestat licks his lips of blood. The journalist lies on the car seat, moaning of pain and his eyes look at Lestat for a moment.

"I'm going to give you the choice I never had." The creature said.

"A-and what choice would that be? You're going to kill me aren't you? Drain my body of all its blood." He said in a low voice that could barely be heard.

" I suppose I could, or I would just leave you here to die. But what if I could give you the choice between death and a new life? Become the very thing that I am and you could see yourself what it is truly like to be a vampire."

"So what do you say? Die or live a new life?"

For a few moments the man thought to himself and realized that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

"Yes…of course I would. That would be amazing, I would see and experience things that no mortal could ever see. Yes I will."

"Good. You know I'm getting really tired of hearing Louis complain. There's nothing he can do and he still goes on feeling depressed. He feels pity and sadness for those he kills. It's in our nature to kill, he can not deny it forever, and we will never die, so he will someday have to face it."

"Oh Louis, Louis, Louis. Did you meet Louis? He still looks so beautiful, since the night he became a vampire. It's so easy for him and he tries to get away from me. He tries burning me, but he knows that one day I will catch up to him. I'll never leave him alone. For I am his creator and he belongs to me. I am all he knows and for that he can not leave me. It gives him pain when he is away and when I am with him, all that pain and suffering soon disappears."

The car stops and Lestat jumps out of the car. The water in the lake shines brightly and he looks at himself for a few moments in the clean clear water. He drags the journalist out of the car and lies him down on the bank of the lake.

"Are you ready to die and return to this world as a Vampire?"

Lestat's teeth sink into the flesh and blood spills out of the teeth marks he had made once before. The man screams with pain and his eyes become bloodshot. He is at the point of death and he can feel the heaviness of his body leave him. Lestat takes out his thumb with the thimble and it's tiny sharp blade pierces the skin and blood begins to drop from his wrist.

" Do you want some? Tell me yes, if you want to get well."

"Yes." The man said so quietly, that Lestat could have not heard him speak.

The blood trickles from his wrist and into the man's mouth. He grabs Lestat's wrist and begins to suck the blood with more force and Lestat pulls away.