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Ready or Not

"Kagome what's this thing?" InuYasha asked waving the small plastic tube. It smelt strongly of her…and something else. What, he wasn't sure. "Kagome?" Sighing he turned his attention back to the device before him, scrunching up his eyes as he tried to make sense of the plus sign shinning brightly in the small white window.

"Feh!" Grumbling he went to toss the device away when a strange box caught his attention. Carefully he lifted it from the trash, his eyes scanning over the writing, picking out the words he knew.

"Three minuets, plus, positive, pregnant…"

Pregnant! Stunned InuYasha re-read the box, not believing his eyes. Positive...pregnant...she's pregnant...

Slowly he walked into their room, finding her sleeping soundly on the bed. Her arm was thrown over her head, her cheeks stained with a faint blush, her lips parted slightly.

She was beautiful.

He lay beside her pulling her into his arms, breathing in her scent. It was there – faint but there, the undeniable scent of demon, of child. His child. Their child. Emotions overwhelmed him as he looked at his mate. He owed her everything; his happiness, his dreams…his life.

Dipping his head he leaned down, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss – one she readily returned. Black lashes parted sleepily as she gazed at him.


"Mmmm…" was the only reply as he nuzzled her gently. He loved her smell, the sweet scent of life, and now the smell of their pup mixed with it. It was his new favorite scent.

"InuYasha, I have something to tell you."

He looked up, his amber eyes locking with her grey. "Hai?"

"InuYasha...ready or not." She smiled placing his hand on her abdomen, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Wench." Growling playfully he caught her lips in another kiss. "Arigato Kagome-chan. Ai Shiteru."

Hai - Yes
Arigato - Thank you
Ai Shiteru - I love you

Inspired by Phil Vaster's song "Real Love" Very cute – go listen to it.